The Value of Biomechanical Data to Enhance Clinical Reasoning after ACL Reconstruction
Core Stability in Baseball
The Effect of Energy Status on Distance Running Performance Across a Competitive Season in Female Cross-country Runners
Evidence of Energy Deficiency and Low Carbohydrate Intake Among Male and Female Elite Collegiate Endurance Runners
Daily Dietary Intake and Energy Availability among Division I Collegiate Female Soccer Players
Dietary Intake and Energy Availability among Collegiate Volleyball Players
Dietary Intake, Body Composition, and Menstruation Changes During Contest Preparation In A Drug-free Figure Competitor
Comparison Of Dietary Energy Density Between Active Women With And Without Exercise-Associated Menstrual Dysfunction (ExMD)
Exercise Associated Menstrual Disturbances Are Less Likely With Increasing Gynecological Age
Iron Status Modifies the Relationship Between Eating Attitudes and Performance in Female Collegiate Rowers
Short-Acting Insulin Reduction Strategies Before Continuous Ergometer Exercises In Patients With Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus
The Effect Of Exercise On Vascular Function In Type 2 Diabetes
Examining Physical Activity Motivations and Physical Activity in Women with Diabetes and Depression
Peri-exercise Ingestion of Carbohydrate Tends to Augment Supramaximal Exercise-induced Hyperglycemia among Type 1 Diabetics
Blood Glucose Kinetics are Related to Hydration Status in Men with Type II Diabetes Mellitus
Relationships between Physical Activity, Hemoglobin A1C, Blood Lipids, and Body Composition among Type 2 Diabetics
Daily Physical Activity After Meals -long Term Effects On Blood Glucose
Lifestyle-intervention Lowers Rage And Improves Insulin Sensitivity In Chronic Kidney Disease
Effects Of 7-week Shoulder Exercise Intervention On Joint Mobility, Strength, And Function In Diabetics And Non-diabetics
The Effect Of Different Post-injury Rest Days In Rabbit Patella-patellar Tendon Enthesis Acute Injury Healing
The Effect of Vigorous Running and Cycling on Novel Markers of Knee Joint Function
Intensity of Physical Activity and Knee Joint Degeneration in Mice after an Ankle Sprain
Effect of Cartilage Repair with Progressive Treadmill Exercise in the Patellofemoral Groove Injury
Previous Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury Compromises Bone and Muscle Strength in Collegiate Athletes
Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization Increases Vertical Jump Power in Athletes with Ankle Joint Injury
Relationship Between High School Football And Neurocognitive Changes
Response Time and Gaze Behaviour in Individuals with Post Concussion Syndrome
Assessment Of Convergence Insufficiency Using Subjective And Objective Tests Following A Sport-Related Concussion
Understanding and Application of Current Concussion Guidelines by Emergency Department Physicians
The Association Between Neurocognitive Reaction Time and Injury Risk in Adolescent Football Players
The Test-Retest Reliability and Minimal Detectable Change of the Head Shake Sensory Organization Test
Sports Concussion And Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Assessment Is Enhanced With Portable, Non-invasive Biosensor Arrays
A Comprehensive Comparison of Recovery Curves following Sport-related Concussion in Males and Females
The Effect of a 12 Week Wii Fit Exercise Intervention on Multiple Bone Health Outcomes
All-Out Loaded Running
Comparison of Three Inexpensive Commercially Available Activity Monitors to a Previously Validated Tri-Axial Accelerometer
Comparison of Head Impact Exposure Measures in Football from Two Different Accelerometry Devices
Comparison of Whole Blood Lactate Values Between YSI 1500 Sports and Lactate Plus
Examination Of The Novel CB/PDMS Electrode For ECG Monitoring Under Chlorine Water
Accuracy Of The Sensewear Armband Mini-fly For Estimating Energy Expenditure Across Bmi Categories
The Use of Negative Pressure Wave Treatment in Athlete Recovery
Chronic Groin Pain - Football
Acute Pain and Dysfunction of Shoulder Musculature - Football Strong Safety
Knee Injury - Football
Shoulder Injury - Football
Hand Injury - Football
Knee Pain in a Division I Offensive Lineman
Foot Drop - Baseball
A 14 Yo Female With A History Of Legg- Calve Perthes Disease Presenting With A Chief Complaint Of Left Medial Knee Pain.
New Onset Seizures in Diver
Multiple Transient Neuropraxic Episodes in a Collegiate Football Player
Head Injury_tennis
Unsteady Gait - Walking
Left Shoulder Pain - Football
Shoulder Injury - Senior Tennis
Atypical Shoulder Pain -Volleyball
Shoulder Injury-football
Shoulder Pain- Golf
Atypical Right Shoulder Pain in a Baseball Player
The Effects of Resistance Training on Range of Motion in Older Women
Balance Training to Reduce Risk of Falling in Older Adults who Exercise Regularly
Does The Weaker Limb Limit Physical Performance In Older Adults?
Eccentric, Concentric, And Isometric Strength In Trained And Untrained Older Adults
Relationship Between Physical Activity And Functional Fitness In Middle- And Old-aged Japanese Women
Effects Of Aging On Changes In Postural Balance With Short-term Disuse And Active Reloading
Physical Function In Institutionalized Elderly According To The Leg Circumference
Evaluation Of Gait And Functional Capacity In Nursing Home Residents
Associations of Daily Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior with BMI in Older Women
Testosterone In Older Men
Generation 100
Predicting Falls in Older Adults
Factors Predicting External Regulation In Collegiate Athletes
Psychobiological Adaptation Across a Competitive Season in Collegiate Rowers
Minimalist Shoes
It’s Not Just The Amount That Counts
Injury, Sleep, Mood And Performance And The Role Of Mental Toughness During An Arctic Ultra-marathon
“Clumping” in Cross Country Skiing
An Exploration of Aggression and Social Skills among Japanese and Polish Judo Practitioners
The Influence of Mental Toughness on Performance in Novice Ironman Triathletes.
Differences in Social Physique Anxiety and Sport Motivation among Collegiate Athletes
Predictors of Amotivation in Nine NCAA Division II College Athletic Teams
The Impact Of Sport Participation On Social Integration
Associations Between Extreme/Adventure Sport, Exercise Growth and Posttrauamtic Growth Among Gynecologic Cancer Survivors
Competition Challenge - Athletes’ Skills
The Effect of Peer Influence on Exercise Behavior and Enjoyment in Recreational Runners
Youth Coaches’ Perceptions And Knowledge Of Sport-related Concussions
The Comt Val158met Polymorphism And Psychological Variables
Abstract Withdrawn
Playing through Pain and Injury in Collegiate Rugby and Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby
The Interrelationship Between The Coaches’ Leadership Behavior And Basketball Players’ Satisfaction In the University
Comparison Of Penalty Kick Performance Between Youth Experienced And Beginners In Football Soccer.
Lifespan Perspective of Developmental Sport and Exercise Psychology for Alpine Ski Racing
Sleep Quality In Mexican Soccer Players
Coaches Subjective Perception of Players’ Basketball Abilities
Electroencephalographic Brain Frequency in Athletes Differs During Visualization States of Rest and Exercise
Utilization Of B-Mode Ultrasound As A Body Fat Estimate In Collegiate Football Players
Relationship Between Anthropometric Measurements, Body Composition, And Types Of Growth Development In Children And Adolescents
The Relationship Between BMI and Body Composition in Collegiate Athletes
Body Composition in Team Sports
Accuracy Of Chinese Adults’ Body Mass Index Standard To Diagnose Obesity
Effect Of Taekwondo Training On Abdominal Visceral Fat And Bone Metabolism In Obese Adolescents
Relationship Between Lean Body Mass or Leanness and Indirect Indicators of Basketball Performance
Relationship Between Polymorphism Of Height And Obesity-associated Gene And Physical Fitness In Adolescents
Arm Related Bioelectrical Impedance Values Are Associated With Handgrip Strength In Young Tennis Players
Validity of the Bottle Buoyancy Model for Body Composition Assessment
Body Composition Changes Within the Freshman Year at a Private University
Does A Child’s BMI Influence Fundamental Movement Skill Proficiency And Physical Activity?
Development Of Criterion Standards For Waist Circumference From Fitnessgram® BMI Standards In Sixth-grade Children
Relationship Between The Physical Activity And Obesity Among Children After The Great East Japan Earthquake
Determining The Effect Of Anthropometric Measures On Vertical Jump Displacement In College Aged Students.
Comparison Of Segmental Lean Masses From DXA And BIA In Young Wrestlers
Influence Of Sports Practice On Bone Status In Female Adolescent Athletes
Effects of Running and Badminton Exercise on BMD and Related Biochemistry Marks in Female College Students
The Effects of the Consumption of Sugar Sweetened Beverages on Body Composition and Aerobic Fitness in Singapore Adolescents
Validity Of A Joint Diameter-based System For The Measurement Of Body Composition
Modality-specific Changes In Upper-body Muscular Strength Are Dependent Upon Initial Level Of Fat-free Mass In Untrained College Men
Same-session Versus Different-Day Combined Strength And Endurance Training
Diagnostic Performance Of Anthropometric Indices In Assessing Excess Fat Among Hong Kong Chinese Children And Adolescents
Relationship Between Body Somatotype, Anthropometric Characteristics And Muscular Strength In College Football Players
Sex Differences in Regional Distribution of Lean Mass between the Same Sports in College Athletes
Comparison of Regional Bone Mineral Densities between Men and Women College Athletes in Similar Sports
A Comparison of Six Estimates of Body Fat Percent in General Population Adults
Laboratory Height And Weight Measurments In Collegiate American Football Players Compared To Athletic Program Measurements
Male Fat Patterning Negatively Correlates With Cardiorespiratory Fitness Even In A Highly Athletic Population
Somatotype Differences Between Early- And Late-maturing Women
Differences In Accelerations, Stride Lengths, And Stance Times In Trained And Untrained Low Bmi Individuals
Comparison Of Health Anthropometric Indicators According To High Density Lipoproteins Concentration
Body Fat Behavior During The Menstrual Cycle
Decrements in VO2max and Heart Rate Max in Normobaric Hypoxia
Heart Rate Recovery Varies by Sport and Position, but Not Gender, Among Collegiate Athletes
Ventilatory Efficiency Response to Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing in Patients with Supra-normal Exercise Capacity
Acute Cardiorespiratory and Blood Lactate Responses for Common Kettlebell Training Protocols
Heart Rate Responses of High School Students Participating in Surfing Physical Education
Heart Rate Recovery Following a Maximal Graded Exercise Test in Normal-Weight and Obese Women
Acute Cardiorespiratory and Blood Lactate Responses Between Four Different High-Intensity Interval Cycle Exercise Protocols
Comparison Of Cardiovascular Fitness Between Students In Games-Concept And Skills-Based Approach In Physical Education Lessons
Can Heart Rate Variability Segment Length During Orthostatic Test Be Reduced To 2 Min?
High-Speed Power Training Improves Arterial Compliance And Endothelial Function In Older Adults.
Influence of Pitching Rotation Day on Resting Heart Rate Variability Among Professional Baseball Starting Pitchers
The Effect of Metronome Use on Heart Rates in Top 10 Drum Corps Percussionists
Heart Rate Variability after Anaerobic Exercise with Acute and Chronic Exposure to Moderate Altitude
Lactacidemia And Cardiovascular Responses In Fitness Programs
Effect of Cardiac Autonomic Balance During Sleep on Elite Cycling Performance Following Fatiguing Exercise
Effects Of Training Status On The Recovery Time Course Of Heart Rate Variability Following Exercise.
Cardiovascular Fitness Levels of American Adolescent In 2012 NNYFS
The Effect of Compression Socks on Deep Vein Thrombosis Risk in Marathon Runners
Measuring Athlete’S Risk Of Cardiovascular Events (marc) Study The Role Of Coronary Ct In The Cardiovascular Evaluation Of Middle-aged Sportsmen
Hypotensive Effect of a Handball Game in Normotensive Subjects
Carotid 2D Strain Imaging Reveals Enhanced Rate Of Arterial Wall Deformation Following Exercise In High-fit Young Males
Using Novel Biomarkers As Evidence Of Acute Dehydration And Hypoxia After 63 Km Ultramarathon
Acute Cardiorespiratory and Metabolic Responses in Kettlebell High-Intensity Interval Training versus Sprint Interval Cycling
Effect Of Summer Camp Training On Sympathetic Nerve Activity And Artery Stiffness In Endurance Runner
Prevalence Of Cardiovascular Risk Amongst College Athletes
The Short and Longer Term Impact of an Iron-Distance Triathlon on Arterial Stiffness
Characteristics of Screening Echocardiograms in an Elite American Football Player Population
Functional Impact Of 14 Days Of Bed Rest In Healthy Older And Young Adults
Hemodynamic Responses Following acute inflammation in Older adults
Leg Strength Changes in Sedentary Older Women Following a 16-week Treadmill Walking Protocol
Can A Simple Transfer Task Predict Global Lower-extremity Physical Function In Community-dwelling Older Women?
Functional Ability Of Older Adults Following A Rehabilitation Program
Metabolic Syndrome at a Predominantly Hispanic Institution among Kinesiology Majors 18-30 Years Old
Relationships Among Cardiometabolic Risks Indexes Based on Blood Pressure and HDL-C in Women
Improving Thermoregulatory Control And Vascular Function With Exercise Training Reduces The Frequency And Severity Of Menopausal Hot Flashes
Associations between Cardiorespiratory Fitness, Body Composition and Fasting Insulin in Inactive Post-Menopausal South Asian Women
Low Cardiorespiratory Fitness is Associated with Markers of Insulin Resistance in Young, Normal-weight Hispanic Women
Parasympathetic Diminished Response In Fibromyalgia Patients
Chronic Fatigue in Older Adults and Circadian Rhythm Biomarkers
Relationship Between Physical Activity Intensity And Chronic Fatigue In General Population
Physical Activity And Sleep Patterns Following Physical And Cognitive Challenge In Patients With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
28-day Guanidinoacetic Acid Supplementation Improves Clinical Outcomes In Patients With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Enhancing The Effectiveness Of Oncology Providers’ Exercise Recommendation For Breast Cancer Survivors Using Multimedia
Effects Of Radiation Therapy On Physical Activity And Skeletal Muscle Morphology
Oxidative Stress, Muscular Strength, and Cardiopulmonary Alterations Following an Exercise Intervention in Cancer Survivors
Effects of a Combined Strength and AerobicTraining Program on Fatigue, Muscular Strength, and Muscular Endurance in a Stage III Colorectal Cancer Patient
Effects of Electrical Stimulation Pattern on Quadriceps Fatigue Development in Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury
Muscle Fatigue Does Not Limit Cycling Exercise Performance In Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Diminished Muscular Endurance In Heart Failure Without Differences In Body Composition
Skeletal Muscle Succinate Dehydrogenase Activity is not Altered in Cerebral Palsy
The Effects of Fatigue on Dynamic Postural Stability
Differences in Loading Rate Between Healthy and Unstable Ankles After Fatigue
Role of Fatigue on the Effectiveness of a Physical Activity Intervention Aimed at Preventing Mobility Disability
Fatigability During a Standardized Walk Predicts Functional Performance in Older Adults with Chronic Conditions
Greater Fatigability In Older Than Younger Men Is Related To The Rate Of Velocity Development
Impact of Gender on Ankle Plantar and Dorsiflexor Fatigue during the Bruce Treadmill Protocol
Exercise-Induced Changes in Red Blood Cell Deformability in Veterans with Gulf War Illness
Comparison of Fatigue During Cardiocerebral Resuscitation with Different Compression Rates Among Layperson and Professional Rescuers
Effects of Innovative Tai Chi on Dynamic Balance in Elderly Female Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis
Nordic Walking Improve The Quality Of Life And Physical Function In Subjects With Hip Osteoarthritis
Improvements in Vascular Function with Swimming vs. Cycling Training in Patients with Osteoarthritis
Low Functional Capacity, Comorbidities, And Physical Activity In The Hiv+ Individual
Association Between Anthropometric Measures, Physical Activity And Lipodystrophy Among Hiv+ Adults In Puerto Rico
Influence of Physical Activity Levels on Sleep Quality in Children with Autism
Postural Control Outcomes following Videogame-based Intervention in Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Effectiveness Of A Multi-phase Back Program Implemented In An Employee Wellness Facility
Effects Of Six Months Of Training On The Physical Capacity Of Patients With Multiple Sclerosis
The Effects of Aquatic Exercise on Balance in Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis
Effects Of Resistance Training In A Clinical Picture And Physical Fitness Of A β-talessêMic.
Exercise Effect On Abdominal Adiposity And Insulin Resistance, In Chronic Motor Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury
Physical Activity-Related Discussion between Pregnant Women and Prenatal Healthcare Providers
National Review of U.S. Medical Education Curricula for Physical Activity-Related Content
Family Physicians’ Perceptions Toward Writing Physical Activity Prescriptions
Developing Construct Validity of a Physical Activity Vital Sign for Adults Using Electronic Health Records
Stepping Towards Discharge
Report On Practice, Progress, And Challenges
One-day Workshop Training Improves Physical Activity Prescription Knowledge in Latin American Physicians
Evaluation of an Exercise is Medicine on Campus Pilot Program
Exercise is Medicine on Campus 2014
Functional Performance and Health Knowledge After a Combination Exercise, Health Education, and Bingo Game
Interactive Effect of Galanin-like Peptide (GALP) And Spontaneous Exercise On Energy Metabolism In Mouse
Plasma Ghrelin and Perceived Appetite Responses during Rest and Exercise under Moderate Hypoxia
Effects Of Carbohydrate Intake During Prolonged Intermittent Running On Appetite-related Hormone Responses
Effect Of Grapefruit Juice And Exercise On Plasma Cortisol And Salivary 11β-HYDROXYSTEROID-DEHYDROGENASE activity
The Effect Of 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-htp) And Intense Exercise On Plasma And Salivary Cortisol
Effects Of Partial Vascular Occlusion On Irisin Responses To Loaded Muscle Contractions
Sprint Training Reduced Resting Serum Irisin Concentration
Changes in Salivary Stress Markers After Moderate and Low Intensity Exercise During Menstruation
Effects of Acute Exercise on Plasma Apelin and Blood Glucose in Healthy Young Subjects
Acute Response of Testosterone to Muscular Endurance Resistance Exercise in Obese vs. Lean Children
Recovery Time of Free Testosterone and Cortisol in Response to Exhaustive Exercise
Menstrual Dysfunction, Hypoestrogenism, And Cardiac Parameters In Young Endurance Runners
Resting And Endurance Exercise-induced Testosterone Responses In Elite Ultra-runners Habitually Consuming Low-carbohydrate And High-carbohydrate Diets
Endocrine-disruption And The Regulation Of Physical Activity And Mammary Gland Development In Mice
Accumulation of Light-intensity Activity or Standing During a Workday Reduces Ambulatory Blood Pressure in Prehypertension
Effects of Chronic Dietary Nitrate Supplementation on Cardiovascular Responses during Exercise in Prehypertensives
Neuroendocrine Response To Heated Water-based Exercise Training On Resistant Hypertensive Patients
Determining the Optimal Aerobic Exercise Prescription for Antihypertensive Therapy
Whole-Body Vibration Training Decreases Ankle Systolic Blood Pressure and Arterial Stiffness in Hypertensive Postmenopausal Women
The Prediction of Resting Blood Pressure Using Proxies of Muscle Fiber Type and Anthropometric Characteristics
Anti-apoptotic Effects of Exercise Training on Ovariectomized Spontaneously Hypertensive Hearts
Cardio-ankle Vascular Index as an Alternative Measure for Arterial Health
Effects of Lifestyle Interventions on Adipose Tissue Biology
Obesity-related Genetic Variants And Their Associations With Physical Activity
Strain Screen Suggests Genetic Influence on Physical Activity Varies Across the Lifespan
Estrogen Receptor-beta Gene Polymorphism Affects Cardiorespiratory Fitness In Japanese Women
Apolipoprotein E Genotype And The Muscle Size And Strength Response To Resistance Training
A Preliminary Analysis Of The Association Between Variants Within APOE Gene And Risk Of Concussion
Differences In Msra And Mtmr9 Protein Expression In High- And Low-active Mouse Strains
Investigation of Angiogenesis-associated Genes with Risk of Achilles Tendon Pathology
Stabilization Of The Wheel Running Phenotype In Mice
Dynamic Knee Valgus as Risk Factor for Knee Sprain in Young Female Athletes
Body-borne Loads Increase Knee Joint Contact Force During Run-to-stop Task
Self-Reported Knee Function in Alpine Ski Instructors
Orthotic Insoles Show no Acute Effects on Knee Kinematics during Pedaling in Experienced Cyclists
Bracing Improves Knee Mechanics and Function in a Recreational Athlete with Knee Osteoarthritis
Changes In Hip Joint Reaction Forces Due To A Prophylactic Knee Support Garment
Effects of Functional Pattern Training on Hip and Knee Kinematics in Healthy Runners
The Effect of Knee Bracing on Valgus Collapse during Landing in Physically Active Collegiate Population
Effects of Pose Heights of Selected Knee Unfriendly Tai Ji Movement Elements on Knee Biomechanics
Effects of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation on Walking Impulse in Subjects with Experimental Knee Pain
Force Depression and Electromyography of Knee Extensors
Knee Biomechanics of Selected Knee Unfriendly Movement Elements in 42-Form Tai Ji
Strength And Power Asymmetries In The Knee Extensors And Flexors
Dynamic Knee Valgus
TENS Acutely Mitigates Effects of Anterior Knee Pain on Walking Vertical Ground Reaction Force
Sarcomere Length Range In Vastus Intermedius With Knee Joint Angle Change
Knee Biomechanics During Drop Vertical Jump Using a Resistance Band and a Verbal Cue
Effects of Workload on Frontal Plane Knee Biomecahnics during Cycling
Relation of Thigh Muscle Attributes to Force Production in Patients with End-Stage Knee Osteoarthritis
Sit-to-stand And Stand-to-sit Alterations In The Mild-to-moderate Knee Osteoarthritis For Elderly Women
Frontal Plane Analysis During Lunging After Knee Replacement Surgeries
The Relationship of Plank Performance to Trunk, Pelvis and Knee Mechanics during a Cutting Task
Fluoroscopic Video Imaging as a Clinical Tool for Assessing Patellar Maltracking
Evaluation of a Vertical Drop Jump in Pediatric Athletes with Patellar Instability
Lack of Confidence, Strength and Hop Performance in Young Adults 3 Years post-ACL Reconstruction
Influence of ACL Brace and Orthopaedic Tights on Hip and Knee Mechanics during Cutting Maneuvers
Quadriceps Strength, Not Volitional Muscle Activation, is the Primary Contributor to Physical Function Post-ACL Reconstruction
Asymmetries In Quadriceps And Hamstring Strength And Fatigability In Patients 6-months After Acl Reconstruction
Knee Extensor Moment Asymmetry is Related to Modulation of GRFs During Gait Post-ACL Reconstruction
Relationship between Fear of Reinjury and Single Hop for Distance Biomechanics in ACL Reconstructed Patients
Landing Preparation Affects Knee Valgus Kinematics
Evaluation of a Side-Step Cut After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction
Comparison Of Marker-based And Stereo Radiography Knee Kinematics In Assessment Of Activities Of Daily Living
Inter-joint Coordination In Individuals Following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction During Single Limb Loading
The Time-Course of Muscle Hypertrophy and Strength Gains in Young and Older Women
Effect Of Different Resistance Training Protocols On Skeletal Muscle Hypertrophy And Cell Signaling In Rats
Resistance Exercise-induced Reactive Oxygen Species In Rat Skeletal Muscle Activates Mtorc1 Via Erk1/2 Signaling
Treadmill Exercise Increases NGF and Skeletal Muscle Mass of Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis Rodents
Resistance Training-Induced Muscle Hypertrophy is Associated with Compliment C1q Concentration in Elderly Men
Preservation And Cessation Of Resistance Exercise Modulates Desensitization And Sensitization Of Anabolic Skeletal Muscle Signaling
Effect of Myofiber VEGF Loss on Muscle Growth and Capillarity During Functional Overload in Mice
Intra-rater Reliability In Measuring The Thickness Of Two Lower Leg Muscles
Ultrasound Video Recordings Enable Intra-rater Reliability of Muscle Size Measurements of the Toe Flexor Muscles
Test-retest Reliability Of Ultrasound Derived Functional Cross-sectional Area And Echo-intensity Values In Older Men
Physiological Cross-sectional Area Of The Hamstring Muscles
Association Between Individual Calf Muscle Volume And Achilles Tendon Enthesis Morphology
Appendicular Lean Mass And Site-specific Muscle Loss In The Lower Body Correlate With Dynamic Strength
Quadriceps And Hamstring Muscle Volume Following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Using An Allograft
Autophagic Adaptation Is Associated With Exercise-induced Fiber-type Shifting In Skeletal Muscle
Lat1 Muscle-specific Knockout Inhibits Postprandial mTORC1 Activation and Protein Synthesis
Systematic Sarcomere Length Variation Across an Entire Skeletal Muscle
Desmin Intermediate Filaments Form a Stress-Transmitting and Stress-Signaling Network In Muscle
Self-renewal And Metabolism Of Muscle Stem Cells Are Regulated By Ampk
Temporal Expression of Extracellular Matrix in PPTJ in Vivo Cyclical Loading Model
Extracellular Matrix Remodeling Following Repeated Bouts of Eccentric Contractions in Human Skeletal Muscle
Collagen 3
Resting Mechanomyographic Amplitude Of The Vastus Lateralis Muscle From Different Postural Positions Following Aerobic Exercise
