Supervised graph hashing for histopathology image retrieval and classification

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In pathology image analysis, morphological characteristics of cells are critical to grade many diseases. With the development of cell detection and segmentation techniques, it is possible to extract cell-level information for further analysis in pathology images. However, it is challenging to conduct efficient analysis of cell-level information on a large-scale image dataset because each image usually contains hundreds or thousands of cells. In this paper, we propose a novel image retrieval based framework for large-scale pathology image analysis. For each image, we encode each cell into binary codes to generate image representation using a novel graph based hashing model and then conduct image retrieval by applying a group-to-group matching method to similarity measurement. In order to improve both computational efficiency and memory requirement, we further introduce matrix factorization into the hashing model for scalable image retrieval. The proposed framework is extensively validated with thousands of lung cancer images, and it achieves 97.98% classification accuracy and 97.50% retrieval precision with all cells of each query image used.

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