Isolation and development of a molecular sex marker forBassiana duperreyi, a lizard with XX/XY sex chromosomes and temperature-induced sex reversal

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Sex determination in the endemic Australian lizard Bassiana duperreyi (Scincidae) is influenced by sex chromosomes and incubation temperature, challenging the traditional dichotomy in reptilian sex determination. Analysis of those interactions requires sex chromosome markers to identify temperature-induced sex reversal. Here, we report the isolation of Y chromosome DNA sequence from B. duperreyi using amplified fragment length polymorphism PCR, the conversion of that sequence to a single-locus assay, and its combination with a single-copy nuclear gene (C-mos) to form a duplex PCR test for chromosomal sex. The accuracy of the assay was tested on an independent panel of individuals with known phenotypic sex. When used on offspring from field nests, our test identified the likely occurrence of a low rate of natural sex reversal in this species. This work represents the first report of Y chromosome sequence from a reptile and one of the few reptile sex tests.

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