Coverage of defect over toes after failure of microsurgical replantation with medial sural artery perforator flap: A case report

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In this report, we present a case of toe reconstruction with a medial sural artery perforator free flap after failure of replantation. A 35-year-old male suffered a crush injury from a heavy object falling over the left 1st, 2nd, and 3rd toes and underwent microsurgical replantation of the toes at an outside facility. Over the next 2 weeks, ischemic necrosis of all the toes developed. This condition was very frustrating for the patient who had very high expectations of preserving the toes, and also for the surgeon to determine the optimal method to reconstruct the distal foot and toes. After debridement of non-viable tissues, the defect over the toes was resurfaced using a medial sural artery perforator free flap and full thickness skin graft. Subsequently, several minor operations, including interdigitation, excision of neuromas, and defatting procedure were performed to complete his reconstruction. Eighteen months later, the patient had very aesthetically pleasing and fully functional toes. A medial sural artery perforator free flap may be used to repair the soft tissue defect on the toes after failed replantation, and provides sufficient skin. © 2015 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Microsurgery 36:161–164, 2016.

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