24 Hour Mechanical Stretch Increases Cytoplasmic SPARC Expression in Cultured C2C12 Myotubes.
Chronic Stretch-Shortening Contraction Resistance-Type Exercise Results in Enhanced Dynamic Muscle Adaptation in CMT Rats
Effect of Treadmill Exercise and Autologous Bone Marrow-Derived Stem Cells on Cartilage Repair
Identification of Collagen Producing Cells in a Model of Skeletal Muscle Fibrosis
The Changes Of αB-crystallin In Skeletal Muscle After An Exhaustive Eccentric Exercise And The Effects Of Acupuncture
Effect Of The Order Of Concurrent Resistance And Endurance Exercise On Training-induced Muscle Hypertrophy
Cellular Mechanism of Muscle Memory
Myosin Heavy Chain Composition is Related to Vertical Jump Performance
Changes in Muscles Hydration for Training Dues
A Comparison Of The Electromechanical Delay Between The Hamstrings And The Quadriceps Muscles
An Examination of Fatigue Index and Absolute Peak Torque for the Forearm Flexors
Pedaling Cadence and Leg Dominance do not Influence Mean Power Frequency Fatigue Thresholds during Cycling
The Prevalence Of The Palmaris Longus In Athletes And Its Relationship With Type And Level Of Sports Participation
Effects of Watermelon Supplementation on Insulin Resistance and Intake Signaling in Free-living, Overweight, Postmenopausal Women
Healthy Eating Adventure
Associations Between Measures of Health-Related Fitness, and Metabolic Function In College Students
The Relationship Between Nutrient Intake and Physical Characteristics in University Faculty
Fruit and Vegetable Consumption and Bone Health in the Elderly
Watermelon Supplementation Does Not Change Arterial Stiffness in Overweight, Postmenopausal Women In a Community Setting
Curly Kale Juice Significantly Increases Vitamin and Mineral Levels with No Dietary Changes
High-Protein Intake Is Associated with Better Body Composition and Health in Older Puerto Ricans
Watermelon Supplementation Does Not Change Augmentation Index in Overweight, Postmenopausal Women In a Community Setting
Knowledge Of Physical Activity And Nutrition Recommendations In College Students
Track and Field Throwers Disconnect between Hydration-Related Knowledge and Practices
Nutritional Knowledge of NCAA Division III Football Players
Low Accelerometer Adherence Negatively Impacts the Estimates and Application of Physical Activity Data
A Statistical Approach to Relative Versus Absolute Changes In Pre- and Post-Testing
Total Load Volume (TLV) is Associated with Maximal Strength Gains in Older Adults
Group-based Trajectory Analysis For Understanding The Development Of Physical Activity Behavior Among Girls
Scientific Progress Or Regress In Sports Medicine?
Detection of High-Intensity Interval Training in Accelerometer Data
Accelerometer Compliance Rates And Sample Demographics
Beyond Moderate-to-vigorous Physical Activity
Effect Of Accelerometer Specification On Mean Amplitude Deviation (mad)
Differences In Accelerometer-determined Sedentary Time And Physical Activity By Transportation-related Characteristics
The Effect Of A Fitbit Accelerometer On Physical Activity
Obtaining Accelerometer Data Through Mail Administration
Physical Activity Recognition based on Rotated Acceleration Data using Orientation Filter
Agreement Between The Single-item Measure And IPAQ Using Contemporary Physical Activity Recommendations
How Accurate Are Wearable Activity Trackers For Measuring Steps?
Step.Min-1 Cut-points Based On Walking Do Not Predict Intensity Of Non-walking Activities
The Accuracy of the Calorie Expenditure for the Sports Active on a Video Game Console
Gender Difference Prediction for a Heterogeneous Sample of Experienced Distance Runners
Impact of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Severity on Objective Measures of Physical Activity
24-hour Measurement Of Sleep, Sedentary, And Physical Activity Behaviors With Wearable Monitors
Prediction Of VO2 Peak Relative To Fat-free Mass In Adolescents
Effectiveness of Preseason Functional Movement Screen in Predicting Injuries in Collegiate Female Cross Country Runners
Risk Analysis of Division I versus Division III Football Injury and Reinjury
Relationships Between Vision Performance Scores And Offensive Statistics Of Collegiate Baseball Hitters
Predicting Maximal Oxygen Consumption in Female Skaters with a Single Stage Skate Test
Skinfold Thickness As A Predictor Of 5k Performance For Trained, Female Runners
Accuracy of BMI as a Predictor of Sarcopenia and Strength in Older Women
Agreement Between Estimates Of Vo2 Predicted From Pacer And Equated Laps From Mile Run Time
Association Between Arterial Stiffness And The Shoulder Flexibility.
Prediction Of VO2max In Children And Adolescents Using Physical Activity Questionnaires.
Allometric Scaling of Grip Strength in Elementary School Children
Highly Correlative Equations Estimating Anaerobic Threshold from Heart Rate Threshold
Validating the Âstrand-Ryhming Submaximal Protocol for VO2 Max Prediction in Recreationally Active Inidividuals
Allometric Scaling of Upper-Body Strength in Three Divisions of American College Football Players
Relationship between Critical Power and Heart Rate Deflection Point as Estimates of Heavy-Severe Exercise Intensities
Effect Of Age On Peak Jump Performance In Volleyball Players
Oxygen Uptake Efficiency Slope (oues)
Regression of Peak Oxygen Uptake and Knee Extension Torque Predicts Difference in Body Fat Values Between Skinfold and Hydrostatic Weighing Techniques
Comparison of Handgrip Strength and Body Composition of Adolescents in Singapore Schools
A Predictive Heart Rate Model for Changes in Exercise Intensity during Cycling
Exercise Vital Sign Is Positively Associated With Cardiorespiratory Fitness In A Random State Fair Population
Predicting Swimming Velocity at Maximal Oxygen Uptake
Cardiorespiratory Fitness
Anthropometric Models To Predict Body Segmented Mass Compared With DXA In Professional Football Soccer Players
Comparison Of Maximal Heart Rate Prediction Formulas When Applied To Golf
Prediction of Lower Limb Isometric Strength from Regional Muscle Mass Variables in Adolescents
Validity of Carminatti Test to Predict Aerobic Index During Preseason in Brazilian Professional Soccer Players
Correlation of Arch Height Measurement and Foot Strength
Estimating Swimming Energy Expenditure using Accelerometer-based Activity Monitors
The Relationship Between Y Balance Test Performance and Muscular Power
Evaluation Of The Progressive Aerobic Cardiovascular Endurance Run (PACER) To Determine VO2peak In Children
The Relationship between Common Anthropometric Measurements and Isokinetic Strength in College Basketball Athletes.
L-glutamine And L-alanine attenuate oxidative stress In Rats Submitted To Heavy Resistance Training
Hepatic Expression Of Sirtuin-1 In Response To Caloric Restriction And Leucine Supplementation In Detrained Rats
Effect Of Whey Protein Hydrolysate On Adaptation To Endurance Training In Well-trained Runners
Improved Anabolic Signaling In Human Skeletal Muscle Myotubes Following Electrical Pulse Stimulation
Functional Performance Tests in an Adolescent Population with Chronic Ankle Instability
Alterations in Ground Reaction Forces during a Maximum Forward-lateral Jump in Subjects with Ankle Instability
Effects of Ankle Kinesio Tape Intervention on Dynamic Balance in Participants with Functional Ankle Instability
Effects Of An Auditory Biofeedback Device On Plantar Pressure In Participants With Chronic Ankle Instability
Lower Leg Emg Alterations In Subjects With Ankle Instability During A Forward-side Jump Task
Kinematic Clustering of Patients with Self-Reported Ankle Instability During a Jump Task
Delayed Response Of Soleus Hoffmann Reflex Following Acute Ankle Sprain
Anterior Reach Deficits in Star Excursion Balance Tests in an Adolescent Unstable Ankle Population
The Effects of Two Different Recovery Postures During High Intensity Interval Training
Progressive, High Intensity Endurance Exercise Training Significantly Increases Submaximal and Maximal Stroke Volume In Middle Aged, Previously Sedentary Adults
The Effects Of Intermittent Actual And Perceived Cooling On Repeated Bouts Of High Intensity Exercise
Effects of Two Regimens of High Intensity Interval Training (HIT) on Acute Physiological and Perceptual Responses
Applying the Critical Velocity Model to Interval Training
Does High Intensity Functional Training Elicit Strength Gains In Both Novice And Experienced Participants?
Does Post Exercise Cold Water Immersion Alter Intramuscular Hsp72 After 4 Weeks Of High Intensity Interval Training?
The Effects of High Intensity Interval Training versus Steady State Training on Aerobic and Anaerobic Capacity
Effects of Mild Dehydration and Hyperthermia on Cognition and Mental Task Load in Females
High Fit Young Adult Males Exhibit A Greater Enhancement In Cognitive Performance To A Single Bout Of Aerobic Exercise
The Effectiveness of Studying When Coupled with Exercise-Induced Arousal
Cognitive Performance Changes Following An Ultra Endurance Trail Race
Prediction Of Affective Responses During Exercise Sessions Of High And Low Intensities
Changes in Blood Oxygen Level-Dependent (BOLD) Response to Affective Picture Viewing After Acute Exercise
Move It Or Lose It? The Relationship between Physical Fitness and Cognition in Older Adults
Influence of Perceived Significant Weight Gain on Response to an 18 Month Physical Activity Intervention
Personalized Coaching vs. Activity Monitor for Weight Loss in Obese Adults
The Effects of Social Support and Self-Efficacy on Weight Loss Maintenance
Effects of Yoga in a Behavioral Weight Loss Program on Body Composition and Fitness
Moderate-to-vigorous Daily Steps Is Associated With Weight Loss In Adults With Obesity
Concurrent Resistance and Aerobic Exercise Training Improves Hemodynamics in Normotensive Overweight and Obese Individuals
Interventions For Weight Loss In Women
Population-referenced Percentiles For Waist-worn Accelerometer-derived Total Activity Counts In U.S. Youth
Prevalence Of Metabolic Syndrome And Individual Criterion In Hispanic American Adolescents In The U.s.
Associations Between Self-Reported Heart Failure And Physical Function In U.S. Adults
Exploring the Internal Structure of the NHANES Physical Functioning Questionnaire
The Behavioral Mediators of the Association Between Depression And BMD in Korean Elder Men
Nationally Representative Associations between Health-Related Physical Fitness and Standardized Academic Test Scores in Chilean Adolescents
Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior Patterns Using Accelerometry from a National Sample of US Youth
The National Study of Neighborhood Parks
Exercise Intensity Modulates Glucose-stimulated Insulin Secretion Adjusted For Hepatic, Adipose And Skeletal Muscle Insulin Resistance
A Western Diet High In Fat, Sucrose, And Cholesterol Promotes Advanced Liver Disease In Sedentary, Oletf Rats
Influence of a Carbohydrate-rich Meal and Physical Activity on Blood Glucose Concentrations in Sedentary Individuals
Improved Insulin Sensitivity Following an Acute Bout of High Intensity Interval Exercise is Race Specific
Exercise-Induced Weight Loss Has Persistent Effects on Glucoregulation During 5 Days of Inactivity
Effects Of 24 Hour Energy Status On Postprandial Glycemic Responses
Effects of Diet on Insulin Sensitivity in an Animal Model of Metabolic Syndrome
Foot Pain Following Fixation of 5th Metatarsal Fracture in a College Soccer Player
Traumatic Navicular Fracture in a Collegiate Trail Runner
Chronic Ankle Instability and Progressing Pain - Wrestling
Long Term Outcome of Percutaneous Ultrasonic Fasciotomy for Plantar Fasciopathy in Golfer-Hockey Player
Ankle Injury - Soccer
Knee Injury in Division 1 Football Player
Knee Pain In Baseball Player
Traumatic Knee Pain
Knee Injury-rugby
Knee Pain - Running
Left Knee Pain - Military Service
Upper Extremity Injury - Baseball
Ulnar Radial Fracture- Football
Double Parachute Failure Resulting In Traumatic Injury Of The Arm And Shoulder - Skydiving
Thoracic Pain - Tennis
Elbow Pain - Outdoor Bike Racing
Elbow Injury-baseball
Eight Weeks Of Resistance Exercise Training On Disease Symptomology And Autonomic Modulation In Women With Fibromyalgia.
Total Energy Cost of a Single Bout of Circuit Resistance Exercise in Persons with Spinal Cord Injury
Swimming Training Attenuate Doxorubicin-induced Cardiac Energy Dysbolism in Rats
Effects of Resistance Training and Cessation Therapy on Fitness and Cardiovascular Health in Young Smokers
Exercise Training Does Not Affect Doxorubicin Anti-Tumor Efficacy While Attenuating Cardiac Dysfunction
Muscle Sympathetic Nerve Activity Is Related To Body Mass During Late But Not Early Pregnancy
Cardiac Adaptation To Exercise During Pregnancy
Vascular Function is Preserved in the Paretic Limb Following a Stroke
Effects Of Exhaustive Exercise On HCN Channels Of Rat Cardiacconduction System
Exercise Training Enhances PABPC1 Content in Cardiac Tissue but Overexpression Does Not Affect Acute Performance
Aerobic Exercise Training Ameliorate High Fat Diet-Induced Insulin Resistance with Down-regulation of Cardiac C/EBPβ
The Influence of Age and Cardiorespiratory Fitness on Circulating Angiogenic T Cells and CXCR4 Expression
The Effect Of An Acute Increase In Central Blood Volume On Dynamic Cerebral Autoregulation
Acute Alterations of Intraocular Pressure and Ocular Perfuse Pressure after Resistance Exercise
Development and Validation of a Vessel Diameter Detection Algorithm for Ultrasound Blood Flow Studies
Serum Adropin Level Is Associated With Exercise Training-induced Reduction Of Arterial Stiffness In The Elderly
Higher Peak V†O2 in a Decremental Exercise Protocol Compared to a Standard Incremental Test
Effect of Passive Heat Stress and Hypohydration on Arterial Compliance in Females
Acute Effects of a Combination of Vibration and Blood Flow Restriction on Arterial Stiffness
Adrenergic Control of the Cutaneous Circulation during Cryotherapy
Should Baseline Shear Rate Be Included in Flow Mediated Dilation Calculations?
3-nitrotyrosine And Soluble Vascular And Intracellular Adhesion Molecule Responses To High-intensity Interval And Steady-state Moderate-intensity Exercise
Association of Body Weight Cycling on Arterial Stiffness and Visceral Fat in Obese Women
Power Spectral Analysis of Wingate Test
The Effects of Yoga on Resting Blood Pressure
Effects of Lower Body Positive Pressure on Blood Pressure and Heart Rate in College Age Students
Estimation of Regional Body Composition Measurement using Multiple Frequency Bioelectrical Impedance Segmental Analysis
Comparison of Acute Glycemic Response after Incremental Treadmill Test and 1 Mile Test
Racial Differences In Hrv In Response To An Acute Bout Of Forearm Exercise
High-intensity Interval Training Versus Moderate-intensity Continuous Training For Improving Cardiometabolic Measures
Cycling Efficiency And Walking Economy Are Not Affected By Age In Healthy Adults Ages 18-81
Concurrent validity of the Sahara Portable Bone Sonometer
A Comparison of Fall Risk Prediction of Older Adults by Field and Laboratory Tests
Kinect Acquisition of Skeleton Body Positions during Yoga and Tai Chi for Exergame Development
Measuring the Talk Test as a Continuous Rather than Categorical Variable
The Development of a Subjective Assessment Framework for Individuals Presenting for Clinical Exercise Services
Prediction Of Maximal Mets And Ventilatory Threshold Using 6-minute Walk Test Distance And The Rating Of Perceived Exertion
Association Between Objectively Measured Physical Activity and Psycho-Social Outcomes
Rate Pressure Product During Upper and Lower Body Ergometer Exercise
Oxygen Consumption, Physiological Responses and Perceptions of Two Prenatal Yoga Dvd Programs
Afferent Feedback Stimulation Via Venous Distention Contributes To Increased Ventilation During Exercise In Healthy Adults
The Effect of a Four Week High Intensity Interval Training Programme on Physiological Health Measures
HIIT Plus CMIET Improves The Cardiovascular Risk Profile In Those With A Moderate CVD Risk
Meditative Movement Therapies And Health-related Quality-of-life In Adults
Sex Differences in the Physical Inactivity and Health-Related Quality of Life Relationship among Rural Adults
Medically Oriented Gym (MOG) Exercise Intervention Program Improves Risk Factors in Medically Compromised Patients
Relationship between Physical Activity and Cognitive Function Among Young Adults
Keeping Anxiety At Bay
Physical Activity And Eating Habits In A Young Population.
The Seated Inactivity Trial (S.I.T)
Moderate Exercise Does Not Acutely Attenuate Cardiometabolic Function Associated with “Sitting Disease”
The Effect Of Gender And Exercise On Epigenetic Mark In Hippocampus From Adolescent Wistar Rats
TV Viewing and Cognitive Performance in Early Midlife. The Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study.
Change In Television Viewing And Risk Of All-cause And Cardiovascular Mortality
Social Inclusion, Movement And Cardiovascular Disease Risk In Adults With Intellectual Disabilities
Sedentary Behavior Is Associated With Arterial Stiffness In Individuals At Moderate To High Cardiovascular Risk
Sedentary Time and Cardiovascular Health Indicators
Improved Cardiovascular Health Outcomes with Health Club Membership
Cross-sectional And Longitudinal Associations Between Objectively-measured Sedentary Time And Metabolic Disease
A Cross-sectional Study of Cardiorespiratory Fitness and Gallbladder Disease
Assessment of Physical Activity Levels of Chronic Disease Patients in Hospitals of Southern Virginia
Balance Ability and the Incidence of Type 2 Diabetes
Even If There Is Muscular Strength, BMI Predict Risk of Diabetes in Japanese Men
Light Physical Activity Is Positively Associated With Aerobic Capacity In Young Overweight Sedentary Women
Interactive Effect of Oral Contraceptive Use, Weight Status, and Physical Activity on C-Reactive Protein Levels in Young Women
Self-report Physical Activity Levels Of Extremely Low Birth Weight, Late Preterm, And Full-term Adolescents
Association Between Physical Activity And Self-rated Quality Of Sleep In Korean Adolescents
The Association of Neighborhood Environment, Psychosocial, Anthropometric Characteristics and Daily Steps Walked with Trouble Sleeping
Blood Pressure During Submaximal Exercise As A Predictor Of Future Hypertension In Normotensive Men
Longitudinal Patterns Of Cardiorespiratory Fitness Can Predict The Development Of Hypertension Among Men And Women
Prevalence Of Hypertension According To Vo2max, Obesity, Exercise Frequency In Korean Middle Ages
Abstract Withdrawn
Trunk Flexibility and the Incidence of Hypertension
Leisure-time Running And Mortality In Adults With Hypertension
The Effects Of Swimming Training On The Blood Pressure Of Middle-aged Pre-hypertensive Men.
