In vivo effect of oat cereal β-glucan on metabolic indexes and satiety-related hormones in diet-induced obesity C57-Bl mice

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This study explored the dose-dependent effect of oat cereal β-glucan on improving metabolic indexes of obesity mice. C57-Bl mice were randomized to chow diet (N) group and high fat diet group and other three doses of oat β-glucan groups (low β-glucan, medium β-glucan, and high β-glucan). Energy intake, glucose, lipids, and appetite related hormones were tested. Dose-dependent relation was observed on oat β-glucan doses and body weight change, average energy intake, total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, plasma neural peptide Y, arcuate neural peptide Y mRNA, and arcuate neural peptide Y receptor 2 mRNA level. Oat β-glucan helped to increase plasma peptide Y-Y and intestine peptide Y-Y expression in obesity mice.

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