Different classes of hydrolytic enzymes produced by multidrug-resistant yeasts comprising theCandida haemuloniicomplex

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The production of enzymes in clinical isolates of Candida haemulonii (Ch, n = 5), Candida duobushaemulonii (Cd, n = 4) and Candida haemulonii var. vulnera (Chv, n = 3) was identified by agar plate. Aspartic protease, phytase, caseinolytic and hemolytic activities were detected in all the isolates. A distinct scenario was evidenced regarding the production of lipases. In this way, 80%, 50% and 100% of Ch, Cd and Chv, respectively, were phospholipase producers. Regarding esterase activity, 100%, 50% and 66.7% of Ch, Cd and Chv, respectively, were positive isolates. Esterase activity was significantly higher in isolates recovered from cutaneous candidiasis compared with those recovered from body fluids.

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