Phylogenetic Characterization of the Purple Sulfur Bacterium Thiocapsa sp. BBS by Analysis of the 16S rRNA, cbbL, and nifH Genes and its Description as Thiocapsa bogorovii sp. nov., a New Species

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Strain BBS, the purple sulfur bacterium assigned initially to the species Thiocapsa roseopersicina, is the best studied representative of this species. However, no molecular phylogenetic analysis has been performed to confirm its systematic position. Based on the results of analysis of the sequences of 16S rRNA, cbbL, and nifH genes, DNA-DNA hybridization with the T. roseopersicina type strain, and comparative analysis of the phenotypic characteristics of various species belonging to the genus Thiocapsa, we suggest that strain BBS should be assigned to a new species of the genus Thiocapsa, Thiocapsa bogorovii sp. nov.

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