Physical Inactivity, Depression And Mortality
The Associations Between Homa-IR And Muscular Strengthening Activities Among Euglycemic U.S. Adults.
Prospective Association between Body Composition and Physical Activity
Longitudinal Associations Between BMI, Physical Activity, and Healthy Diet
Associations Among C - Reactive Protein, Dietary Fiber, And Leisure-time Physical Activity Among U.S. Adults
Association Between Anemia And Physical Fitness Performance
Does Cardiorespiratory Fitness Modify The Association Between Sitting Time And Cardiometabolic Risk Factors?
Association between Objectively Measured Sedentary Time and Hepatic Steatosis Among U.S. Adults
Relationships Among Physical Activity Levels, Life Habits, And Metabolic Syndrome In Middle-aged Women In Korea
The Relationship Between Exercise Habits and Depression in Community-dwelling People
The Impact Of Changes In Physical Activity On Subsequent Changes In Health Related Functioning
Metabolomic Correlates of Objectively Measured Physically Active and Sedentary Behaviors
Changes in Leisure-time Physical Activity and Risk of Subsequent Common Mental Disorders
Is Standing Associated With Obesity Irrespective Of Physical Activity And Cardiorespiratory Fitness?
Findings Of A 10-year Follow-up
What Is The Risk Of Potential Opioid-related Adverse Events Following Knee Arthroscopy?
Decreases In Physical Activity, But Not Improvement In Diet Quality, Are Associated With Fat Mass Gain
Investigation Of Gait Disturbance And Grip Strength In A Rural Cohort
Relation Between Subjective And Objective Activity In Patients With Knee Osteoarthritis
Mechanical Load Distribution in Lumbar Spine during Lifts Associated with CrossFit Workouts
Video And Hobby Gaming, Physical Activity, And Health
Objective Assessment of Group Physical Activity Classes for Inactive Latina Women in San Diego.
Physical activity researchers’ networks worldwide
How Did The Top 100 ATP Tennis Players Succeed
Prevalence And Accuracy Of Prenatal Health Care Provider Counseling Related To Exercise And Weight Gain
B-28 Free Communication/Poster - Ergogenic Aids I
Effects of Individualised NaHCO3 Ingestion on Exercise Performance
Sodium Bicarbonate And High-intensity Cycling
Effects Of 8-weeks Of Creatine And Sodium Bicarbonate Supplementation On Exercise Performance
Effects of Sodium Bicarbonate Ingestion on Endurance Rock Climbing Performance in Male and Female Climbers
Muscle and Nervous Tissue Adaptations to Creatine Supplementation
The Effects of Glutamine Loading on Strength Performance
Creatine Supplementation Improves Power Output In Repeated Sprints Kayaking
Training-Induced Muscle Strength and Hypertrophy Occur Independently of Protein Supplementation in Untrained Young Men
Fatigue Mechanisms During Repeated Exercise
The Effect of Acute L-carnitine and Carbohydrate Supplementation on Exercise Parameters
Increased VO2max Does Not Influence Nitric Oxide Availability or the Response to a Nitrate Dose
Case Study A Progressive Multi-ergogenic Supplement Strategy For 10 Elite Male Rowers
The Effect of Dietary Nitrate Supplementation on Maximal Cycling Power
The Effect of Dietary Nitrate on the Physiological Responses to 3-Weeks Sprint Interval Training.
Electrical Pulse Stimulation Increases Mitochondrial Content In Lean, But Not In Type 2 Diabetic Myotubes
Effect of Resistance Exercise Intensity on the mRNA Expression of PGC-1α Isoforms in Human Skeletal Muscle
MyD88 Signaling is Necessary for Physical Inactivity-Induced Skeletal Muscle Inflammation, Ceramide Biosynthesis and Insulin Resistance
Electrical Pulse Stimulation Induced Changes On Lipid, Mitochondrial, Glut4 And Ampk Content In Human Myotubes
Influence Of Diabetes On Muscle Mitochondria And Microvascular Flow In Pad
Mechanisms Of Insulin Resistance After 24 Hours Physical Inactivity In Murine Soleus Muscle.
Tissue Specific Insulin Resistance Following Voluntary Physical Activity
Rats Bred For High Aerobic Fitness Are Protected From Ovariectomy-induced Insulin Resistance During Euglycemic Clamp
microRNAs In Skeletal Muscle and Their Response to Resistance Exercise in Insulin Resistant Diabetes
Gene Expression Changes Associated with Insulin Sensitivity Variation Following Exercise Training
Acute Resistance Exercise Enhances Translocation of GLUT4 and Signaling Pathways in Glucose Metabolism
Effects of Carbohydrate on Physical and Mental Fatigue During Exercise in Non-fasting State
No Effect of Carbohydrate Ingestion on Fatigue During Long-Duration Cycling in Women
Dietary Supplementation with Inorganic Nitrate Attenuates Neuromuscular Fatigue in Skeletal Muscle
Beetroot Supplementation and Small Muscle Mass Handgrip Exercise
Caffeine Ingestion Increases Mean Power But Not Critical Power In Female College Students
The Effect Of Different Amounts Of Bicarbonate Of Sodium At Performance Of Cyclists
Effects Of Wu-bi-shan-yao Decoction On Exercise-induced Fatigue
Influence of Hypoxia on Joint Action Powers during Exhaustive Cycling
Fatigability And Steadiness Of The Trunk Flexor Muscles In Young, Healthy Adults
Effects Of Local And General Fatiguing Exercise On Knee Muscles Activity During Walking Perturbations
Effects of Submaximal Fatigue on Maximal and Rapid Torque Characteristics of the Leg Extensors
Effects of Maximal Versus Submaximal Intensity Fatigue-Protocols on Maximal Torque Responses of the Leg Extensors
Modeling The Utilization And Reconstitution Of w’ Within The Contraction-relaxation Cycle For Handgrip Exercise
Effects of Hyperthermia on Handgrip Strength and Endurance
Muscle Heating Accelerates Recovery in Mouse and Human Skeletal Muscle Following Fatigue
Cooling Attenuates the Reduction in Muscle Performance During Repeated Three Consecutive Days of Strenuous Exercise.
The Effect Of Selective Head-cooling On Performance And Energy And Fatigue After 4o Minutes Of Aerobic Cycling Exercise In The Heat.
Fatigue Index vs Peak Power as an Accurate Predictor of Mountain Biking Performance in High School Mountain Bike Athletes
Kynurenine As An Immunological Marker In Athletes Suffering From Overtraining Syndrome (OTS)
Alteration of Work to Rest Ratios Influence Repeated Sprint Ability Performance
Is The Effect Of Kinesio Taping On Muscle Strength And Fatigue A Placebo Effect?
Acute Effect Of Phototherapy Combining Lasers And Leds On Muscle Performance During Progressive Stress Test
The Effects Of Self-selected Music On Recovery From A Fatiguing Bout Of Isokinetic Leg Extensions
A Randomized Controlled Trial of Brain Endurance Training (BET) to Reduce Fatigue During Endurance Exercise
Comparison Of Interrater Reliabililty Between Lower Quarter Y Balance Test And The Single Leg Squat
Effect of Exercise Stage Duration on Talk Test Responses
Reliability and Validity of Bioelectrical Impedance Analyzer and Air Displacement Plethysmography
Comparison of Cardiovascular Fitness with Lumbar and Lower Limb Flexibility and Body Composition among Adolescents in Singapore
Spanish Version Of The “Barriers To Being Active Quiz” Among University Students In The Colombia
Reliability And Reference Values For Handgrip Strength Among Healthy Young Adults
Comparison by Age Group and Gender in the General Population Using the Functional Movement System
Validity of a Weightlifting Accelerometer for Measuring Average Power
Effect of Speech Passage Duration on Talk Test Response
Determination of Initial Intensity to Elicit Proper Test Duration for a Modified-Astrand Protocol
Comparative Accuracy Evaluation Of A Disposable, Self-adhesive Multi-sensor Activity Monitor
Validity And Reliability Of The PAQ-C Questionnaire In Spanish Children
Correlation Between Throwing Velocity And Baseball- And Softball-specific Performance Tests
Functional Capacity, Adipose Tissue Compartments, Muscle Mass Quality, Coronary Calcium And Functional Capacity In Institutionalized Nonagenarians
Physical Fitness and Job Stress Assessment in Security Officers from the University of Costa Rica
Reproducibility of Peak Torque Using a CYBEX Norm Dynamometer
The Effects Of Daily Physical Activity Level On Sleep Quality In Japanese University Student And Their Gender Difference
Effects Of Placement On Accuracy Of The Fitbit Force And One Accelerometers In Measuring Activity
Affective Responses to Common Fitness Testing
Establishing the Learned Effect of Repeated Wingate Anaerobic Tests
Lower Extremity Isotonic Relationships Among Physically Active Males and Females
Validating the Boer 3, 4 and 5 Aerobic Exercise Protocols Against the Bruce Protocol
Creation Of Reference Index And Reduction In Physical Tests Proposed By Proesp-br
Seasonal Changes in Fitness Levels of Marching Band Members
Maximal Oxygen Consumption is Similar with Decremental and Traditional Incremental Protocols in Runners and Triathletes
Comparison of Self-Perceived Daily Physical Activity vs Objective Measures Among Female Varsity Student Athletes
Maximal Accumulated Oxygen Deficit Determined Using A Single Supramaximal Exercise Session
A Single Sub-maximal 3-min Test For Critical Power Estimation
Effects of a Lifetime Wellness Course on Fitness Parameters in College Freshmen
Evaluation of Carotid vs Radial Heart Rate Palpation Accuracy Following a 3-Min Step Test
Variability of Sedentary Behavior Throughout a Seven-Day Measurement Period
Comparison of Two Methods to Measure Snatch and Front Squat Bar Velocity.
Analysis Of The Heart Rate Responses Between Two Different Wii Sports Resort Canoeing Exercise Sessions
The Effects of Sample Duration on the Reliability of Single Leg Balance Testing
Reliability and Accuracy of Plasma Volume Measures Using Two Different Analysers
General Physical Education, Students with Disabilities and Fitness Assessment
Health Related Fitness Levels in Kinesiology Majors
Adherence To The ACSM’s GETP Pre-activity Screening Criteria
Hip Flexion Position Influences Hip Extension And External Rotation Torque Measurements
Reliability Of Isokinetic Knee Strength Measurements Using Generalizability Theory
Reliability of Standing Static Posture Analysis using a Mobile Application
Relationships Between Toe-Grip Strength and Static and Dynamic Balance During Single-leg Stance
Physical Demand of Elk Hunting
Comparison Of Morphological, Strength, And Rapid-torque Measures Between Moderately- And Highly-resistance Trained Males
Test-retest Reliability Of Physiological Responses To Self-paced Trail Hiking
The Effect Of Repeated Bouts Of Downslope Walking And Doms On The H-reflex
Do Current Walking Recommendations Cause Increased Joint Stress In Obese Females?
Sound Limb Loading In Individuals With Transfemoral Amputations Across Walking Velocities
The Effect Of Tightrope Walking Exercises Once A Week For Two Weeks On Balance Factors
Changes in Postural Control following Inclined Backward and Forward Treadmill Walking.
The Effect of Walking Duration on Gait Biomechanics in Children
Influence of Body Weight Support and Direction of Locomotion on Preferred Gait
Differences in Gait Biomechanics in Obese and Healthy Young Adults
Whole-Body Angular Momentum Differences Following Unilateral TKA
Measures of Reliability in the Kinetics of British Army Marching Drill
Post-Ambulation Increases in Serum Cartilage Oligomeric Matrix Protein Differ Between Genders
Effects Of Dual-tasking On Stability During Walking In Children With Cerebral Palsy
Effect of Individualized High-Velocity (Power) Resistance Training on Gait Biomechanics of Children with Cerebral Palsy
Variability in Functional Improvements After Dynamic Cycling in Parkinson’s disease
Imbalances Of Trunk Muscle Activation During Treadmill Walking In Patients With Multiple Sclerosis
Upper Extremity Functional Characteristics Of 8-year-old Patient With Charcot-Marie-Tooth 1E
Mitochondrial Capacity Of The Tibialis Anterior And The Role Of Muscle Length On Muscle Metabolism
Prolonged Exposure to Hypoxia and Microgravity
Dissociation Between External Power And Muscle Metabolism During Intermittent Bilateral Knee-extensor Exercise
Effect Of Exercise Training Mode On Oxidative Capacity In Human Arm And Leg Skeletal Muscle
Development of a Submaximal Endurance Stimulus for NIRS Measured Muscle Mitochondrial Capacity
Mitochondrial mRNA Translation, Driven by PGC-1α, is Dysregulated Following Western Diet in Physically Active Mice
Canonical Mitochondrial Biogenesis And Mitochondrial Translation Following Multiple Bouts Of Disuse
Oxygen Delivery and Utilization Trends during Maximal Exercise Test
Metabolic Responses from Isoload Acute Exercise at Different Volume and Intensity Manipulations in Swimming Rats
Using Hexoskin Wearable Technology to Obtain Body Metrics in a Trail Hiking Setting
Facemask versus Mouthpiece for Gas Exchange Analysis
Validation Of The Wall Mounted Vertical Jump For General Fitness Testing In College Aged Students.
A Respiratory Exchange Ratio = 1.0 Overestimates the Maximal Lactate Steady State.
A Comparison Of The Intensity Of Exercise At Different Definitions Of The “Lactate Threshold”
Reliability and Validity of a Shallow Water Running Test Using Healthy Adult Women
Physiological Responses Of 2 Distinct Vo2max Protocols
A Simple Test To Assess Uphill Running Economy
Validity And Reliability Of A Questionnaire To Measure Social Support And Self-efficacy In Children And Adolescents
Inter and Intra Day Reliability Study of Intrinsic Foot Muscle Strength
Reliability And Validity Of The Side Bridge Endurance Test With Different Shoulder Support Positions
Impact of Varying Cap Conditions on Percent Fat Estimation by Air Displacement Plethysmography
Heart Rate and Oxygen Consumption During Aquatic Treadmill and Land Treadmill Exercise
The Effects of Heat and Active Stretch on Subjects Performing the Wingate Power Test
A Comparison Between the Accumulated Oxygen Deficit and Anaerobic Work Capacity during Constant-load and All-out Tests
Detection Of Exercise Errors Analyzing Time-series Video-captured Data
Accuracy of Heart Rate-Based Core Body Temperature Estimation Using a Wearable Physiological Monitoring Device
A CPX System for Remote Monitoring of Human Metabolic Rate via a Cellular Network
Comparison of Bluetooth 4.0 and Traditional Chest Strap for Monitoring Heart Rate
Accuracy of Commercially Available Activity Monitors in Measuring Step Count
The Validation of Multi-Frequency Bioimpedance Analyzers for the Assessment of Segmental Lean Body Mass in Adults.
The Menstrual Cycle’s Effect on the Reliability of Multi-frequency Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis for Assessing Body Composition.
The Ability of the PACER Test to Measure Aerobic Capacity of Prepubescent Boys and Girls
Correlations of Energy Expenditure and Accelerometry-Based Activity Monitor Output for Ballroom Dancing
Validation of the Mio Alpha Heart Rate Monitor during Graded Exercise Testing in Trail Runners
Physical Demands Of Japan Rugby Top League Match-play Using GPS
Associations Between Dietary Intake And 161-km Race Performance, Fatigue, And Muscle Soreness
Gastrointestinal Distress and Race Diet in 161-km Ultramarathoners
The Sports Food Usage of Athletes Participating in Winter Endurance Multisport and Ironman Events
Metabolic Effects of Eight Weeks of Intermittent Fasting and Resistance Training in Amateur Body Builders
Nutritional Practices of NCAA Division III Football Linemen
No Effect Of Gluten-free Diets On Performance, Gastrointestinal Health Or Well-being In Non-coeliac Endurance Athletes
Methods Used for Rapid Weight Loss for MMA Athletes
Nutritional, Bone, And Physical Fitness States Of Jockeys In Chronic Repetition Of Short-term Weight Loss.
The Effect of an Acute Bout of Aerobic Versus Resistance Exercise on Ghrelin Levels in Obese Men
The Impact of Obesity on Pentraxin 3 and Inflammatory Milieu to Acute Aerobic Exercise
Feasibility and Effectiveness of High-Intensity Boxing Training Versus Moderate-Intensity Brisk Walking in Obese Adults
Fibroblast Growth Factor 21 Expression and Insulin Resistance to Acute Aerobic Exercise in Obese Individuals
Exercise vs Diet on the Post Exercise Heart Rate Recovery in Women with Obesity
Metabolic Effects of Normobaric Hypoxic High Intensity Intermittent Exercise On Sedentary, Overweight and Obese Adults
Differences In Body Composition Analysis Between Underwater Weighing, Dual-energy X-ray Absorptiometry, And Two Bioelectrical Impedance Devices In Overweight Young Adults
Loaded Whole-Body Vibration Training Decreases Arterial Stiffness and Wave Reflection in Overweight/Obese Young Women
The Effects of Gender, Fat Mass Distribution, and Weight Loss on Free Leptin Index
Prevalence Of Metabolic Syndrome And Dyslipidemia Among College Aged Males And Females
Mitochondrial Function and Insulin Sensitivity Following 6 Weeks of Single-Leg Cycling in Metabolic Syndrome Patients
Comparing Energy Expenditure During Land and Shallow Water Walking in Overweight and Obese Women
Validation Of A Brief Stages Of Change Instrument For The Goal Of 10,000 Steps Daily
Development And Validation Of A Physical Activity Games Playability Scale
Self-reported Physical Activity, Health, And Health Behaviors Among Adults With And Without Disability
Physical Activity Changes Among Adults Aged 50-70 in Transition Out of Full-time Employment
Meeting Recommended Levels of Physical Activity and Health-Related Quality Of Life in Rural Adults
Physical Activity Levels and Perceptions of Benefits and Barriers to Physical Activity Among a University Population in Medellin, Colombia
Workplace Influences On Active Commuting In A Sample Of University Employees
Trends and Variability in Daily Moderate-to-Vigorous Physical Activity
Increasing Neighborhood Crime is Associated with Increasing Sedentary Time. Longitudinal Evidence from 51,222 Australians
Determinants of Low Physical Activity in a Brazilian Community
Trends And Instability In Daily Light Physical Activity
Utilization of Cardiac Screening among Competitive Masters Athletes
Environmental Correlates and Moderators of Neighborhood-based Physical Activity Among Churchgoing Latinas
Prevalence Of Physical Activity And Sedentary Behaviors Of The U.S. Working Populations
Seasonal Frequency And Distribution Of Exertional Heat Injures In The Us Army
Characterizing PE, Recess, And Academically-Related Movement Activities Relative To Moderate-to-Vigorous Physical Activity
State of Art On Physical Fitness And Physical Conditioning In Workers (2004 To 2014)
Health Care Utilization and Satisfaction among Competitive Masters Athletes
Accuracy of Direct Observation to Assess Physical Activity in Older Adults
Older Adults’ Physical Activity and Medical Expense in a Chinese University Community
Validation Of QESQ - Portuguese Questionnaire On Health And Falls For Older People
Reliability of the Sedentary Behavior Record in Older Adults
Validation of Three Physical Activity Monitors for Assessment of Energy Expenditure in Older Women
Fitness, Energy Expenditure and Physical Activity Levels among Adults and Seniors with Intellectual Disabilities
Effect of an Exercise and Dietary Intervention on Cognitive Function in Obese Older Women
Physical Activity Measurement In Older Adult Interventions
Intermittent Walking Alters Substrate Oxidation Compared To A Calorically Equivalent Continuous Walk In Older Adults
Effects of Nordic Walking on Fitness and Gait in Frail Older Adults
Increasing Energy Cost of Sedentary Behaviors in Older Adults Using a Portable Elliptical Device
Effect Of High-intensity Intermittent Exercise On Abdominal Fat Mass In Type 2 Diabetes Postmenopausal Women.
Effect Of Physical Exercise On The Functional Capacity, Fall Risk And Emotional Status Among Elderly
Effects of Fall-prevention Program on Balance and Functional Fitness for Long-Term-Care Needed Japanese Elderly Female
The Effect Of Stair Exercise On Insulin Sensitivity In Elderly Females
Neuromotor-resistance Training For Dynamic Balance Reduces Falls Risk In Moderately Active Seniors
Upper Extremity Muscle Activity During The Lacrosse Shot
Impact of Alternative Footwear on Balance Perturbations
Impact Of Low Intensity Workload On Muscle Exertion In Alternative Footwear
A Research on Plantar Pressure Characteristics of Basketball Typical Movements and Footwear Comfort Design
Noncircular Chainrings Do Not Improve Maximum Cycling Power and Joint-Specific Power during Maximal Cycling
The Reliability and Consistency of Instrumented Shoes During Vertical Jumping
Rolling Performance of Tube and Tubeless Mountain Bike Wheels
Effects Of Saddle Forward-backward Position On Paddle Efficiency And Comfort
A Counterweight Improves Efficiency for an Amputee Cyclist
Effects Of Cutting Direction On In-cleat Toe Dorsiflexion During Unanticipated Backpedal Cutting In Football Players
Effects of Backpack on Lower and Upper Body Reaching Ability
Identifying Individuals With A History Of Low Back Pain Through Lumbo-pelvic Muscle Thickness Across Positions
Position Of Peak Torque In Adolescent Athletes With And Without Low Back Pain
Does Pain Predict Firing Rate in Specific Chronic Low Back Pain Patients?
