Reflection on my transition from expert clinician to novice midwifery lecturer

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As a specialist midwife in my own field, my change in career pathway has left me as a novice once again. Unlike Berhanu (2006), and as a midwife, reflective practice is something that is embedded in me; this has given me the ability to learn, analyse and change through my experiences.Jones (2012)recognised the challenges faced by new educators; likeJones (2012), I underestimated the impact of the transition from expert practitioner to novice teacher. Throughout my career as a student midwife and clinician, and in my present role as an academic, I have repeatedly returned to use Kolb's (1984) experiential learning cycle as a tool to reflect on my learning.Kolb (1984)writes how understanding is influenced by experience; in essence, experiential learning is learning from experiences. The experiential learning cycle combines existing knowledge and previous experience to inform learning. It draws on ideas and understanding from an experience and uses the conclusions from the learning to shape, test out and inform new experiences in new situations. My experiences as a learner have undoubtedly influenced the way in which I teach and using the cycle of learning enables me to better reflect on my experiences and learning.

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