Establishment of a Novel Sensitive Method for Detecting Methylation Modification on DNA of Escherichia Coli Cell

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This study focused on finding a novel sensitive method to determine the methylation modification at DNA dam (GATC) sites in Escherichia coli. A new plasmid which contained three GATC sites recognized by restriction enzyme BclI and one GAATTC site recognized by EcoRI was transformed into E. coli stains AB1157(dam+) and GM2929(dam−) respectively. Then the plasmid DNA was digested by restriction enzyme BclI(Tast;GATCA), which was sensitive to methylation. The results showed that the plasmid derived from AB1157 was not digested while that from GM2929 was, for the methylation level of the former was high while the latter was low. So by detecting the methylation of plasmid transferred into the strain, we could determine whether methylaion existed at DNA dam (GATC) site in E. coli. This method was effective and rapid; moreover, the digested fragments were not dispersive. It also made a basis for the detection of whether methylation occurred in mode beings by low-energy ion beam.

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