Reliability And Concurrent Validity Of Iphone Application To Quantify Cervical Spine Mobility
Effects of Dual-Task Conditions on Cervical Spine Movement Variability
Interday Reliability and Precision of Lumbar Multifidus and Transversus Abdominis Thickness Change During Dynamic Activities
Recovery from Spinal Shrinkage
Torso Kinematics during Stair Descent in Pregnancy
Quadriceps Strength Is Associated With Quality Of Life And Readiness To Return-to-Sport In ACLr Patients.
Age at Menarche Affects ACL Injury Incidence but Not Knee Laxity in Female Athletes.
Correlation Between Knee Strength And Dynamic Balance In Early Period After Acl Reconstruction With Hamstring Autograft
Oral Contraceptives and the Anterior Cruciate Ligament
Pre-injury Sports Activity Level Affects Knee Strength Recovery After Acl Reconstruction
Effect of Graft Choice on Lower Extremity Strength in Adolescent Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstructed Patients
Clinical Limb Asymmetries Are Present in Patients 6 Months Following ACL Reconstruction
Validation Of The Fitbit Activity Monitor In Free-living Conditions
Validity Of Wearable Physical Activity Monitors During Activities Of Daily Living.
Validity Of Consumer-based Physical Activity Monitors In Semi-structured Activities
Activity Monitor Location Affects the Estimation of Time Spent in Different Intensities of Physical Activity
Validity of Wearable Activity Monitors for Estimation of Resting Energy Expenditure in Adults
Validity Of The Ihealth-bp7 And Withings-bp800 Self-measurement Blood Pressure Monitors
An Unobtrusive Vitality Monitor
Validation of a Low Cost Wireless Accelerometer for Use in the Inpatient Setting
Assessment of Heat Storage Following Ice slurry Ingestion Using Partitional Calorimetry
Controlled Cold Water and Water Slushy Ingestion and Heat Performance in Subjects of Average Fitness
Ice Slurry Ingestion and Physiological Strain During Work with Protective Clothing in Hot Conditions
The Effects of Ice Slurry Ingestion on Exercise In The Heat While Wearing Firefighting Clothing
Detrimental Reductions In Evaporative Heat Loss During Cycling Following Ice Slurry Ingestion In The Heat
Trunk Fat Plays An Intermediary Role Between Daily Ambulation and Carotid Stiffness In Older Adults
Body Composition And Submaximal Systolic Blood Pressure In Young Healthy Men
Effects Of Changes In Obesity, Fitness, And Physical Activity On Aortic Stiffness In Obese Adults
Altered Metaboreflex Activity In Patients With Metabolic Syndrome
Effect Of Exercise Training On Myocardial L-type Calcium Channel Of Obese Rats
Autonomic Nervous System Modulation During a Moderate Exercise Session in Overweight and Normal Weight Individuals
Influence of Mental Work on Cardiovascular Reactivity in Normal Weight and Overweight Children
L-Citrulline Supplementation Attenuates Cardiovascular Responses to Metaboreflex Activation with Cold Exposure in Young Overweight Men
Post-exertion Malaise In Me/cfs
Examination Of Brain Electrical Activity In Student-athletes With And Without A Previous Mtbi.
Cardiorespiratory Fitness and Brain White Matter Neuronal Fiber Integrity in Older Adults
Cardiorespiratory Fitness And Brain Structures - The Finger Study
Impact of Maximal and Submaximal Exercise on Tactile Sensation
Validity Of Optical Blood Flow Heart Rate Monitors
Comparison Between The Fitbit Flex And Gt3x+ Activity Monitor Under Free-living Settings
Activity Monitors Sources of Variability and Number of Days in Adults with Intellectual Disabilities
Comparison of Free-living Physical Activity Measured by Us and Japanese Activity Monitors
Differentiating Lying Down From Sitting Using A Single Activpal3 Monitor
Feasibility of Collecting Pedometer Steps in a Statewide Sample, Arizona Behavioral Risk Factor Survey, 2014
Energy Expenditure Prediction From Hip-, Thigh-, And Wrist-Mounted Accelerometers In A Free-Living Simulation
Non-linear and Linear Measures Reflect Different Effects of Breathing as a Perturbation on Postural Control
Training Status Alters Entropic Measures of Postural Stability
Tactile Feedback Effect on Trunk-Pelvis Coordination
Alterations in Movement Coordination due to Increasing Landing Height
Those with Unilateral Chronic Ankle Instability have Impaired Unilateral Single Limb Balance and Self-Reported Function
History of Low Back Pain Affects Bend-and-Twist Coordination During a Repetitive Lift-Lower Task
Relationship Between Pelvis-Torso Coordination and Stride Characteristic Variability and Asymmetry
Evidence Of A Conservative Gait Strategy In Athletes With A History Of Concussions
Hip Injury - Fitness Boot Camp
Nontraumatic Groin Pain In A Basketball Player
Bi-Lateral Hip Pain - Basketball
Groin Pain - Cycling
Groin Injury in a Collegiate Football Athlete
Hip Pain - High School Track Athlete
Flank injury- Softball
Bilateral Shoulder Injuries - Olympic Weightlifting
Muscle Injury Water Skiing
Post-traumatic Leg Swelling-football
Shoulder Injury - Motor Vehicle Accident in a Tennis Player
Facial Fracture—softball
The Influence of Age and Body Composition on Salivary Neuropeptide Y and DPP-IV Activity
Variations in Dietary Fat Associate with Insulin Sensitivity and Appetite Following Exercise in IGT Adults
Effect Of Post-Exercise Skimmed Milk Or Sucrose Drink Ingestion On Subsequent Appetite And Energy Intake
Exercise-Induced Anorexia Associated with Prandial State but not The Satiating Gut Peptides
Effect Of Exercise Intensity On Appetite, Energy And Fat Oxidation In Overweight And Lean Individuals.
Appetitive Responses to Exercise Using a Novel Technique
Correlations Between Metabolic Rate, Hunger, and Energy Intake With and Without Exercise in Lean Men
Correlation between Percent Body Fat and Appetite-Regulating Hormones in Korean Professional Female Ballet Dancers
Right Ventricular Structure and Function in Highly-Trained Pre-Pubertal Soccer Players
Comparison of Methods for the Determination of Left Ventricular Myocardial Mass in Adolescent Athletes
Carotid Artery Elastic Function And Hemodynamic Changes Following Maximal Exercise In Children And Adults
Calf Venous Compliance In Male And Female Children.
Effect Of Acute Active Playing And Brain Stimulation Upon Cardiovascular Parameters In Children
Influence of Sex on Cardiovascular Reactivity Induced by Mental Work in Children
Reliability of Post-exercise Physiological Measurements in Young Boys
Effects of Caffeine on Heart Rate Variability in Young Boys
The Influence of Exercise Training Volume on Microvascular Endothelium Function After Myocardial Infarction
Relationship Between Endothelial Function and Aortic Wave Reflection Characteristics in Aerobic and Resistance Athletes
Effects Of Acute Sleep Deprivation On The Vascular Endothelial Function In Healthy Subjects
The Influence of Exercise and Insulin Resistance on Biomarkers of Endothelial Dysfunction
Exercise And Repeated Testing Improves The Accuracy Of Laser Doppler Assessment Of Endothelial Function
Endogenous Endothelin-1 And Femoral Artery Shear Rate
Cardiorespiratory Fitness, Oxygen Uptake Efficiency Slope And Endothelial Function In Male Adolescents
Effects of a Seven Day High-Fat Diet on Oral Glucose Tolerance and Endothelial Function in Young Males
Minimally Invasive Sarcomere Length Measured by Novel Resonant Reflection Spectroscopy
Quantitative 31P-MRS Reveals Different Phosphorus Compound Contents in the Muscle between Trained and Untrained Subjects
In–Vivo Determination of Differences in Physiological Cross– Sectional Area Among the Vastus Muscles
Assessment Of Mitochondrial Up-regulation After Moderate Exercise With Nirs
Validating A Muscle Damage Protocol For Eccentric Loading Of Dorsiflexors Using T2 MRI And NNLS
Impact of Post-Exercise Muscle Oxygen Saturation Levels on Measurements of Metabolic Rate Measured with Near Infrared Spectroscopy
The Effect Of The Muscle Biopsy Procedure On Blood Flow And Tissue Oxygenation
Association Of Gender, Tissue Thickness, And Tissue Hardness With Muscle Elasticity Measured By Shear-wave Elastography
Alternative Footwear’s Influence on Static Balance Following a One Mile Walk
Influence Of Habitual Footwear And Foot Strike On Resultant Ground Reaction Forces.
The Effect of Footwear on Acute, Static and Dynamic Balance
Biomechanics of Running with a Commercially Available Non-Custom Athletic Footwear Insole
Effect of Highly Cushioned Shoes on Ground Reaction Forces during Running
The Effect Of Commonly Used Alternative Footwear On Balance
Kinetic Asymmetry Between New and Worn Running Shoes
Are Self-reported Measures Able To Correctly Classify Individuals According To Physical Activity Recommendations? A Dedipac-study
Does The Number Of Bouts Used To Accumulate Mvpa Matter For Fitness And Fatness?
Concurrent Validity of a Physical Activity Vital Sign with Adult Primary Care Patients
Single Categorical Item Identifies Greater Prevalence Of Inactivity Across All Weight Levels Than BRFSS Questions
Influence Of Age On Activity-Related Energy Expenditure In Adults 20-60 Years Of Age
Criterion Validity Of Multiple Objective Monitors In Estimating Energy Expenditure In Youth
Moderate-to-Vigorous Physical Activity is Associated With the Size of Schools Outdoor Playing Area
Reallocating Time From Sedentary To Physical Activity And Its Association With Cardio-metabolic Risk In Youth
Quantification of Cardiorespiratory Fitness in Obese Children
Accuracy Of The NHANES Treadmill Test In Estimating Aerobic Fitness In Adolescents
The Efficiency of Oxygen Uptake is Higher at Submaximal Intensities in Healthy Individuals
Effects of Age and Sex on Muscle Function during Isovelocity Contractions.
Effects of High Intensity Interval or Continuous Moderate Training on Metabolic Thresholds
Effects of High-Intensity Interval Exercise and Training on Hemostasis in Healthy Males
The Effects of Acute Resistance Exercise on Arterial Stiffness in Strength-trained Men
Acute Neuromuscular Responses To A Low Volume, High Intensity Strength Training Stimulus
Insidious Bilateral Calf Pain In A Runner
Bilateral Lower Extremity Pain in a College Volleyball Player
Unilateral Lower Limb Pain - Law Enforcement Applicant
Lower Leg Pain in a Young Female Soccer Player and Gymnast
Deadly Blood Clots or Tennis Leg?
An Unusual Case of Superficial Peroneal Neuropathy
Seizures after Recent Concussion
Acute Mental Status Changes-div I Hockey
Hey Doc, Why Is My Urine Dark?
Fever - Adventure Athlete
Fatigue and Facial Rash in Collegiate Women’s Hockey
General Medical - Soccer
Shoulder Weakness in a Yoga Enthusiast
Atypical Shoulder Pain In A Swimmer/rower
Shoulder Injury - Bicycling
Shoulder Injury Football
Shoulder Pain - Bullriding
Arm Pain and Discoloration in a 15yo Swimmer
Standing Balance And Dementia As Predictors Of Quality Of Live In Adults With Hiv
Postural Stability Deficiencies in Asymptomatic Persons with HIV.
The Effect Of An Acute Bout Of Exercise On Movement Time
Effect of Individualized High-Velocity Resistance Training on Balance Performance in Children with Cerebral Palsy
Differences on the Lower Quarter Y Balance Test in High School, College and Professional Baseball Players
Differences in Recreationally Trained Male Soccer and Basketball Players on Balance Measures
A Comparison of Balance and Postural Sway in Surfers vs. Non Surfers
Tai Chi can Improve Postural Control during Upper Limb movement for Healthy Elderly
Postural Control Evaluation During Upright Stance
Stabilometric Analysis in Athletes who have Suffered Injuries in Lower Extremity.
Effect of Caffeine Dose on Postural Stability
Biomechanical Assessment Of Postural Control After Taekwondo Intervention In Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder
Postural Control
Body Composition In Sport
Anthropometric Measurements of Fourth-Grade Students Compared to National and Regional Data
Anthropometric and Body Composition Profile (by Five-Way Fractionation Method) of Professional Young Mexican Soccer Players
Body Composition and Bone Mineral Density of a Female Body Builder Following 33 weeks of Pre-Contest Training
Evaluation of the Strides to Strength™ Cancer Rehabilitation Program
Influence Of Adiposity On Walking Speed In Heart Failure - The Functional Paradox
Addition of Estimated Cardiorespiratory Fitness to the Clinical Assessment of 10-Year Coronary Heart Disease Risk in Asymptomatic Men
Vo2max Test And Cardiac Rehabilitation In Patients Treated Surgically For Acute Aortic Dissection
Acute Effects of Water- Versus Land-Based Exercise on Heart Rate Variability in Heart Transplant Recipients
Comparison of Cardiorespiratory Responses between Pool Floor and Overground Walking in People Post-Stroke
Aerobic Exercise Training In Post Stroke Patients
Aerobic Capacity Before And After Radio Frequency Ablative Treatment For Atrial Fibrillation
Changes In Muscle Strength In Individuals With Statin-induced Myopathy
The Effects of Resistance Exercise at Different Intensity on Blood Lipid Profiles in Men
The Impact of Physical Activity on Statin-Associated Skeletal Muscle Myopathy
Central Nervous System Fatigue During Upper-body Maximal Intensity, Intermittent Sprints.
Age-related Increase in Activation of Effort-related Brain Areas During a Sustained Fatiguing Contraction.
Changes In Select Emg Parameters During An Agility Test Performed To Fatigue.
Electromyography Pattern During Fatiguing Exercise Performed With Elastic And Constant Resistance.
Neuromuscular Responses Of The Quadriceps Femoris And Hamstring Muscles During Incremental Treadmill Running
Effects of the Innervation Zone on Electromyographic Responses during Fatiguing Isometric Muscle Actions
Changes in Anconeus Motor Unit Firing Rates During High-Intensity Dynamic Elbow Extensor Fatiguing Contractions
Effects of Velocity on Peak Torque and Neuromuscular Responses during Repeated, Maximal, Eccentric Muscle Actions.
Motor Unit Firing Rate Behaviour in Response to Eccentric Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage
Brain Activity Differs With Load Compliance During Fatiguing Contractions With The Elbow Flexor Muscles
Change of Bio-electric Interferential Currents of Acute Fatigue and Recovery in Male Sprinters
Is The Interpolated Twitch Technique Assessing Central Fatigue Only?
Comparing Apples and Oranges
The Effects of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) on Fatigue During Maximal Intensity Exercise
Delineating the Role of Cerebral Blood Flow and Hypocapnia on Neuromuscular Function
The Influence of Distance Feedback on Running Performance and Pacing Strategy During a 5km Time-Trial
Effect of Teleoanticipation on Peak Torque During Maximal Bicep Curls
Mechanisms Of Neuromuscular Fatigue Following An Acute Bout Of Eccentric Exercise
Effect Of Fatigue On Postural Control - Changes In Balance Strategy, Neuromuscular Activation And Spinal Excitability
Impaired Neuromuscular Function And Postural Control After A Fatiguing Exercise Performed With The Plantar Flexor Muscles
Central And Peripheral Contributions To Fatigue Of The Knee Extensor Muscles After A Self-paced High-intensity Exercise
The Development of Peripheral and Central Fatigue During Self-Paced Endurance Exercise
Peripheral And Central Fatigue Development And Short-term Recovery During All-out Repeated Sprints
A Technique for Assessing the Global Fatigue State During Maximal Cylcing
A Reexamination Of Fatigability And Fiber Composition Of Human Skeletal Muscle
Group III/IV Muscle Afferents Restrict Intramuscular Metabolic Perturbation In Exercising Humans
The Differential Effect Of Metabolic Alkalosis On Central And Peripheral Mechanisms Associated With Fatigue
Depressive Effects Of H+ And Pi On Force And Power In Young And Old Human Myofibers
Hypoxic Preconditioning Mitigates Diaphragmatic Skeletal Muscle Fatigue during Reoxygenation via ROS and ERK Signaling
An Ancient Tradition, A New Kind Of Physical Activity
Is Attendance To Full-time Schools A Protective Factor Against Overweight And Sedentary Lifestyle?
Recreational Physical Activity Program with Food Guidance and Family Participation in Kids.
Effects Of A Dance Movement Therapy Program On Strength, Coordination And Balance In Adults With Intellectual Disabilities
The Health-Enhancing Efficacy of Zumba Fitness
Should Women “Ditch The Workout And Join The Party”? Physiological And Psychological Benefits Of Zumba
Effect Of Physical Activity On Self-reported Disability In Older Adults
Effects Of “Home-based Exercise” Intervention For Falls Prevention In Community Dwelling Elderly People
Grip Strength as a Measure of Body Strength in Older Adults
Exercise, Dementia and Physical Function
Correlates Among Physical Activity, Physical Function, Depressive Symptoms, and Cognitive Function in Older Adults
Prediction of Health Related Quality of Life in Older Adults using Measures of Physical Function
Large Heterogeneity In The Responsiveness To Resistance-type Exercise Training In The Older Population
To Start Endurance Training After 40
Effects Of Exercise And Pet Therapy In Older Adults Living In A Retirement Facility
Community-based Social Dance Exercise For Middle-aged And Older Adults
Diet Containing EGCG and Beta-Alanine Decreases Mortality, But Has No Effect on Cognitive Function and Variably Affects Muscle Function in Aged Mice.
Effects Of β-alanine Supplementation On Human Skeletal Muscle Contractile Properties And Voluntary Muscle Performance
Longitudinal Effects of Beta-Alanine on Lower-Body Isometric Strength Measures in Female Masters Athletes
The Acute Effects of N-Acetylcysteine Supplementation on Repeat Sprint Performance in Recreationally Active Males
Consumption of a Testosterone-Boosting Supplement Is Safe and Lowers Estrogen and Cortisol Levels
Influence Of Acute Acetaminophen Ingestion On Time Limit At VO2max Velocity.
Changes In Urinary Arsenic In Collegiate Athletes Encouraged To Ingest Muscle Milk™ Post-exercise
Neither Carbohydrate Intake Nor Carbohydrate Mouth Rinse Improves Anaerobic Capacity
A Pre-exercise Dose Of Muscle Sentry® Has No Effect On Performing Repeated Leg Press Sets To Failure.
Effect of Commercially Available Supplemental Oxygen during Aerobic Exercise
Effects of Soy Protein Bar Supplement Combined with Resistance Training on Strength and Exercise Performance
Fast Food Results In Similar Post-exercise Glycogen Recovery And Exercise Performance Compared To Sport Supplements
The Effects of Ammonia Inhalants on Anaerobic Performance Following a Simulated American Football Game
Combined Probiotic and α-Lipoic Acid Supplementation Effect on Endotoxemia, Gastrointestinal Permeability and Triathlon Performance.
The Influence Of Ribose Ingestion On Recovery And Performance In Healthy Individuals.
Assessing the Ergogenic Potential of α-Lipoic Acid on Laboratory Time Trial and Iron-distance Triathlon Performance
The Effects of an Acute Dose of Rhaponticum Carthamoides on Endurance Performance and Cognitive Function
Effects Of Octacosanol Intake During Weight-loss On Body Composition, Wbc Subsets, Cortisol In Taekwondo Competitors
Polyphenol Supplementation Improves Cardiomyocyte Recovery After Marathon Running
Does a Carbohydrate Mouth-rinse Improve Endurance Exercise Performance?
Effects of Obesity on Lower Extremity Strength are Joint Specific
Reliability And Validity Of Dynamic Frontal Plane Motion Visual Assessments During A Lateral Step Down
Lower Extremity Joint Kinetics Do Not Differ Between Different Athletic Upper Body Positions
Single Leg Anterior Reach Performance and Dynamic Postural Control in Patients with Femoroacetabular Impingement
Differences in Functional Movement Biomechanics Between Individuals with Femoroacetabular Impingement and Osteoarthritis
Proportionality of Resistance Band Tension and Corresponding Muscle Activity While Using a Resistance Band Exercise Device
The Relationship Between Hip Extensor Strength, Jump Height and External Hip Flexion Moments During Jumping
Joint-Specific Kinetic Adjustments Following Landing Height Manipulations
Differences in Hip Range of Motion Profiles Between Male and Female Athletes
Reliability And Validity Of The Frontal Plane Projection Angle During A Lateral Step-down
A One-Step Countermovement Jump Elicits Asymmetrical Distribution of Lower Extremity Joint Moments in Female Athletes
Age And Gender Differences In Lower Extremity Kinematics During A Single Leg Squat Task Between Injured And Healthy Young Athletes
Biomechanical Role of the Hip in Maintaining Balance during Standing Forward Reach
Mobility Assessments
Post Activation Potentiation during the Hang Power Clean
Analysis Of Side-to-side Asymmetry Assessment Of The Shoulder Rotators By Angle Specificity
Directional Stability Deflection Between Stance and Push Legs of Skateboarders
Effects of Skateboarding Stance Leg on Unilateral Balance
Effect of Strength Training on Jump Landing Biomechanics
The Effect of Short-term Fatigue on Subsequent Skill Performance of Elite U-19 Soccer Players
Effects Of Concentric And Eccentric Strength Training On Fatigue Induced By Concentric And Eccentric Exercise
Comparison of Shod vs Nonshod Training on Balance and Postural Sway in Older Adults
Effect of Acute Biomechanical Stimulation on Muscular Power and Velocity in Division I Football Players.
Is There A Performance Advantage To Internal Femoral Rotation During A Broad Jump?
