Elecsys® AMH Assay: A Review in Anti-Müllerian Hormone Quantification and Assessment of Ovarian Reserve

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The Elecsys® AMH assay is an in vitro, fully automated assay indicated for the quantification of anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) in human serum/lithiumplasma, which (in conjunction with other clinical and laboratory findings) can help to determine ovarian reserve. The assay is highly sensitive and precise, with a broad linear range, and correlates well with manual AMH assays and transvaginal sonographic assessment of antral follicle count, but has the benefit of being less variable. The Elecsys® AMH assay also has a shorter testing time than some other AMH assays and was shown to provide a reproducible measure of ovarian reserve in women of reproductive age in a large prospective cohort study, demonstrating its usefulness in this setting.

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