The Dimensionality of Contextual and Citizenship Performance in Military Recruits: Support for Nine Dimensions Using Self-, Peer, and Supervisor Ratings

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Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Contextual Performance make up a domain that can be referred to as Contextual and Citizenship Performance (CCP). CCP is essential to assess and promote in military and civilian organizations because it defines the “good soldier” prototype. Unfortunately, extant research has led to confusion as to whether CCP consists of one, two, three, six, or nine dimensions. We shed new light on the composition of CCP by evaluating one-, two-, three-, six-, and nine-dimensional theoretical models using supervisor, self-, and peer ratings of military recruits undergoing basic training. We employed Relative Percentile Method ratings to improve distinctions among ratees when the level of CCP is high. Contrary to much recent literature, our results supported a nine-dimensional theoretical model in all three rating sources. Thus, conceptualizing, assessing and promoting the proverbial “good soldier” may require a more highly nuanced perspective of CCP than is generally acknowledged.

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