Comparison Of Inspiratory Muscle Fatigue For Two Different Types Of Maximal Rowing Test
Comparison of Core Muscle Activity between Flexible Barbell and Olympic Barbell during the Squat
Comparison of Core Muscle Activity Between the Push Press and Squat Using a Flexible Barbell
Precipitation Of Muscle Damage In Females Following A Sport-specific Bout Of Repeated Sprints
Comparison of Core Muscle Activity Between Back Squat and Push Press
Balance Control Following Muscle Fatigue Among Individuals With Chronic Ankle Instability And The Effect Of Kinesiotape
Comparison Of Four Methods Of Recovery Due To Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness
Correlations Between Resistance Exercise Characteristics and Muscle Soreness During Fish Oil Supplementation
Complexity Analysis On Gait Stability Control Of Tai-chi Training
Muscle Coactivation during Fatiguing Exercise Performed With Different Resistance Types
Respiratory Muscle Fatigue is Reduced after Controlled Frequency Breath-Hold Training in Elite Swimmers
Comparison of Physiological Responses following Blood Flow Restriction between Low-Intensity Resistance Exercise and Running Exercise
Quantification of Vertical Ground Reaction Forces Developed during Standing Box Jumps at Varying Box Heights.
Effects of Whole Body Vibration on Voluntary Torque Following Exercise Induced Muscle Damage in Recreationally Trained Females
Core Muscle Activation During Unstable Bicep Curl Using a Water-Filled Training Tube
Core Muscle Activation During Unstable Leg Extension Using a Water-Filled Training Tube
Aquatic Plyometric Training
EMG Activity of Lower Limb Muscles During Leg Press Adopting Different Methods of Knee Stabilization
Time-course Of Changes In Maximal Force And Rate Of Force Development After A Plyometric Training Session
Effect of Different Rest Intervals Length Between Sets on Neuromuscular Fatigue During Leg Press Exercise
The Effects of Deep Water Running and Cold Water Immersion on Muscle Soreness
College Tennis Players Demonstrate Asymmetry During Single-Leg & Double-Leg Countermovement Jumps
Effects Of Two-a-day Training On Muscle Damage And Inflammation In Collegiate Volleyball Players
The Effects of Supramaximal vs. Submaximal Isoinertial Eccentric Training Performed to Volitional Fatigue
Knee Extension and Flexion Strength in Recreational Surfers
A Dose-Response Relationship Between Myofascial Release and Anaerobic Power Output in Active College-Aged Males
Increased Falls Risk Following A 6-Minute Walk Test In Persons with Multiple Sclerosis
Multi-directional Treadmill Training For Improving Gait, Balance, And Function In Individuals With Parkinson’s Disease
Effects Of Training On Muscular And Functional Capacity With Myotonic Dystrophy Type 1 Patients. .
Street Crossing Performance In Persons With Multiple Sclerosis
Simultaneous Physical And Speech Training For Individuals With Parkinson’s Disease
Physical Fitness Is Associated With Better Arterial Function In Persons With Multiple Sclerosis
Body Mass Index Underestimates Adiposity in Persons with Multiple Sclerosis
Duration Of The Effects Of Pre-cooling Heat Sensitive Patients With Multiple Sclerosis
Home-Based Exercise in Persons with Multiple Sclerosis
Treadmill Exercise Tests in Persons with Parkinson’s Disease
Impact Of A Resistance Training Program On Ataxia As Measured By An Innovative Computer-based Test
A Potential Breakthrough In Osteoarthritis Treatment
Intra-articular Corticosteroid and Local Anesthetic Hip Injections And Rapidly Progressing Joint Degeneration
The Relationship Between Daily Physical Activity And Pain In Individuals With Knee Osteoarthritis
Anti-Gravity Treadmill Walking in Acute Rehabilitation of Total and Partial Knee Replacement Patients
Knee Strength, Fat Mass And Muscle Mass In Older Women With Knee Osteoarthritis
Whole-body Vibration Training For Knee Osteoarthritis
Greater Absolute Deoxygenation In Deep Versus Superficial Quadriceps Muscles At Vo2max During Cycle Ergometry
Oxygen On-kinetics During Progressive Exercise In Men And Women
Effects Of Enalapril On Interstitial PO2 And Contractile Function In The Edl Of Diabetic Rats
Oxygen Delivery Limitations And Muscle Mitochondrial Oxygen Consumption At VO2max
No Acute Effect Of Phosphodiesterase-5 Inhibition On Pulmonary Oxygen Uptake Kinetics At The Onset Of Moderate-Intensity Exercise In Trained And Untrained Adults
Effect Of Exercise On Interstitial PO2 And Contractile Function In The Diaphragm Of Diabetic Rats
Impact of Neuronal Nitric Oxide Synthase (nNOS) Inhibition on Diaphragm Interstitial PO2 and Contractile Function
Preparing a Student with Paraplegia for Health Fitness Specialist Certification
Relationship Between Aerobic Fitness, Body Mass Index and Academic Achievement in Brazilian adolescents.
Exercise Physiology Graduate Students’ School Choice Decision-Making
The Modified Monte Carlo Quiz Increases Student Motivation, Participation, and Content Retention.
Exercise Habit Formation in New Gym Members- A Longitudinal Study
Exerciser Self-image And Indices Of Health-related Physical Fitness
Magical Taping? The Effects Of Kinesio Taping On Grip Power.
The Effects Of Graded Forward And Backward Walking, At A Matched Intensity, On Heart Rate And Perceived Exertion
Validity And Reliability Of The Session-rpe Method For Quantifying Training Load In Karate Athletes
Physical And Psychological Status Of Participants In Extracurricular Sports Activities At A Japanese University
Use Of Rpe For Monitoring Self-regulated Intensity Throughout Collegiate Basketball Drills
Effect Of Ability And Style Of Ascent On Psychophysiological Responses To Difficult On-sight Rock Climbing
Characterizing Psychophysiological Fatigue Responses from a Competitive Round of Golf
Effect of Altitude Acclimatization on Work Completed at a Constant Perceived Exertion during Moderate-Intensity Exercise
Perceived Exertion During Isocaloric Continuous And Interval Training Aerobic Exercise Sessions
Dietary Behaviors of Amateur Endurance Athletes during Recovery from Exercise Training
The Relationship Between The Operation Of Kick Start And Isokinetic Knee Strength In Swimmers
Physiological Effects of Wearing Athletic Mouth Pieces while Performing Various Exercises
Is Temperature Of Cold Water Immersion An Important Parameter For Muscular Recovery From Strenuous Exercise?
Physical and Cognitive Contributions for Reactive Agility Performance in Football Players
Reproducibility Of Maximal Effort Across A Series Of Repeat Vo2max Trials In Habituated Participants
Effects of Total Sleep and Sleep Before Midnight on Activity Levels in Female University Students
Core Muscle Activation Increases Range of Motion in Dancers Performing Developpe
Vertical Jump Performance of Thai Women’s National and Youth National Volleyball Players
Effects Of Menstrual Cycle On Stress Biomarkers And Sport Performance
Stress As A Source Of Sport-confidence In Female Athletes
ACE and ACTN3 Genes Polymorphisms and Endurance Performance
Effects Of Different Environments On Performance, Reaction Time And Brain-derived Neurotrophic Factor
Acute Effects of Peristaltic Pneumatic Compression on Repeated Anaerobic Exercise Performance and Blood Lactate Clearance
Tracking Athletes’ Performances from High School to College
Effect of Caffeine and Rest Time on Repeated Sprint Running Performance
The Difference in Vertical Jump Performance in Recreationally Trained Soccer and Basketball Males
Exposure To Cold Environments Reduces Double Poling Performance in Male Cross-country Skiers
Comparison of Sprint Agility Performance in Recreationally Trained Soccer and Basketball Players
The Effect of Altering Breathing Frequency on Maximum Voluntary Ventilation
Health Benefits Of Exercise
Effects Of Passive And Active Recovery On Work Performed In Mini-trampoline Exercise
Effects Of Passive And Active Recorvery On Work Performed In Bench-step Aerobics
Limb and Medicine Ball Mass Effects on Seated Single Arm Shot Put Performance
Post-activation Potentiating Effects Of Unilateral And Bilateral Plyometric Warm-ups On Vertical Jump Performance.
Comparison Of Side-Bridge Endurance Performance In Those With And Without A History Of Shoulder Pain
The Effect of an 8 Week CrossFit Type Exercise on Acute C Reactive Protein Modulation
Exercise And BMI In Overweight And Obese Children And Adolescents
Effects of Physical Activity Intervention in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Effect of Two Physical Activity Interventions on Preschool Children’s Cognitive Functions and Perceived Competence
A Home-based Strength Training Intervention Improves The Self- Esteem But Not On Self - Perception Of Obese Latino Boys
Effects Of Summer Camp And Follow-up Telephone Intervention On Cortisol, Antioxidant Status, And DNA Damage
Physical Activity Interventions to Improve Fundamental Motor Skills in Preschoolers
Effects Of 6-month Soccer And Traditional Physical Activity Programs On Body Composition, Cardiometabolic, Inflammatory And Oxidative Markers In Obese Boys
Combined Effects Of Physical Activity And Sleep On Diabetes Risk Factors In Pre-Adolescent African-American Girls
Effects of An Early Childhood Education Program on Preschool Children’s Gross Motor Development
The Effects Of Classroom-based Physical Activity Incorporated Into Academic Lessons In Head Start Preschools On Academic Achievement Between Males And Females
The Influence Of A Oriented Psychomotor Program In Students Of The Elementary Education
Investigating Daily Physical Education on Fitnessgram PACER Laps Among African American Middle School Students
Standing Workstations In The Classroom
Play-Based Physical Activity In Children Can Improve Aerobic Capacity During Summer Break
Physiologic Responses in Children May Be Similar While Playing Kinect vs. Normal Activities During Recess
Instructor-led Vs. Video-led Group Exercise
Leptin Receptor Gene Polymorphism May Hamper Results Of Aerobic Plus Resistance Training Among Obese Adolescents
Evaluation and Implementation of Hydration Initiative in Rural Youth Athletics
The Effects of Tai Chi Chuan on Sleep Architecture in Young Adults Suffering From Anxiety
Sex Differences in Sleep Architecture in Anxious Young Adults Following Tai Chi Chaun Training
Effect of Acute Exhaustive Exercise on Executive Functions in Young Adults
Physical Activity Behaviors of Daily Living in 2-3 Year-Olds Attending an Early Head Start Program
Screen Time And Nutrition Self-Efficacy In 4th Graders Following The Best Foot Forward Program
Weight Loss Camp Effects On Blood Pressure In Overweight And Obese Children And Adolescents.
Effect of Adding Online Social Support Tools to an Adult Walking Program
Family And Friend Support Improves Physical Activity In A Home- And Print-based Intervention For Latinas
The Invisible Employee on the University Campus
A Current Assessment of Physical Activity Training within Medical School
Medicated Non-controlled Wholesomely Non-communicable chronic disease (NCD) Patients - A Costless Effective Outcome Under “Exercise is Medicine” Program
Longitudinal Results of a Community-Based Weight Loss Challenge in South Texas
Changes in Intensity of Physical Activity and Diet During a University Incentive-Based Weight Loss Challenge
Change In Physical Activity and Self-efficacy Following the Best Foot Forward Program
Impact of Employee Wellness Programming with Health and Wellness Coaching on Health Status
Promoting Physical Activity and Science Learning in an Outdoor Education Program
Current State Of Practice And Measurement Error In Manual Community Bicycle And Pedestrian Count Programs.
Effects of a Long-Term University Exercise Program on Physical Activity In Previously Sedentary Individuals
Differences in Participation in University Worksite Health Promotion Programs and Physical Activity Between Faculty, Staff and Administration
10 Weeks Structured Exercise Program Reduces Time Spent In Sedentary Behavior.
The Effect of Fitbit Technology on Physical Activity in Inactive Adults (50+ Years of Age)
Recommending Physical Activity to Adults with Disabilities
The Group Visit Model for Delivery of Physician-Directed Exercise Prescription in the Bariatric Pre-Surgical Population
Faculty and Staff Barriers to Worksite Physical Activity
Health Promoting Status and Exercise Behaviors of People with Physical Disabilities in Thailand
Using Shared Treadmill Workstations to Reduce Sedentary Behavior and its Impact on Health Outcomes
Sustainability Of Sports Medical Counselling For Long-term Unemployed Persons
Evidence Of Co-benefits Of Designing Communities For Active Living
Accommodation of Wheelchair-Reliant Individuals by Community Fitness Facilities
Adding Video Games or Music Videos to Stationary Cycling
Using Peer Education to Promote Physical Activity, Fitness, and Balance among Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities
Get Fit @Home With Stockton
Physical Activity and Sedentary Patterns of Emergency Department Nurses
Differences Among Exergaming Platforms and Traditional Physical Activity on MET’s and Estimated Energy Expenditure
Treadmill Exercise During The Critical Brain Development Period
Objectively Measured Physical Activity And Health-related Variables
Energy Expenditure Of A Novel Sitting/stepping Protocol
Trends In Pediatric-related Utilization Of A Telephone- And Internet-based Physical Activity Counselling Service
Self-Regulatory Self-Efficacy Mediates 3 Month Change in Physical Activity in Sedentary Knee Osteoarthritis Patients
If You Paint It, Will They Come?
Health-related Quality of Life Change Over a Competitive Season for Division 1 Collegiate Athletes.
Land Use and Walkability around a Newly Built Light Rail Transit Line
Energy Expenditure among Experienced and Non-Experienced Hacky Sack Players
Use of Hourly Walking Breaks to Increase Daily Walking Among Inactive Office Workers
High-Intensity Indoor Cycling Improves Cardiorespiratory Fitness But Not Self-Reported or Objectively Measured Physical Activity
The Effect Of Experience On Exercise Intensity During Hacky Sack Play
How Many Steps/day Are Required to Meet the Physical Activity Guidelines?
Value of Community Health Workers in Rural Appalachia
The Effect of Various Housing Combinations on Voluntary Wheel Activity in Mice
Comparing Distance-based Vs. Time-based Exercise Prescriptions Of Walking And Running For Improvement Of Body Composition
Blood Glucose Response to Intermittent Posture Change and Light Activity During an 8hr Work Day
Midday Moves
Use Of Hourly Walking Breaks To Increase Physical Activity And Improve Cardiometabolic Risk Factors
Building Activity Friendly Environments
Using Weight or BMI as a Predictor to Determine Expected Energy Expenditure While Playing Exergames
Skinfold Thickness Affects The Physiological Response To Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation
Cost-effectiveness Of A Mail-delivered Culturally And Linguistically Adapted Physical Activity Intervention For Latinas
Relationship among Worksite Walking and Meeting Aerobic Physical Activity Guidelines, Summer ConsumerStyles, 2012
Population-based Self-reported And Accelerometer-based Physical Activity In Us Latino/hispanic Adults
Compliance With Physical Activity Guidelines Among Japanese Adults Using An Accelerometer And GPAQ
Quantifying Long-term Patterns Of Sedentary Behavior In A Large Population-based Canadian Cohort
What Maintains The Metabolic Cost At Maximal Aerobic Exercise In End Stage Renal Disease Patients?
Association Between Physical Activity Levels And Co-morbid Conditions In Hemodialysis Patients
Influence Of Different Intensities On Albuminuria In Elderly
Effects Of An In-center Resistance Training Program On A Sample Of Hemodialysis Patients
Physical Activity is Decreased in Veterans with Non-Dialysis Chronic Kidney Disease
High Intensity Interval Training Improves Health in a Rat Model of Early-Stage Chronic Kidney Disease
Feasibility Of Training Introduction For Children And Adolescent With End Stage Renal Disease.
Sex Differences in the Relationship Between Arterial Stiffness and Physical Fitness in Maintenance Hemodialysis Patients
The Effect of Age and Resistance Training on α7β1 Integrin Expression and Activation in Human Skeletal Muscle
Local Skeletal Muscle Heating and Cooling Impacts PGC-1β, but not PGC-1α Expression After Resistance Exercise
Alpha7 Beta1 Integrin mRNA and Protein Responses to Repeated Bouts of Eccentric Contractions in Human Skeletal Muscle
Resistance Exercise Performed with a Heated versus Cooled Muscle Alters Proteolytic Gene Response
Comparison of Multiple Sets and Single Set of Resistance Training on Muscle Strength and Power
Effects of Rest Period/Number of Reps in Arm Specific Resistance Exercise on Acute Hormonal Responses
The Catecholamine Response of CrossFit vs. Traditional Treadmill Running
Oxidative Stress Response Of Crossfit Vs. Treadmill Running
Skeletal Muscle Mitochondrial Phosphorylation Capacity Is In Relative Excess To Peripheral Convective O2 Transport In Elderly Individuals
Jumping Athletes as a Model for Exploring Lower Extremity Skeletal Benefits of Exercise
Effects Of Obesity On The Architectural Characteristics Of The Skeletal Muscle In Adolescent Girls.
Alternate-day High-fat Diet Feeding Induces Insulin resistance Despite No Abdominal Fat Accumulation And Mitochondrial Dysfunction
Body Fat Percentage Is Associated With Skeletal Muscle TLR4 And Tace Expression In Older Adults
Relationship Between Visceral Fat And Abdominal Skeletal Muscles In Overweight Japanese Adults
Effects of Resistance Training on Skeletal Muscle Mitochondrial Oxidative Capacity in Sedentary, Obese Young Adults
Exercise Training Combined With A Well-balanced Diet Activates Nrg1 Pathway In Gastrocnemius Of Obese Rats
The Ability to Finely Control Muscle Temperature and the Relationship to Body Fat.
Sex Differences in Regional Distribution of Muscle, Intermuscular Adipose and Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue in Older Adults
The Effects of Short-Term Low Energy Availability on Bone Turnover in Men
Fat and Lean Mass Predict Total Body Bone Mineral Content during Energy Restriction with Exercise
High Vegetable Protein Diet is Associated with Low Lumbar Spine Bone Mineral Density in Amenorrheic Athletes
Comparison of the Clinical Determinants of the Blood Pressure Response Following Two Different Exercise Modalities
Impact of Walking with Leg Blood Flow Restriction on Central Blood Pressure and Subendocardial Viability
Post-Exercise Blood Pressure Response to Repeated Bouts of Aquatic Treadmill Exercise
The Influence Wearing A Triathlon Wetsuit On Resting Blood Pressure For Females.
Effect Of Exercise Training On Blood Pressure And Cardiac Morphology In Obese Rats
Carotid Baroreflex Modifies Pressor Threshold of Muscle Metaboreflex in Humans
The Effect of Prior Carbohydrate Ingestion on Baroreflex Sensitivity During Light Exercise
Group III/IV Mediated Muscle Reflexes Restrain Vascular Conductance During Exercise In Patients With Hypertension
Body Composition Changes in Elite Collegiate Football Players During Training for the NFL Combine
Aging Elite Athletes
EMG Assessment of Muscle Fatigue in Elite Paralympic Athletes
Fastest Age-adjusted Marathon World Records Of All Time
Effects of Age and Military Service on Strength and Physiological Characteristics of US Army Soldiers
Greater Progression of Athletic Performance in Older Masters Athletes
Identification Of Asymmetrical And Suboptimal Agonist/antagonist Strength In A Cohort Of Special Forces Soldiers
Residual Impact of Previous Injury on Musculoskeletal Characteristics in Special Forces Soldiers
Individualized Combined Exercise is Superior to Group-Based Exercise In Improving Submaximal Exercise Capacity in Moderate to High Risk Cardiac Rehabilitation Patients
Benefit Of A Hrv-based And Combined Endurance, Resistance And Sensomotoric Intervention In Patients With Ischamic Heart Failure
Exercise Training Improves Chronotropic Incompetence but not Heart Rate Recovery to Exercise in Heart Transplant Patients
Effect of Exercise Training on Circulating Microparticles and Endothelial Function in Individuals with Cardiovascular Disease
Effect Of High Intensity Interval Training On Cardiac Remodeling Following Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy
Progression of Speed, Steps, and Aerobic Intensity During High-intensity Interval Training After Stroke
Effect Of High Intensity Interval Training On Exercise Capacity Following Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy
Association Between Gene ACTN3 and Basketball Position in Elite Athletes of Brazilian League
Association Between DRD2 Genotypes And Exercise Habits
Mct1 A1470t Polymorphism Is Associated With Power-oriented Athletic Performance In Elite Japanese Wrestlers
The Mct1 A1470t Polymorphism Is Associated With Fat-free Mass In Well-trained Young Soccer Players.
Activin Receptor 1b (acvr1b) Rs2854464 Distribution Among Brazilian Elite Athletes
Differences On Physical Performance Of Chilean Young Adults With Different Alleles Of Fto Rs17817449 Polymorphism
Association Between The Angiotensin-converting-enzyme Gene And 100-km Ultra-marathon Runner’s Performance
Sex-Differences in the Relative Distribution of Lower Extremity Sagittal Plane Moments During Landing
Movement Repeatability During Landing Following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction
Kinematic Changes To The Landing Phase Of Vertical Jump Pre And Post Foam Rolling
Coach-led Injury Prevention Program Improves Jump-landing Technique In Youth Soccer Athletes
Does Landing Strategy Change with Increased Mechanical Task Demands?
Fatigue Reduces the Ability of Shock Attenuation during Landings of Drop Vertical Jump
The Effects of an Injury Prevention Program in an Aquatic Environment on Landing Forces
Kinematic Sequencing Differences Between Dancers And Team-sport Athletes During Jumping And Landing
Evaluation Of The Step Censoring Method In Refining Steps/day Estimates From The ActiGraph GT3X+ Accelerometer
Influence Of The Actigraph’s ‘low Frequency Extension’ Filter Among African-american Women In The Free-living Environment
Reliability and Validity of T-REX Accelerometer When Attached on Five Locations
Validation Of Visual Inspection For Determining Accelerometer Wear Days
Comparison of Physical Activity Assessed Using Hip- versus Wrist-worn Triaxial Accelerometers
Testing a Novel Accelerometry Site - Better Than Wrist, More Acceptable Than Hip? Chest Wins!
