Hodgkin's lymphoma relapse in the uterine cervix 15 years after the initial cure

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Uterine cervix is an uncommon site for the presentation of Hodgkin's lymphoma. We describe a 62-year-old woman who developed an unusual relapse of classical Hodgkin's lymphoma, a nodular sclerosis subtype, in the uterine cervix, with propagation to the vaginal wall. She relapsed 15 years after achieving a complete remission of Hodgkin's lymphoma, initially in clinical stage IVB. This late relapse of the Hodgkin's lymphoma was in the clinical stage IEB and the treatment was initiated according to ABVD regimen. After the second course, lethal outcome ensued due to progression of the renal failure, which ensued in the meantime, probably as an adverse effect of the previous therapy.

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