A case report of bullous pemphigoid associated with a melanoma and review of the literature

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The association of bullous pemphigoid with melanoma remains controversial and poorly understood. Recent studies report the presence of the bullous pemphigoid antigen, BP180, in melanoma cells, yet not normal melanocytes, suggesting an underlying mechanism for cases of melanoma-associated bullous pemphigoid. We report on an 88-year-old woman who showed a temporal relationship between the development of bullous pemphigoid and melanoma. The patient did not receive programmed death ligand 1 inhibitor therapy and improved rapidly following complete excision of her melanoma, with clobetasol, doxycycline, and niacinamide. We review the literature on the relationship between bullous pemphigoid and melanoma, and propose a mechanism underlying a melanoma-associated bullous pemphigoid.

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