Assembly of LH2 light-harvesting complexes in Rhodopseudomonas palustris cells illuminated by blue and red light

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We investigated the formation of the B800-850 complex in cells of the bacterium Rhodopseudomonas palustris AB illuminated by red and blue light under anaerobic growth conditions. Under red illumination, the B800-850 complex was assembled with a reduced absorption band at 850 nm. The results of re-electrophoresis of the B800-850 complex and oxidation in the presence of potassium iridate suggest its heterogeneity. It may be a mixture of two complexes (B800 and B800-850). The B800-850 complex lacks the capacity for conformational transitions if assembled under blue illumination. Accordingly, the light-harvesting complex assembled in the blue light contains polypeptides that are not synthesized under normal conditions or at increased or decreased light intensities. The mechanism of regulation of the synthesis of the polypeptides of light-harvesting the B800-850 complex and its dependence on the spectral composition of the light is discussed.

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