A synthetic diamond diode in volumetric modulated arc therapy dosimetry

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The aim of this work is to investigate the behavior of a single crystal diamond diode (SCDD) for volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT) dose verifications. This delivery technique is one of the most severe test of a dosimeter performance due to the modulation of the dose rate achieved by simultaneously changing the velocity of the gantry and the position of the collimator leaves. The performed measurements with VMAT photon beams can therefore contribute to an overall global validation of the device to be used in dose distribution verifications.


The SCDD response to 6 MVRX has been tested and compared with reference ionization chambers and treatment planning system (TPS) calculations in different experiments: (a) measurements of output factors for small field sizes (square fields of side ranging between 8 mm and 104 mm) by SCDD and A1SL ionization chamber; (b) angular dependence evaluation of the entire experimental set-up by SCDD, A1SL, and Farmer ionization chambers; and (c) acquisition of dose profiles for a VMAT treatment of a pulmonary disease in latero-lateral and gantry-target directions by SCDD and A1SL ionization chamber.


The output factors measured by SCDD favorably compare with the ones obtained by A1SL, whose response is affected by the lack of charged particle equilibrium and by averaging effect when small fields are involved. From the experiment on angular dependence, a good agreement is observed among the diamond diode, the ion chambers, and the TPS. In VMAT profiles, the absorbed doses measured by SCDD and A1SL compare well with the TPS calculated ones. An overall better agreement is observed in the case of the diamond dosimeter, which is also showing a better accuracy in terms of distance to agreement in the high gradient regions.


Synthetic diamond diodes, whose performance were previously studied for conformal and IMRT radiotherapy techniques, were found to be suitable detectors also for dosimetric measurements in volumetric arc therapy treatments.

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