Machine Learned Classification Of Physical Activity In Multiple Free Living Days In Adults
The Relationship Between Intensity And Accelerometer Output From The Sqord, Zamzee, And Movband Activity Trackers
Association of Baseline Sleep with Changes in Physical Activity and Perceived Barriers to Healthy Eating among Participants in a Behavioral Weight Loss Intervention
Exercise Adherence Among Pregnant Women
The Influence of Friends and Psychosocial Factors on Physical Activity and Screen Time in Healthy and Overweight Adolescents
Health-related Quality Of Life In School Children
As Daily Cell Phone Use Increases, The Likelihood Of Using The Device During Strenuous And Moderate Exercise Also Increases
The Presence Of An Internet-connected Mobile Tablet Computer Reduces Physical Activity Behavior In Children
Key Factors Influencing Adherence to High-Intensity Functional Training
Unresolved Knee Pain - Football
Non-surgical Management Of A Proximal Fifth Metatarsal Fracture in an NCAA Football Player
Knee Pain - Football
Shoulder Pain - Football
Hand Injury—football
Knee Injury - Football
Acute on Chronic Knee Pain in a Runner
Groin Pain-Marathon Running
Anterior Knee Pain in a Casual Runner
A Novel Approach To A Runner’S Foot Pain
Femoral Neck Stress Fracture in a Pregnant Long Distance Runner
Left Thigh Region Pain
Hamstring Pain - Soccer Player
Quadriceps Mass in a NCAA Female Soccer Player
Left Knee Injury in a 15 Year Old Soccer Player.
Facial Injury - Men’s Soccer
Knee Pain- Soccer
The Effects of Blood Flow Restriction on Neuromuscular Function and Fatigue During Leg Press Exercise
The Acute Fatigue Response to Bilateral Knee Extensions with Various Blood Flow Restriction Settings
Low-Intensity Exercise With and Without Blood Flow Restriction Increases Muscle Swelling and Indicators of Fatigue
Discomfort, Fatigue, and Lactate Responses to Different Restrictive Pressures during Knee Extension Exercise
Anterior Tibial Artery Blood Flow is Unaffected by Age during a Fatiguing Submaximal Dorsiflexor Contraction
GCN5 Inhibition Results In Metabolic Remodeling In C2C12 Myotubes
MAPK Signaling In Response To Repeated Bouts Of Eccentric Exercise
High Intensity Exercise Cause Sarcoplasmic Reticulum Ca2+ Leak Due To Severe Ryanodine Receptor Modification.
Human Skeletal Muscle Oxidative Capacity Is Improved By Cannabinoid Receptor 2 Antagonist (cb2)
Molecular Signalling Response To Short Duration High Intensity/low Volume Resistance Training In Human Skeletal Muscle.
Effects Of Various Contraction Modes With Equivalent Exercise Volume On Muscle Mtor Signaling
Adaptation of the Rat Diaphragm Proteome in Response to Endurance Exercise Training
The Effect Of Exercise On Muscle Metabolism Between FTO Gene Variants
Muscle Oxidative Stress and Gene Expression in Rats Bred for High or Low Voluntary Running
Muscle Metabolic Gene Expression Following Three Stressors
Metabolic Responses To Supramaximal Low Volume High Intensity Exercise
Exercise-mediated Upregulation of Follistatin-like 3 Expression Following Treadmill Walking Is Insufficient to Increase Muscle Contractile Force
Resistance-Type Exercise Results in Functional Adaptation and Reduced PMP22 Gene Expression in CMT Rat Muscle
AICAR Mediates IL15 Expression and Myogenesis Dose Dependently in C2C12 Skeletal Muscle Cells
Sex-related Differences in Muscle Satellite Cell Response to Step Exercise
Ovarian Hormone Deficiency Affects Satellite Cell Function
Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor in Skeletal Muscle following Glycogen-Depleting Exercise in Humans
TLR4 Modulates Myokine Gene Transcription Following in Vivo Electrical Muscle Stimulation to Fatigue
Effects of Blood Flow-Restricted Strength Training and High-Load Strength Training on Muscular Endurance Characteristics
The Effects of Resistance Training on Serum Visfatin and Muscle Damage in Healthy Young Adults
The Effect of Exercise With or Without Metformin on Glucose Profiles in Type 2 Diabetes.
Eating Habits And Physical Exercise In Cancer Survivors
Metformin May Blunt Beneficial Effects Of Exercise Training On Cancer-related Biomarkers In Women With Prediabetes
High-fructose Intake Reverses The Hepatic Hypolipidemic Effects Of A High-fat Fish-oil Diet
Effects Of Aerobic Exercise On Iron Metabolism In The Prevention Of Type 2 Diabetes
Differences Of Lymphocyte Dna Methylation Profiles Between People With And Without Metabolic Syndrome
A Pre-exercise Dose Of Melatonin Can Alter Blood Glucose Levels During Exercise.
Glycemic Control, Skeletal Muscle Insulin Sensitivity, and Skeletal Muscle Mitochondrial Complex I-V Content in Type 2 Diabetics
Relationship Between Dietary Protein Intake and Body Composition in Breast Cancer Survivors.
The Association Between Measures Of Fitness And Metabolic Health In Treatment-seeking Obese Youth.
Links Between Daily Physical Education and Perceptual Speed of Elementary and Middle School Youth
Effects Of Sprint-based Exercise On Cognitive Function In Adolescents
Acute Effects Of Aerobic Exercise On Inhibitory Performance In Adolescent Abstinent Illicit Drug Abusers
Attention Deficit Disorders And History Of Concussions
Academic Achievement, Obesity And Low Fitness In Japanese Adolescents
Increases in Children’s Aerobic Capacity over 2 Years Predict Greater Improvements in Cognitive Control
Aggression Characteristics in Collegiate Football Players by Position and Risk for Concussion
Balance, Attention and Concentration Improvements Following an Exergame Training Program in the Elderly
The Relationship Between Sensory Integration, Balance, And Executive Function In Older Adults
The Relationship between Blood Pressure, Cardiovascular Endurance and Executive Function in Older Adults
The Effects of an Acute Bout of Exercise on Executive Function in Older Adults
Body Fat, And Self-perceived Attractiveness And Mate-value In Women
The Effects of Assisted Cycle Therapy on Executive Functioning in Young Adult Females with ADHD
Associations Between Workday Heart Rate Variability, Trapezius Muscle Activity, And Anxiety In Office Workers
The effect off A resistance Exercise Program On Strength And Cognitive Performance On Older Women
Executive Function Relationships to Sitting Time and Physical Activity
Physical Activity and Hippocampus Volume in Alzheimer Disease, Mild Cognitive Impairment and Normal Cognitive Elderly.
Self-Evaluative And Motivational Implications Of Fitness Testing At Schools
Vigorous Physical Activity is Positively Correlated With Grade Point Average in College-Age Females
Development Of The Perceptual And Motor Abilities (pama) Test For Preschool Children
Effects of Hypohydration on Cooling During Cold Water Immersion after Exercise-Induced Hyperthermia
Cognitive and Motor Skill Performance Are Improved By Active Cooling Following Passive Hyperthermia
Optimizing Cold Water Immersion For Exercise-Induced Hyperthermia
Effect Of A Cooling Vest On Perceptual, Physiological, And Performance Measures Following Exercise In The Heat
Hand and Forearm, But Not Neck Cooling, Reduces Thermophysiological and Perceptual Strain Following Passive Hyperthermia
The Spruzza Misting Device Decreased Fatigue In Competitive Cyclists After Riding In The Heat
Influence of Intermittent Hand Cooling and Fluid Replacement on Inflammatory Cytokines During Uncompensable Heat Stress
Precooling and Warm-up Effects on Time Trial Cycling Performance During Heat Stress
Perceptual Without Performance Benefits Of Cooling Modalities For Equipment-laden, Hyperthermic Exercising Individuals
The Influence of Physical Characteristics in the Treatment of Exertional Hyperthermia by Cold Water Immersion
Swimming In The Antarctic Ocean For 20 Minutes Without Thermoprotective Gear
Physical Fitness In Survivors Of Childhood Hodgkin Lymphoma
Comparing Physical Performance of Patients with Advanced Colon Cancer with the Healthy Aging Population
Health Behaviors of Breast Cancer Survivors Who Participated in an Exercise Intervention.
Individually Tailored Home-based Exercise In Patients With Local And Advanced Cancer
Cancer-Related Fatigue and Markers of Oxidative Stress in Cancer Patients Following an Exercise Intervention
Effects of High VS. Moderate Intensity Exercise on Functional Fitness and Quality of Life in Cancer Survivors
Physical Activity For Women With Metastatic Breast Cancer
Aerobic Exercise to Reduce Cardiovascular Risk in Hypertensive Patients
Integrated Physical Activity Behavioral Activation Group Medical Visit for Veterans with Hypertension and Depressed Mood
The Effects Of A Pilates Intervention On Arterial Stiffness And Trunk Flexibility
Effects of Treadmill Walking with Visual Feedback on Gait Outcomes in People Post-Stroke
Supervised Exercise Therapy In Adults With Intermittent Claudication
Predictors of Ambulatory Improvement Following a Home Exercise Program in Patients with Peripheral Artery Disease
Is Supervised Exercise Therapy Alone Enough to Improve Intermittent Claudication, Physical Function and Quality of Life in Type II Diabetics?
Body Composition, Physical Activity And Physical Function Outcomes 12 To 24 Months After Bariatric Surgery.
Meta-analysis Of The Effect Of Exercise Training Versus Diet On Visceral Adipose Tissue And Weight Loss
Lifestyle Intervention Decreases Daily Insulin Requirements and Improves Diabetes Outcomes in African-American Veterans
Clustering of (Un)Healthy Behaviours and Weight Status in New Zealand Adolescents
Effects Of Strength Training On Haptoglobin
Effect Of Exercise-induced Fatigue On Lower-extremity Emg Amplitude During A Maximum Vertical Forward-lateral Jump
Surface Emg Traditional And Wavelet Transform Parameters Applied To Monitor Changes After Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage
EMG of Trunk and Lower Limb Muscles While Squatting with Different Stability and Resistance
EMG Normalization Masks Changes in Reflex Amplitude in Response to Dopaminergic Medication in Parkinson’s Disease.
Ultrasonic Assessment of Quadriceps Muscle Quality Does Not Reflect Muscle Function in Healthy Individuals
Muscle Activation Among Supine, Prone and Side Position Exercises With and Without a Swiss Ball
The Effects of Training Status and Muscle Action on Electromyographic Amplitude of the Vastus Lateralis
Force Steadiness Of The Wrist Flexors And Throwing Accuracy
Muscle Activation Patterns During Different Squat Techniques
Wavelet Analysis of Eccentric Versus Concentric Electromyographic Frequency Characteristics During Dynamic Muscle Actions
Comparison of Electromyography and Functional Movement Screening as Indicators of Return to Full Activity
Traditional Vs. Suspended Push-up Muscle Activation In Collegiate Female Soccer Players And Gymnasts
Muscle Activation Patterns during Deep Squats on Different Unstable Surfaces
Regional Muscle Activity During Strength & Power Exercises
Cardiorespiratory Fitness and Obesity in children Aged 8–15 Years
Association Of Physical Activity And Body Mass With Motor Skills In Preschool Children
Accelerometer-Determined Physical Activity and its Association With Intelligence in Shanghai Preschool Children
Depression And Physical Activity Status Of College Students
Physical Activity Guidelines And Attempted Suicide Trends Amongst College Students
Associations of Adiposity and Physical Activity on Health Related Quality of Life in College Females
Association between Self-Reported Sedentary Time and Trait Anxiety among College Students
Effect Of Spark On Physical Activity, Cardiorespiratory Endurance, And Motivation In Middle-school Students
Relationships Between Physical Capacities, Body Composition And Posture In University Students
Multilevel Analysis Of Student- And School-level Variables On Students’ Health-related Fitness
The Influence Of Health Qigong Exercise On Respiratory Function And Energy Metabolism Of Undergraduates
Physical Activity Levels and Obesity Status of Oregon Rural Elementary School Children
Effect of Anthropometric Variable Changes during a High School Wrestling Season on Brachial Plexus Neuropathy
Attitudes Toward Physical Activity And It Relationship With Bmi Among Elementary Schoolchildren
Associations Between Physical Activity And Weight Status With Grade-school Performance
Comparison Of Children’s Recess And After-school Physical Activity
Variation In Psychomotor Elements Of Children Through Physical Education Classes
Effect of Exercise on Postprandial Lipaemia in Children with Sickle Cell Disease
Effect of Temperature on Missing Physical Activity Data of Children and Youth
Breaks Of Sedentary Time And Physical Fitness Among Hispanic Children In Puerto Rico
Clustering of Sedentary Behavior, Physical Activity and Sleep in Chinese Children
Accelerometer-determined Peak Cadence And Weight Status In Brazilian Children
Relations Among Physical Activity, Diet and Screen Time in Low Income, Urban Children
Associations Between Children’S Health-related Fitness And Physical Activity In Exergaming
Behavioral and Biological Correlates of Metabolic Risk in Portuguese Children
Effect of Sedentary and Physical Activity on Children’s Food Choice
Accelerometer-determined Physical Activity And Sedentary Behavior Associations With Body Composition In Brazilian Children
Influence Of Gender, Weight And Hispanic Ethnicity On Physical Activity In Toddlers
Birth Weight And Cardio-metabolic Risk Factors In Youth- Does Physical Activity Matter?
Sports Participation As A Protective Factor Of Metabolic Syndrome In Youth
Cardiorespiratory Fitness Associates with Metabolic Risk Independently of Objectively Measured Physical Activity in Portuguese Youths
Association of Body Composition and Physical Activity in Adolescents with Down Syndrome
Sports Participation Did Not Interfere with Mathematics Performance in Chinese Adolescents
Obesity, Physical Activity And Health-related Physical Fitness In Korean Adolescents Aged 12–15 Years
Association Between Physical Activity, Physical Fitness And Obesity Among Adolescents In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Parent Perceptions Of Physical Activity In Toddlers With Autism
Relationship Between Tobacco Smoking Curiosity And Levels Of Physical Activity And Sedentary Behavior In Adolescence.
Is Nutrient Adequacy Linked to Physical Activity Level in Healthy Young Adults?
Strength Capacity and Cardiometabolic Risk Clustering in Colombian young adult.
Time Course Of Changes Of Lipids, Lipoproteins And Apolipoproteins Following Vitamin Supplementation And Eccentric Training
DHEA Administration Upregulates Muscular Lipid Metabolism With PPAR-alpha And -delta Activation In Obese Rats
The Effects Of Dietary Acid Load On Substrate Utilization During Rest And Submaximal Exercise
Does Vo2peak Moderate The Association Between Dietary Fat Intake And Post-prandial Fat Oxidation?
Potential Risks And Distribution Pattern Of Intramuscular Fat In Obese Children
Maximal Fat Oxidation In High-level Ultra-marathon Runners Habitually Consuming Very Low-carbohydrate And High-carbohydrate Diets
Acute Exercise Increases Short Chain Fatty Acid Content In The Mouse Cecum
Aberrant Regulation of Mitochondrial Biogenesis in Liver of Western Diet Fed Mice following Voluntary Activity
Effect Of Exercise And Glycemic Index Of Carbohydrate Feeding On Postprandial Fat Oxidation
Effect of 10 Sessions of Aerobic Interval Training on Fat Oxidation Kinetics
Effect of Heat Acclimation on Lactate Excretion Rate and Sodium Ion Reabsorption Rate during Exercise
Whole Body Washdown Sweat Electrolyte Analysis and Storage Methods
Changes in Indices of Perception during Passive Heat Stress are Largely Age Independent
Relationship of Pacing, Body Temperature, and Body Mass Loss on Performance During a Road Race
Comparing Changes In Core Temperature Between Groups Differing Greatly In Body Morphology During Exercise In An Uncompensable Environment
Paracetamol (Acetaminophen) Ingestion and Core Body Temperature within Normothermic and Hot Conditions at Rest
Wet Bulb Globe Temperature Thermometer and National Weather Surface Readings on Varying Sport Surfaces
Attenuating Ventilation by Inhibiting the Carotid Body Chemoreceptors during Hyperthermia Modulates Thermal Sensation
Comparison of Rectal and Gastrointestinal Temperature Devices for Monitoring Passive Cooling in Road Race Runners
Passive Heat Therapy Improves Forearm Reactive Hyperemia and Angiogenic Balance in Young Healthy Humans
The Effect of Beetroot Juice Supplementation on Combined Thermal/Hypoxic Stress
Validation Of A Point Of Care Serum Sodium Analyser During A Simulated Prolonged Run Protocol
Effects Of Hyperthermia On The Relationship Between Circadian Rhythm And Exercise Performance In The Heat
Passive Hyperthermia Does Not Alter The Perception Of Thermal Strain In Obese Type 2 Diabetics
Effect Of Heat Stress On Postexercise Hypotension Induced By Isocaloric Cycling Bouts In Healthy Men
Water Temperature affects Perception of Thermal Comfort, but not Exertion during Immersed Cycling Exercise Tests.
Reductions In Tolerance To Central Hypovolemia During Passive Heat Stress Are Accurately Tracked By The Compensatory Reserve Index.
Estimating Core Temperature Rise During Exercise with Over-Dressing from VO2 and Skin Temperatures
Combined Exercise, Dehydration, and Environmental Heat Stress Increase Lipid Peroxidation and DNA Damage
Characterizing Individual Variability In The Core Temperature And Sweating Responses To Exercise
Effects of Topical Menthol on Skin Blood Flow and Active Sweat Gland Density during Hyperthermia
Older Adults Experience Greater Levels of Thermal and Cardiovascular Strain During Extreme Heat Exposures.
Identifying The “Danger Zone” For Individuals Performing Intermittent Work In The Heat
Does Fire And Arc-resistant Clothing Influence Whole-body Heat Dissipation During Work In The Heat?
Aspirin Ingestion Does Not Influence Local Sweat Responses during Exercise or Recovery in the Heat
Core Temperature Increase During Strenuous Exercise
Validation of a Portable and Inexpensive Method for Assessing Sweat Sodium Concentration
Hypohydration Impairs Exercise Performance In The Heat
Effects Of Mild Dehydration And Passive Heat-stress On Sudomotor Function In Obese And Non-obese Females
Relationship Between Core Temperature And Dehydration In Boys And Men Exercising In The Heat
Fluid Balance of Adolescent Swimmers During Training
Comparison Of Saline-, Salt Tablets- And Glycerol-induced Hyperhydration On Fluid Balance In Healthy Young Men
Exercise-induced Dehydration Alters Brain Activation During A Cognitive-motor Task
Fluid-regulating Hormones’ Responses After The Ingestion Of Carbohydrate-electrolyte-whey Protein Solution During Post-exercise Recovery
Estradiol are Associated with Suppression of Core Temperature Increase during Prolonged Exercise while Ingesting Water
Morning Hydration Status and Running Performance in Female Athletes following Nighttime Consumption of Chocolate Milk
Freezing Urine Samples Decreases the Values of Hydration Markers
Hydration Assessment Technique Responses Over 24-h Post-run With Low, Moderate, And High Fluid Replacement
Vitamin B2 and B12 Supplementation Does Not Alter Euhydrated Urine Color Interpretations
Validity of Urine Strips on Assessing Hypohydration
Equivalence of Spot and Twenty Four Hour Urine Osmolality in Young Adults
Pre-Game And Post-Game Hydration Status Of Young Basketball Players
Athletic Trainers’ Ability To Recognize, Refer, And Follow Up With Collegiate Student-athlete Mental Health Disorders
The Relationship between Self-Ratings of Aggression and Insular Cortical Thickness in Collegiate Football Athletes
Eating Disorder Prevalence and Body Image in Collegiate Female and Male Swimmers and Divers
Predicting Psychophysiological Stress in Collegiate Cross Country Skiers Using Wrist-Worn Sleep Monitors and Standardized Surveys
Total Mechanical Work Applied During Massage of Skeletal Muscle in a Rabbit Model
Remote Effects Of Lower Limb Stretching
The Effects Of Macrophages On Skeletal Muscle Regeneration After Acute Contusion In Mice
Impairment Of Sciatic Nerve Conductive Function In Athletes With Previous Hamstrings Strain Injury
Continuum of Change in the Achilles and Patella Tendons of Asymptomatic Track and Field Athletes
Functional Deficits Are Not Attenuated by Increasing Hsp70 Content Prior to Trauma-induced Injury
Massage Increases Muscle Fiber Regeneration And Angiogenesis And Decreases Fibrosis Following Eccentric Exercise Injury
Alcohol Consumption 24h following Eccentric Low Back Muscle Damage on Muscular Performance Recovery in Untrained Individuals
Dissociated Time Course Response of Muscle Damage Recovery After Whole-body Cryotherapy and Cold-water Immersion
Biochemical Markers Of Muscle Damage And Hepatic Function After An Ultra-marathon Race.
Intramuscular Inflammatory Response Following Repeated Bouts of Eccentric Exercise
Proprioception After a Repeated Bout of Eccentric Exercise of the Contralateral Elbow Flexors
The Correlation Between Knee Strength and Health-related Quality of Life After 1-year an ACL Reconstruction
Protection against Muscle Damage in Downhill Walking by Preconditioning Exercise
Associations Between Health Behaviors And Sleep Duration In Hispanic/Latinas
Associations Of Inflammation, Anxiety, And Exercise Response In The Tiger Study
Impact Of An Exercise Program On Physiological, Biological And Psychological Profiles In Patients with Mental Disorders
Cardiorespiratory Fitness Is Positively Associated With Cognitive Function In Institutionalized Older Adults With Dementia
Benefits Of Yoga On Mental And Physical Health
Independent Association Between Depressive Symptomatology And Physical Function In Community-dwelling Older Women
Is the STAI appropriate to Measure Fall Related Anxiety Levels with Physically Active Older Adults?
