The association of Asn453Ser polymorphism in CYP1B1 gene with selected somatic and biochemical variables in Slovak women of different menopause status

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The aim of this study was to determine the relationship between the CYP1B1 Asn453Ser polymorphism and selected somatic and biochemical variables, and atherogenic indices in premenopausal and postmenopausal Slovak women.


The studied sample consisted of 334 women; 188 premenopausal (mean age 45.73 ± 3.77 y) and 146 postmenopausal women (mean age 53.51 ± 4.52 y). The participants were interviewed during their medical examination. They provided a blood sample for biochemical analysis and DNA genotyping.


The frequency of rare allele Ser (CYP1B1*4) was equal to 0.125 in premenopausal and 0.168 in postmenopausal women. The observed genotype frequencies were in the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium. The Asn453Ser genotype showed statistically significant associations with a high-density lipoprotein (HDL-cholesterol) and apolipoprotein A1 levels in postmenopausal women. The mean values of the above mentioned variables were significantly higher in women carrying the Ser/Ser genotype. The general linear model analysis confirmed the results of the additive genetic model in postmenopausal women and demonstrated significant association of the Asn453Ser polymorphism with HDL-cholesterol levels also in premenopausal women (P = 0.041).


This pilot study revealed a significant association of the CYP1B1 Asn453Ser genotypes with the plasma levels of HDL-cholesterol and of apolipoprotein A1 in postmenopausal women and less unequivocal findings in premenopausal women. Because of study limitations, these results need to be examined in a larger study.

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