A parallel MR imaging method using multilayer perceptron

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Purpose:To reconstruct MR images from subsampled data, we propose a fast reconstruction method using the multilayer perceptron (MLP) algorithm.Methods and materials:We applied MLP to reduce aliasing artifacts generated by subsampling in k-space. The MLP is learned from training data to map aliased input images into desired alias-free images. The input of the MLP is all voxels in the aliased lines of multichannel real and imaginary images from the subsampled k-space data, and the desired output is all voxels in the corresponding alias-free line of the root-sum-of-squares of multichannel images from fully sampled k-space data. Aliasing artifacts in an image reconstructed from subsampled data were reduced by line-by-line processing of the learned MLP architecture.Results:Reconstructed images from the proposed method are better than those from compared methods in terms of normalized root-mean-square error. The proposed method can be applied to image reconstruction for any k-space subsampling patterns in a phase encoding direction. Moreover, to further reduce the reconstruction time, it is easily implemented by parallel processing.Conclusion:We have proposed a reconstruction method using machine learning to accelerate imaging time, which reconstructs high-quality images from subsampled k-space data. It shows flexibility in the use of k-space sampling patterns, and can reconstruct images in real time.

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