Take A Hike! The Impact of Adventure-based Learning on Psychological Wellbeing in Troubled Youth.
Examining Physical Fitness, Depression and Academic Performance among Chinese Adolescents
The Benefit Effects Of Acute Aerobic Exercise For Methamphetamine-abusers
Abstract Withdrawn
Body Image Perception Differs Between Sex and Fitness Classification
An Accelerometer-based Study Of Age Associated Decline Of Step Rate And Moderate Intensity Physical Activity Performance In Older Women
The Effect of Power Training on Balance Function in Older Adults with Parkinson’s Disease
Power Training Effects on Motor Function and Neuromuscular Performance in Older Adults with Parkinson’s Disease
Effect of Ibuprofen and Exercise Training on Bone, Body Composition and Strength in Older Women
Physical Activity Among Older Adults
Effects Of A Long-term Physical Activity Program On Accelerometry-based Sedentary Time In Older Adults
Short-Term Effects of Blood Flow Restricted Resistance Training in Older Adults at Risk of Mobility Limitations
Improved Functional Independence, Balance, And Force Production With Low-volume, Alternative Training In Older Adults
Walkability And Change In Physical Activity In A Large Sample Of Middle-aged And Older Australians
Engaging Older Adults With Physical-Activity Delivered In Professional Soccer Clubs
Comparing Physical Activity And Fitness Among Hispanic Elders In Two Community-based Programs In Puerto Rico
Physical Activities For Elders; New Approach For Day Care In Japan
Effects of Tai Chi Rehabilitation Program on Walking Ability in Elderly Women with Knee Osteoarthritis
Sport Stacking Activities
Prediction of Functional Fitness From Participation in Senior Center Fitness Programs, BMI, and Age
Content Analysis and Children’s Perceptions of Youth-Oriented Websites for Commercially Available Physical Activity Trackers
Feasibility Of Teaching Henry (Healthy Exercise And Nutrition Recommendations For Youth) Intervention In Rural Appalachia
Racial and Ethnic Differences in Physical Activity Levels of Urban Youth
Impact Of Perceived Barriers On A 12-week, University-based Walking Intervention
Feasibility, Acceptability And Effectiveness Of An Outdoor Pre-school Physical Activity Intervention
Longitudinal Intervention with Hypocaloric Diet plus Low Intensity Exercise in Sedentary Young Adults
Effectiveness Of An Active Commuting School-based Intervention At 6-month Follow-up
A Quasi-Experimental Intervention On The Influence Of The Schoolyard Environment On Children’s Recess Physical Activity.
Student Participation in an Interprofessional Health Intervention for Obese Women
The Role of a Parent-Focused Physical Activity Intervention for Children in a Head Start Program
The Effects Of An Active Study Break Intervention In College Students
Effects of an Intervention using Movement Technology in a University Physical Activity Class
Is Body Image Dissatisfaction Associated To Physical Activity Levels In Pre-Adolescent African-American Girls?
Intervening in Adolescents’ Knowledge and Motivation about Energy Balance
School Sports Club Promotion Reduces Physically Unfit and Inactive Adolescents
Leisure Time Physical Activity Following College PE Course Influenced By Obesity Status and Course Intensity.
Psychosocial Factors As Predictors Of Physical Activity In Brazilian College Students
Patterns of and Barriers to Physical Activity among First Year College Students
Use Patterns and Perceptions of Using a Standing Desk in a College Classroom
Relationship Between Freshman College Residence and Physical Activity Behaviors
Examining Patterns for Physical Activity Self-Monitoring Among College Students
Association between Urban Children’s Psychosocial Beliefs and Their Outside School Physical Activity
Implementing a Structured Curriculum in After School Physical Activity Programs
Infusing Health Behaviors Into The School Day I
Personal, Social and Environmental Factors Influencing Adolescents’ Walking to School in Dunedin, New Zealand
Power Up For 30 - Georgia’s Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program (CSPAP)
The Results of Daily Physical Education on Fitnessgram PACER Laps among Middle School Youth
Living within a Walkable Distance to School and School Socioeconomic Factors Determine Active Commuting (ISCOLE-US)
Perceptions and Behaviors of Parents and Children Following a Family-Centered Outdoor Physical Activity Program
Comparison of Physical Activity Behaviors in Young Children on a Traditional versus a Natural Playground
Perceptions Of Classroom Physical Activity Breaks
Utilization Of Classroom Physical Activity Breaks
Feasibility Of Cycle Desk Use During A Semester-long University Lecture Course
“Take The Stairs”
Motivational Effects of Physical Activity Monitoring Bands and Talking Pedometers on Children with Visual Impairments
Effects of Static and Dynamic Hamstring Stretching on Anaerobic Exercise Performance
Short Term Indian Club Swinging Improves Shoulder Flexibility
The Effect of a Self-myofascial Release Intervention on Functional Movement in Healthy Adult Males
The Acute Effect of Static Stretching on Static and Dynamic Balance.
Acute Static Stretching Does Not Affect Shoulder Internal and External Rotation Strength
Acute Effects Of Static And Dynamic Stretching On Stiffness Index Of Plantar Flexor Muscles
Acute Effects Of Whole-body Vibration Stretching On Passive And Dynamic Flexibility In Young Gymnasts
Is The Functional Movement Screen A Valid Indicator Of Joint Mobility? A Construct Validity Study.
The Effects of Dynamic Stretching on Hemodynamics and Metabolic Functions
Agility Performance and the Effect of Stretching Technique
Impact of Stability Ball Sitting on Peak VO2 and Heart Rate During Arm + Leg Exercise
Acute Effects Of Assisted Jumping On Relative Peak Power And Peak Velocity Of A Veritcal Jump
Tapering for Throwing Performance
Ventilatory Threshold Correlates with Autonomic Function in Endurance-Trained Young Men and Women
The Effect of Coaching on Ironman Training Volume and Injury Rate
The Efficacy Of Respiratory Muscle Training In Raising The Ventilatory Threshold
Similar Improvements in Cardiorespiratory Fitness after 12 weeks of Sprint Interval and Moderate-Intensity Continuous Training
Evidence For The Robust Nature Of The Pacing Template
Physical Adaptation During An Expedition In Antarctica
Relative Intensities And Individualized Training Prescription - Accurately Targeting Perturbations Of Homeostasis
Effects of Water-based Concurrent Resistance and Aerobic Training in Inactive Young Women
Effect Of Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation With Blood Flow Restriction On Muscle Size And Strength
Physiological Profiles And Training Demands In High-level Female Collegiate Dancers
Individual Fitness Program based on Heart Rate Reflecting Lactate Threshold
Effect Of Different Cool-down Protocols In Swimmers
Characterizing Competition-season Training Habits Of Competitive Masters-aged Cross-country Skiers
The Effects of Sprinting training Level on Ankle Strength and Foot Kinesthesia
Effects of Intermittent Training on Anaerobic Capacity and Oxygen Consumption in Rowing Athletes
Effects Of Eight-week Progressive Functional Agility Training On Sports Fitness In Table Tennis Athletes
A Six-week Interval Training Programme Changes Anaerobic Capacity, Quadriceps Strength, And Skinfold Thickness
Thigh Muscle Size And Vascular Function After Blood-flow Restricted Elastic Band Training In Postmenopausal Women
Effect Of Heat Stress On The Relationship Between Heart Rate Reserve And Oxygen Uptake Reserve
Effects Of Blood Flow Restriction And Hypoxia On Tissue Oxygenation During Isometric Handgrip Exercise
Effects Of Elastic Band Training On Ball Velocity In The Spanish Racquetball Serve
Different Training Frequencies Maintain Muscle Power Performance After A Reduced Strength Training Period
Inclusive Basketball Training For Players With Intellectual Disability
Neuromuscular Adaptation to Resistance Training Involving Compound Exercises is Different between Caucasians and South Asians.
Fitness Level Changes During an Acrobatic & Tumbling Season
Blood Lactate Kinetics at Maximal Steady State Indicate Regulation of Transporter Proteins
Which Type Of Active Videogames Present A Better Improvement Of Maximal Oxygen Uptake?
Effects Of Different Intensities Of Aerobic Exercise During Concurrent Training On Cardiorespiratory Adaptations In Women
The Influence of Training Status on Vascular Stiffness Following an Ultra-Endurance Event
Changes in Muscle Strength and Performance after a Plyometric Training Session in Children and Adults
Improving Repeated Sprint Ability
Ischemic Preconditioning Increases Volume of Resistance Exercise in Trained Men
Concurrent Training Versus Strenght Training Alone On Maximum Strenght And Strenght Endurance
Effect of Abdominal Bracing Training on the Performance of Trunk and Lower Limb Muscles
Physical Match Profiles For Establishing Position-specific Training And Rehabilitation Protocols For Beach Volleyball Players
Effect of Stretching Training on Flexibility Level in Jiu-Jitsu Practitioners
Sit-and-reach Scores Do Not Distinguish Varying Levels Of Hip Flexibility In Physically Active Young Men
A Possibility To Promote The Night Sleep-inducing By Submaximal Exercise In Healthy Subjects
Physical Activity Induced Modulations of Inhibitory Control
Physical Activity Across the Curriculum (A+PAAC)
Effects of Detraining
Blood Flow Restricted Exercise and Skeletal Muscle Adaptations in Individuals with Tetraplegia
High Pressures Do Not Augment Muscle Activation over Lower Pressures during Blood Flow Restricted Exercise
Characterization of Muscle Oxygenation Response to Different Levels of Occlusion
Contribution Of The Skeletal Muscle Pump To Blood Flow At The Onset Of Contractions
Blood Flow Occlusion Pressure At Rest And Immediately After A Bout Of Low Load Exercise
High Relative Pressures Do Not Augment Changes in Early Phase Muscular Adaptations during Blood Flow Restricted Exercise
Predictors of Standing Upper Body Arterial Occlusion
Vastus Lateralis Mean Power Frequency during Fatiguing Exercise with and without Blood Flow Restriction
Comparison Of Classic Fatigability And Peak Torque Tests Used To Estimate Fast-Twitch Muscle Fiber Composition
Physical Activity Assessment and Promotion
Maximal Heart Rate Varies Across Laboratory, Field Testing, Training, and Match Conditions Among Female Athletes
An Examination of Running Economy & Fitness Correlates as They Pertain to the Aerobic/Anaerobic Balance
Normalizing Foot Moment Arm Lengths in Men and Women
Relationships Among Injury History, Flexibility And Fms Score In College Dance Majors
Comparison Of The Ymca And A Customized Submaximal Exercise Test For Determination Of “True” Vo2max
Do The Functional Movement Screen, Y-balance Anterior Reach Test, And Landing Error Scoring System Similarly Detect Injury Risk?
Effect Of A Vegetable-based Sports Drink On Hydration During Endurance Exercise
Vinegar Supplementation And Repeated Bout Exercise Performance.
The Effect of Pre-Run Foods on Athletic Performance
Effects of Curcumin Supplementation on Physiological Fatigue and Physical Performance
Tart Cherry Juice Effects on Exercise-Induced Damage and Performance in Female Collegiate Soccer Players.
Endurance Training With Curcumin Treatment Regulated Mitochondrial Biogenesis In Skeletal Muscle Through Sirt1-mediated Signaling Pathway
The Effects of Capsaicin on Substrate Utilization During Rest and During Exercise
Consuming Vegetable-Based Beverage Results in Longer Time to Exhaustion than Flavored Water Following Glycogen-Depleting Exercise
Cortical Evoked Potentials Associated with Balance Control after Sudden Perturbations
Tortuosity as a Novel Assessment Tool of Dynamic Balance
A Prospective Evaluation of Postural Stability During the Transition from Double-leg Stance to Single-leg Stance
Comparison of Limits of Stability Testing on Static and Dynamic Surfaces
Comparison of Postural Responses to Self-Induced Balance Perturbations Between Elderly Female Fallers and Non-Fallers
Dynamic Postural Stability Index
A Method For Representing The Magnitude And Direction Of The COP Trajectory With One Variable
Star Excursion Balance Test Predicts Performance On Lower-Limb Movement Tests In Women With Knee Pain
Endurance Exercise-induced Cardiac Troponin Elevations In Clinical Populations.
Metabolic Syndrome, Brachial Artery Diameter and Cardiorespiratory Fitness - The DR’s EXTRA Study
Cardiorespiratory Fitness and Risk for Developing Atrial Fibrillation in High Risk Individuals
Dietary Inorganic Nitrate and Acute Increases in Exercise Performance in Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD)
The Influence of Concurrent Exercise Training on Blood Pressure
Cardiac Output during Exercise can be Reliably Estimated by Ventilatory Gas Exchange
Effects Of Aerobic Exercise Based Upon Gas Exchange Aerobic Threshold In Obese Sarcopenic Subjects.
Preferred Intensity Exercise Does Not Improve Mood More than Prescribed Intensity in Major Depressive Disorder
Endocannabinoid and Affective Responses to Preferred and Prescribed Exercise
Correlations Between Cardiorespiratory Fitness, Physical Activity And Symptoms Of Disease In Patients With Schizophrenia
Enjoyment And Affective Responses To High-intensity Interval Training In Overweight Adults
Fitness as a Protective Variable Against Food Addiction in Obese Adolescents
Physical Exercise, Diet And Depression - The DR’s EXTRA Study
Presyncope during Synchronized Swimming
Hypertensive Emergency
Retrosternal Heartburn in Division I Athlete
Dizziness With Exertion In An Ice Hockey Athlete
Sports Preparticipation Screening Detects Cardiac Disease in an Asymptomatic Preadolescent Athlete
A Case Study On Atypical Chest Pain In A Collegiate Dancer.
Wrist Pain- Baseball Pitcher
Wrist Pain in a Health Care Administrator
Wrist Injury - Tennis
Looking For The Glass In Hand
Wrist Pain in a Tennis Player
Neck Injury - College Football
Cervical Injury In a Age Group Ironman Triathlon Athlete
Upper Extremity Paresthesias in the Setting of Shoulder Instability
Low Back Pain — Ice Skating
A Case of Change in Work Out as the Presenting Symptoms of Multiple Myeloma
2122 May 28, 5
Cardiovascular Screening Of Adult Individuals Engaged In Sport Activities According To The Current European Guidelines
Is Subchondral Bone Plate Innervation And Vascularisation Associated With Knee Oa
Response Time and Gaze Behaviour in Individuals with Post Concussion Syndrome
Back Pain - Activities of Daily Living
Presyncope during Synchronized Swimming
A Red Herring in a College Track and Field Thrower
Groin Injury in a Collegiate Football Athlete
Collegiate Cross Country Runner With Pre-syncopal Event
Arm Pain and Discoloration in a 15yo Swimmer
Seizures after Recent Concussion
Balance Impairment Is Associated With Neuromuscular Dysfunction In Breast Cancer Patients With Chemotherapy-induced Peripheral Neuropathy
The Use of Negative Pressure Wave Treatment in Athlete Recovery
The Effect Of High-Intensity Interval Exercise On Endothelial Function In Type 2 Diabetes
Characterizing Knee Loading Asymmetry In Individuals Following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Using Inertial Measurement Units
Hip Strength Compensations in ACL Reconstructed Individuals with Quadriceps Strength Deficits
Differences in Hip-Knee Joint Coupling During Gait After ACL Reconstruction
Motor Planning and Sensory Neuroplasticity after ACL Reconstruction
Comparison of 2-Dimensional Measurement of Knee Frontal Plane Projection Angle in ACL Injured Athletes
Muscle Co-contractions Worsen In The ACL Reconstructed Limb When Gait Is Challenged Compared To Normal Gait
Hamstring Tendon Grafts Result in Altered Muscle Activity 1-Year After ACL Reconstruction
Side-step Cutting In Pediatric Athletes With Recent Acl Reconstruction Compared To Those With No Acl Surgical History
Day-To-Day Reliability of Common Measures of Hydration Status in Australian Judoka
The Effect Of Rapid Time Zone Travel By Airplane On Circadian Rhythms In Elite Karate Athletes Competing In The 13th Funakoshi Cup In Tokyo, Japan
Effects Of Tournament Judo On Haemoglobin And Protein In The Urine
Influence of Body Mass on Fitness Test Results in Australian Nationally-Ranked Judoka
Applying Ratio And Allometric Scaling To Strength Testing In Female Judoka
Reliability And Validity Of The Single Leg, 3-hop Test In Australian Judoka
Relationship Between Physical Factors and Non-Sport Specific Movement Skills in Australian Taekwondo Athletes
A High Intensity Intermittent Effort Does Not Modify Oxidative Stress In Elite Judo Athletes
β-Alanine Ingestion Increases Muscle Carnosine Content and Combat Specific Performance in Tactical Athletes
Green Tea Extract Ingestion Decreases Respiratory Exchange Ratio During Recovery From High-intensity Interval Exercise.
Effects Of Acute Versus 6-day Sodium Nitrate Supplementation On Time-trial Performance In Trained Cyclists
Effects Of Beta-alanine On High-intensity Cycling Performance, Lactate, And Grip-strength Measures In Female Masters Athletes
The Effects Of Carbohydrate, Caffeine, And Combined Rinses On Cycling Performance
Effect Of Nitrate-rich Beetroot Juice On Steady State Oxygen Consumption Or Six-minute Walk Distance In Patients With Systolic Heart Failure.
HMB Supplementation and High-Intensity Interval Training Improves Efficiency of Muscle Recruitment More Than Training Alone
The Effect Of Bovine Colostrum On Performance, Body Composition, And Immunoglobulin-A Levels In Rugby Players.
Sex-Related Differences In Anticipatory Fatigue Prior To A Bout Of Treadmill Running
Influence of Moderate Intensity Physical Activity Levels and Gender on Conditioned Pain Modulation
Stimulation of Muscle Afferents During Muscle Contraction Does Not Impact Perception of Effort
Physical Activity and Pain Modulation in Gulf War Veterans with Chronic Unexplained Muscle Pain
Exploring The Mechanisms Of Exercise-induced Hypoalgesia Using Somatosensory Evoked Potentials
Role Of Nox2 On Mechanical Unloading Induced Skeletal Muscle Atrophy
Autophagy Limited Role In Mitigating Ubiquitin Proteasome Pathway Inhibition Induced ER Stress and mTORC1 Signaling.
Exercise And Igf-1 Attenuates The Age-associated Changes In Catabolic And Anabolic Pathways In Rat Skeletal Muscle
The Mitochondrial E3 Ubiquitin Protein Ligase 1 (Mul1) is Down-Regulated by PGC-1α Over-expression in Disuse Induced Atrophied Muscle.
WISE 2005
Alterations in Lumbar Paraspinal Muscle Structure after Long Duration Spaceflight and Recovery
Cachectic Skeletal Muscle Response To Eccentric and Concentric Contractions
A Soluble Myostatin Inhibitor Does Not Prevent Sublesional Muscle Atrophy 56 Days After Spinal Cord Injury In Mice
Effects of Short-Term Cessation of Statin Therapy on Aerobic Exercise Performance in Physically Active Older Adults
Duration Or Intensity Of Physical Activity
Low Frequency HIIT Improves Peak Power and Body Composition in Sedentary Healthy Older Men
The Relationship of Quadriceps Power and Physical Function in Older Adults
Prolonged Recovery to a Single Bout of High Intensity Interval Training in Ageing Men.
Effects Of High-velocity Resistance Training On Lean-tissue Mass And Myostatin Among Community-dwelling Older Adults
Accuracy of Commonly Used Prediction Equations to Estimate Resting Metabolic Rate in Masters Athletes
Spontaneous Knee Effusion in a Young Recess Playground Enthusiast
Paediatric Hip Pain
Foot Pain in an Adolescent Runner
Back pain - Adolescent Runner
Knee Injury- Gymnastics
A Peculiar Case of Elbow Pain
Fluctuating Spine Pain Patterns in a Triathlete
Back Pain In A Ncaa Football Player
Lumbar Burst Fracture
Low Back Pain - Lacrosse
Thoracic Back Pain in Collegiate Cross Country Runner
Unilateral Facial Swelling and Jaw Deviation in Collegiate Wrestler
Recurrent Myalgia - Athletics
Back Pain - Activities of Daily Living
Calcific Tendinitis Of The Longus Colli Muscle
Nocturnal Knee Pain in an Avid Daytime Walker
A Red Herring in a College Track and Field Thrower
Relationship Among Performance Measures in Older Adults at High Fall Risk
Hydration Status, Quality of Life and Berg Balance Scores in Community Dwelling Older Adults
Critical Physical And Sensory Factors Related To Gait Stability And Spatiotemporal Parameters In Older Adults
Reliability of Fall Prevention and Balance Measures of Older Adults. .
Assessment Of Normal Knee Kinematics During Activities Of Daily Living In Older Adults
After Total Knee Replacement Younger Patients Demonstrate Superior Balance Control Compared to Older Patients when Recovering from a Forward Perturbation
Step Activity Patterns in Older Adults with High Fall Risk
Dose-response Relationship Of Balance Training And Detraining On Balance And Confidence In Older Adults
Effects of Aging on Maximal and Rapid Torque Characteristics and Dynamic Balance Performance
Cognitive Demand Decreases Steadiness and Dexterity with Aging
Aging-related Relationship Between Balance Ability And Perceived Submaximal Force Production By Leg Muscles In Women.
