Characterization and expression profiling of a novel cereal cyst nematode resistance gene analog in wheat

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Based on the conserved regions of known resistance genes, an NBS-LRR-type CCN resistance gene analog was isolated from the CCN resistant E-10 near isogenic lines (NILs) of wheat, designated as CreZ (GenBank accession number: EU327996). It contained a complete ORF that was 2775 bp in length and encoded 924 amino acids. Sequence comparison indicated that it shared 92% nucleotide and 87% amino acid identity with those of the known CCN-resistance gene Cre3 and had similar characteristic conserved motifs to those in other established NBS-LRR disease resistance genes. The expression profiling of CreZ indicated that it was specifically expressed in the roots of resistant plants and real-time PCR analysis demonstrated that expression levels drastically increased when the plants were inoculated with cereal cyst nematodes. It could be inferred, then, that CreZ belongs to the NBS-LRR resistance gene family and is a candidate gene for potential resistance to the cereal cyst nematode.

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