Correlation of Muscle Strength and Power with Gait in Elderly Women with Knee Osteoarthritis
Vitamin D Is Associated With Functional Mobility Not With Muscle And Balance In Osteoporotic Women
Comparison of a Portable Pressure Mapping Tool and Clinical Balance Tests in Elders
Evaluating The Risk Of Falling Among Elder Adults By Choice Step Reaction Test
Fall Characteristics In Community-living Older Adults
Hypoxia-Inducible Factor Prolyl Hydroxylase Inhibition Attenuates Chronic Stress Induced Intestinal Barrier Dysfunction
Effect of Altitude and Arm Cooling on Heart Rate and Oxygen Saturation during Isometric and Dynamic Exercise
Acute Mountain Sickness Symptomology in Normobaric vs Hypobaric Hypoxia
Effects of Normobaric Hypoxia on Equilibrium and Sensory Organization
The Influence Of Exercise On Cognitive Performance In Normobaric Hypoxia
Cerebral Autoregulation Index at High Altitude Assessed by Leg Cuff and Transfer Function Analysis Techniques
Effect Of Altitude On Muscle Torque And Proprioception In Elite Alpine Skiers
Effect of Nitrate Supplementation on Cognitive Function and Neurovascular Coupling in Hypoxia
Autophagy is Required for Exercise Adaptation and Performance
The effect of Aerobic Conditioning on Cardiovascular and Respiratory Recovery in Normobaric Hypoxia
Does Exercise Improve Mood State In Normobaric Hypoxia?
Acclimatization to Moderate Altitude Does Not Alter Autonomic Responses to the Cold Pressor Test
Does Acute Physical Exercise Performed In Hypoxia Influence On The Index Of Apnea/ Hypopnea?
The Effect Of A Live-high Train-high Regimen On Emotional State
The Acute Physical Exercise Performed in Hypoxic Condition Improves Sleep Architecture
Pulmonary Volume is Associated with Maximal Exercise Capacity in Hypoxia
The Effects of Prolonged Exercise in Hypoxia on Cognitive Function
Static And Dynamic Grip Endurance At Altitude Is Not Affected By Acute Oral Sodium Nitrate Supplementation
Effect Of FICO2 On Cognitive Performance In A Hypoxic Environment
The Interaction Between Temperature And Hypoxia On The Rate Of Neuromuscular Fatigue Development
Examination of Hip External and Internal Rotator Strength and Knee Movement During an Overhead Squat
Difference Of Rom And Strength Of Lower Extremity Among Taekwondo Poomsae, Competition Players And Trainees
Abnormal Anatomical Features As Risk Factors For Anterior Knee Pain In Indian Patients-An Ethnically Different Group
Weight-bearing Dorsiflexion, But Not Single Limb Balance Discriminates Self-reported Dysfunction In Those With Chronic Ankle Instability.
Prevalence of Inaccurate Foot Strike Detection in Runners
The Effects of Muscle Energy Technique on Forward Shoulder Posture in Collegiate Swimmers
Functional Approach to Scapular Stabilization in Overhead Throwers
Immediate Acupuncture Effects On Force And Pain Threshold During Delayed Onset Of Muscle Soreness Period
Effects of High-Velocity Resistance Training on Balance Outcomes in Older Adults
Effect Of 8 Weeks Pilates For The Muscle Strength, Balance And Cardiorespiratory Function In Archers
Restoration Of Functional Ability In Patients Post Total Knee Arthroplasty
Difference of ROM of Upper Limbs by Exercise Career on South Korean Archery Players
Improving Chronic Ankle Instability Patient Reported Outcomes with Sensory-Targeted Ankle Rehabilitation Strategies
Effects of Physiotherapy Approaches on Pain and Strength in Lateral Epicondylitis
Muscular Strength and Bone Mineral Density in Breast Cancer Survivors
High-Intensity Resistance Training Increases Upper Body Muscle and Bone Variables in Resistance Trained Males
Difference in Bone Mineral Density between Young versus Midlife Women
Cardiovascular Autonomic Function Correlates with Bone Health Indices in Collegiate, Cross Country Runners
Lean Soft Tissue Mass is a Stronger Predictor of Bone Mineral Density than Fat Mass
Bone Mineral Density And Glucose Uptake In Common Fracture Sites Of Patients With Multiple Sclerosis
Bone Mineral Density In Women 45 To 65 Years Of Age Is Associated With Height And Body Weight At A Younger Age
Differential Sclerostin Response To A Plyometric Exercise Session In Boys And Men
Is Calcaneal Broadband Ultrasound Attenuation a Valid Index of DXA-derived Bone Mass in Children?
Low Body Mass Index And Osteoporotic fracture Risk In Young Women
Sclerostin Responses to Acute Whole-Body Vibration and Resistance Exercise in Young Women
Bone Mineral Density in Women 65 to 95 Years of Age is Associated with Current Body Weight Rather than Age or Physical Activity
Measures Of Muscle Function As Related To Bone Strength
Comparisons of Bone Mineral Density Between Recreational and Trained Male Road Cyclists
Nine-Month Nonlinear Resistance Training Program Increases Bone Mineral Density in Men and Women between 20-26 yrs
Progressive Skeletal Benefits Of Exercise When Young
Adaptive Bone Remodeling of Proximal femur Trabecular Bone to Identify Influence of Different Loading Patterns
Bone Architecture Adaptations after Spinal Cord Injury
Skeletal-Site Specific Effects of Endurance Running on Bone Structure and Strength in Growing Rats
Effect Of Intense Activity-based Therapy On Bone Mineral Density And Femoral Strength Index In Individuals With Spinal Cord Injury
Resistance Training And Hormone Replacement Increase MMP-2 Activity And Improve Bone Properties In Ovariectomized Rats
Bone Health In Cancer Survivors
Bone Mineral Density Not Significantly Changed By Cycling Across The United States
Leptin is a Predictor of Volumetric Bone Density in Exercising Women
Cervical Intervertebral Disc Heights and Paraspinal Muscle Morphology Changes Following Long-term Spaceflight and 30-Day Recovery
Physical Activity Predicts BMD In African-American And Caucasian College-age Women
Site-specific Associations Of Muscle Thickness With Bone Mineral Density In Middle-aged And Older Men And Women
The Practice Of The Hydro Gymnastic In Prevention Of Osteoporosis
Dietary Protein Intake And Bone Mineral Density Among Premenopausal Women.
Time-course Of Cancellous And Cortical Bone Loss In A Rodent Contusion Spinal Cord Injury Model
Exercise Enhances Quality Of Life And Activities Of Daily Living In Cancer Caregivers
Physical Activity and its Association with Health-related Quality of Life in Native American Cancer Survivors
YMCA LIVESTRONG Program Analyzed
12-Month Web- And Phone-based Weight Loss Intervention For Women At Elevated Breast Cancer Risk
Is High-Intensity Functional Training Sufficient for Improving Cardiovascular Endurance in Cancer Survivors?
Physical Activity Levels Among Ovarian Cancer Survivors
Does Supervised Physical Activity Reduce Cancer-related Fatigue
Physical Activity Of Colon And Breast Cancer Survivors
Feasibility of a Physical Activity Intervention for Ethnically Diverse Endometrial Cancer Survivors
Associations Between Low Back Pain and Lumbar Spine MRI in Olympic Class Sailors
Sex-related Differences In Sports Performance And Injury
Injury Patterns in an Amateur Rugby Tournament
Evaluation Of Musculoskeletal And Physiological Performance Difference In Sea, Air And Land (seal) Operators Grouped By Age
Cardiovascular Screening Of Adult Individuals Engaged In Sport Activities According To The Current European Guidelines
Injury Surveilance In Division 1 Collegiate Football
Top Ten Health Concerns Among Intercollegiate Student-Athletes
The Relative Age Effect in Women’s Ice Hockey
Epidemiology Of Knee Injuries in Judo Professional Atheletes Of Guangdong Province Of China
Pre-participation Screening in Young Competitive Athletes - A Canadian Perspective
Early Screening for Cardiovascular Abnormalities With Preparticipation Echocardiography
Faster Oxygen Uptake Kinetics with Aerobic Exercise Training in Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury
Low Force Muscle Activity Regulates Energy Expenditure after Spinal Cord Injury
Metabolic Responses to Endurance Electrical Stimulation Training in Persons with Spinal Cord Injury
Cardiorespiratory and Metabolic Responses During Robotic Exoskeleton-Assisted Walking Among Persons with Chronic Spinal Cord Injury
Evaluation Of Mitochondria In Persons With Mitochondrial Myopathies Using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy
New Insights Into The Effects Of Irisin Levels In Subjects With Human Immunodeficiency Virus - Correlation With Adiposity, Fat-free Mass And Strength Parameters
Evaluation Of Skeletal Muscle Oxidative Metabolism In Alzheimer’S Disease
Effect Of A Community-Based Exercise Program On Inflammation And Fitness Among Persons Living With HIV/AIDS
Exercise Capacity And Blood Pressure Response In Mild-to-moderate Renal Dysfunction
The Effects of Obstructive Sleep Apnea on Autonomic Function during Steady-State Exercise
Diastolic Hypertension, Prehypertension Associated with Significantly Lower Performance and Activity in Chronic Liver Disease (CLD)
Treadmill Time - A Sensitive Indicator of Improved Functional Capacity in CKD
Comparison Of Muscle Strength, Functional Capacity And Fatigue Between Patients With Idiopathic And Connective Tissue Disease-related Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
Differences In Physical Activity Level Between The Congenital Heart Disease Associated PAH And Idiopathic PAH
Treadmill Walking with Load Carriage Does Not Changes Arterial Stiffness in Patients With Resistant Hypertension
Concussion Education Video Exposure Does Not Significantly Improve Youth Athlete Concussion Knowledge
An Innovative Approach to Decreasing Concussions in Adolescent Female Soccer Athletes
The Development of a Sideline Screening Instrument for Concussion
Resistance Exercise Training And Nandrolone Decanoate Are Able To Alter mRNA Expression Of Orexigenic Neuropeptides
Fruit and Vegetable Consumption and Diet Quality in Response to a Behavioral Weight Loss Intervention
Relationships Among Energy Balance, Time of Day and Obesity Prevalence
Health Changes and Muscle Mass Attenuation During Energy Restriction
Baseline Diet Quality is not Associated with the Weight Loss Response to Aerobic Exercise
Transient Energy Deficit After Exercise Performed In A Postabsorptive State Increases 24-h Fat Oxidation
The Acute Resting Metabolic Response to Energy Deficit caused by Increased Expenditure vs. Caloric Restriction.
Breakfast Omission Reduces 24 h Energy Intake and Evening Exercise Performance
Effects Of Exercise Training And Diet On Visceral And Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue In Overweight Adults
The Effect of Chronic Overfeeding on Voluntary Physical Activity in Mice
The Clinical Application of Periodized Resistance Training during a 12-Week Hypocaloric Treatment for Obesity
Increased Eating Frequency Linked to Increased Physical Activity in Hispanic College Freshmen.
Adiposity-independent Effects Of Exercise And Hfd Restriction On Metabolic Function During The Juvenile Period
Association between Eating Behaviors and Muscular Strength in Adults
Energy Expenditure In Resistance Training On Stable And Unstable Platforms
Dr M Posthumus
Sleeping/Resting Energy Expenditure Is Significantly Increased Following an Acute Bout of High Intensity Interval Exercise
Energy Supplement Characteristics of Elite Rowers Rowing Distances on Ergometer
Variations Of Resting Metabolic Rate By Bmi Category Among Adults
The Effect of Resistance Training on the Resting Metabolic Rates of Apparently Healthy Adult Women
Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption Following Three Walking Protocols of Equal Work Volume
Analysis of Sugar Intake and Resting Energy Expenditure in Adult Males During a 5-week Period
Basal Metabolic Rate By Indirect Calorimetry Vs. Selected Prediction Equations In Obesity
Rest Interval Effects On Prolonged Epoc
Steady-State And Duration Of The Indirect Calorimetry Measurement In Healthy Subjects
Substrate Utilization At Rest And Following A Meal After Acute Caloric Restriction
Feasibility Of Methods To Measure The Effect Of Energy Balance On BMR In Free-living Individuals
Metabolic Cost And Kinematics Of Walking
Muscle Damage And Oxidative Stress In The Mdx Mouse
Aerobic and Resistance Training Effects on Skeletal Muscle Plasticity in Colon-26 Tumor-Bearing Mice
The Effects of Exercise on Antioxidants in Doxorubicin Treated Type 2 Muscle
Resistance Training and Protein Supplementation on Muscular Strength and Body Composition in Breast Cancer Survivors
Fast Walking And Resistance Exercise Program In Cancer Survivors
The Validity Of The Smart-phone As A Fitness Monitor In Patients With Type 2 Diabetes
Y Balance Test and Functional Movement Screening as Predictors of Injuries in a Maritime Security Response TEAM
The Relationship Between A Measure Of Dynamic Balance And A Movement Assessment
Deep Squat Score Predicts Functional Movement Screen Performance
Functional Tests Do Not Differ Between Injured and Not Injured in Division I Female Athletes
Reliability Measures Of The BESS Test As Administered By Certified Athletic Trainers
Test-retest Reliability Of The Vestibular Ocular-motor Screening (voms) Tool Among High School Athletes
Postural Control as Measured by Three Balance Tests in College-Aged Individuals with Chronic Ankle Instability
Functional Movement Screen and Anthropometrics as Predictors of Physical Performance Measures in Collegiate Football Student-Athletes
Single Leg Hop Limb Asymmetry and Lower Extremity Injury Risk in Healthy High School Athletes
Anthropometric Predictors of the Female Athlete Triad among Adolescent Athletes
Physical Activity Associations with Physical Fitness in Anorexia Nervosa at Baseline and After Recovery
Alcohol Consumption in Relation with Disordered Eating in Young Female Athletes
Assessing The Awareness And Behaviors Of U.S. High School Nurses With Respect To The Female Athlete Triad
Growth Factor’s Treatment In Musculoskeletal Injuries
Baseline Characteristics Of Male And Female Collegiate Swimmers Who Develop Symptomatic Exertional Rhabdomyolysis Post-season
Risk Factors Associated With Symptomatic Rhabdomyolysis In Collegiate Swimmers
Creatine Kinase Elevations in Ultra-endurance Runners at Altitude
Extremes Of Weight Gain And Weight Loss
Electroacupuncture On Leptin Levels And Body Fat Mass Of Obese Women
4-week Cyclic Loading On Expression Of Apoptosis-related Protein Of Chondrocyte In Patellar Bone-tendon Junction
Effect Of Whole Body Vibration Training On Exercise Performance In Aged Mice
Is Subchondral Bone Plate Innervation And Vascularisation Associated With Knee Oa
Metabolic And Psychological Consequences after Sports Interruption In Ex-elitè Athletes
Diagnostic Accuracy of Urine Color to Detect ≥2% Body Mass Loss
Weight Change and Hydration Status During a 161-km Ultramarathon.
Prevalence and Correlates of Prehypertension and Hypertension in Division I College Athletes
Risk Factors Associated With Dyslipidemia In Football Athletes Over The Course Of A Season
Motor Unit Discharge Behavior in Parkinson’s Tremor
Effect Of Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation On Contralateral Motor Unit Activity In Biceps Brachii
Reliability of Motor Unit Recruitment Threshold versus Mean Firing Rate Relationship during a Submaximal Contraction
Caffeine-induced Increase In Neural Activation And Strength Of The Quadriceps During Isometric And Dynamic Contractions
Increased Range of Motion of the Hamstrings via Direct Current Electrical Stimulation in Collegiate Athletes
Determinants of Manual Dexterity in Young Adults
Dorsavi Sensor Technology
Proximal Sensory Nerve Conduction Velocity is the Main Contributing Factor for H-reflex Conduction Time
Motor Cortex Excitability And Inhibition During A Cognitive Task
Tactical Gear does not Affect the Sensory Organization Test of Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewman
Rectus Femoris Corticomotor Symmetry in Healthy Individuals
Steadiness Test Performance is Associated with Manual Dexterity among Young Adults
Bihemispheric Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Acutely Improves Strength And Force Steadiness In Post-stroke Hemiparetic Patients
Influence Of Two Visual Skills Training Techniques On Performance Of University Students
Effects of Neuromuscular Taping on Fibularis Longus Latency Time and Postural Sway
Recovery Of Cortical Excitability And Inhibition Following Concussion Is Similar In Males And Females
Altered Muscle Activation Patterns during a Forward-Side Jump Following Functional Fatiguing Exercises
Limb Vibration Modulates Long Latency Responses During A Weight Bearing Visuomotor Task
Does Muscle Spindle Sensitivity Affect Common Drive?
Attentional Focus And Biasing Expectations On Motor Performance
Simple Reaction Time In Adolescents
Test-Retest Reliability of the Sensory Organization Test using Multiscale Entropy Values in Health Young Adults
Age Has A Distinct Influence On Velocity And Amplitude Error During A Novel Weight Bearing Visuomotor Task
Prolonged Static Stretching Improves the Steadiness of Medium-Intensity Sustained Submaximal Contractions
A Preliminary Analysis Of Functional Reaction Time Assessment To Identify The Antifragile Athlete
Rate of Torque Development during a Maximal Voluntary Isometric Contraction as a Surrogate Outcome for Isokinetic Power
Individuals Use The Initial Portion Of The Trajectory Of A Stimulus To Perform A Coincidence-timing Task
Single-limb Stance Increases Cortical Excitability To The Lower-leg Muscles In Able-bodied Adults
Quantification Of Rapid Repetitive Movements By Manual Counting And Force Platform Analysis
Post-activation Depression Is Modulated By Electrical Stimulation Frequency In Individuals With Spinal Cord Injury
Changes in Power Output during Training among Young People with Cerebral Palsy
The Fitness Benefits Of A Walking Pilgrimage
Comparison of Exercise Quality Between Different Exergaming Platforms
The Effect of A Single Bout of Aerobic Exercise on the Attentional Blink
Post-exercise Hypotension Response After Water- And Land-ergometry Exercise In Hypertensive Patients
The Effects of an 8-Week High Velocity Resistance Circuit Training Program in Patients with Schizophrenia
The Effect of Clinically Significant Weight Loss with Exercise Training on Cardiometabolic Adaptations
Effectiveness Of A Behavioral Weight Loss Program In Participants With Adult-Onset Versus Juvenile-Onset Obesity
Influence of Self Guided Exercise Program at Community Health Center on Metabolic Syndrome in Mildly Obese Middle Aged Women.
The Short-term Effect Of Sit-stand Workstations On Blood Glucose In Obese Women With Impaired Fasting Glucose
Effects Of High Intensity Exercise Training On Anaerobic And Aerobic Energy Contributions In Obese Adults
Effects of 8 Weeks of Pilates Training on Isokinetic Muscular Performance of Overweight/Obese Female Adults
The Relationship Between Body Weight, BMI, and Exercise Intensity During Exergame Play
Concurrent Resistance and Aerobic Training in the Prevention of Overweight and Obesity in Young Adults
Engaging Hard-to-reach Men Through Trim Down Shape Up, A Bespoke Men’s Weight Management Programme.
The Effect Of Resistance Training Volume On Weight And Body Composition In Young Adults
Effects Of Supervised Training And Unsupervised Training On Muscular Endurance And Cardiovascular Parameters
Interrupting Prolonged Sitting
Postmeal Walking Attenuates Postprandial Hyperglycemia in a Population at Risk for Type 2 Diabetes
Pilates Training Improves Body Composition, Muscular Endurance and Functional Tests Performance of Overweight/Obese Adults
Body Weight Gain Blunts Brain Beneficial Effects Of Physical Training In Old Apoe-/- Mice
Resistance Training Of 8 Weeks Improve Heart Rate Variability In Cardiac Patients - A Randomized Controlled Trial
Increased Physical Activity Improves Mental Health Among Long-Term Caregivers
The Comparison Of Sleep Quality And Depression After Tai Chi Intervention On Methamphetamine-type Drug Abusers In China
Effects of Summer Intervention and Follow-up Telephone Intervention on Physical Fitness and Lipid Profiles
Effects Of 2-year Intervention Program On Functional Capacity Of Nursing Residents
Effect Of Recreational Soccer Practice On Cardiac Vagal Reactivation
The Effect of Different Types of Tennis Lessons on Executive Function in Junior Tennis Players
Self-Selected Exercise Intensity Using Two Fitness Apps
Role of Physical Activity Energy Expenditure versus Estimated Fitness Level in Impaired Glucose Regulation
Effect of Tai Chi Program on Neuromuscular Function of Patients with Low Back Pain
Effect Of A Progressive Resistance Training Program And Whey Protein Intake On Maximal Strength In Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infected Individual Receiving Antiretroviral Therapy.
Delayed Changes in Postprandial Glucose in Response to Light-Walking Breaks from Prolonged Sitting
A Longitudinal Study Of The Utilization Of Resistance Training Facilities By Men And Women.
The Effects of Unstable Surface (BOSU) Balance Training on Postural Sway and Functional Ability in Women
Measures Of Physical Function In Patients With Persistent Mental Illness After High-velocity Circuit Resistance-training
Preliminary Performance Outcomes among Minority Parents Participating in a Fitness Program
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Table Tennis Program
The Healthy Team Healthy U Program
Metabolic Fitness As Multi-Component Group Program Is Effective In Treating Adult Obesity
Durability of a Worksite Health and Safety Program
Aerobic Physical Exercise Program Improves Quality Of Life Of Patients With Temporal Lobe Epilepsy.
Effect of Wellness Programming (with Health Coaching) and Risk Stratification on Employee Fitness
12-weeks Supervised Aerobic Exercise Improves Appetite Regulation, Reduces Fat Mass And Adjusts Gastrointestinal Peptide Biomarkers
Evaluating the Exercise Prescription and Instructional Methods of Tai Chi Studies Aimed at Improving Balance
A Comparison between Self Myofascial Release and Static Stretching for Flexibility and Exercise Adherence
The Effect of Different Respiratory Muscle Training Protocols on Health Outcomes in Patients with COPD
Limb Blood Flow During Exercise in Patients with COPD
Comparison Of Muscle Strength And Functional Exercise Performance Between The Patients With COPD And PAH
Heart Rate Recovery Following Aerobic Exercise Training in Patients with Interstitial Lung Disease
The Hemodynamic Response during Submaximal and Maximal Exercise in Patients with Cystic Fibrosis
Combined Resistance And Aerobic Training Program On Functional Physical Performance In COPD Patients
Physical Activity Following 12-week Supervised Exercise Training Program in Patients with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis
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