Differentiation Between Bacillus thuringiensis Strains by gyrB PCR-Sau3AI Fingerprinting

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gyrB DNA fragments of seven Bacillus thuringiensis local collection family representatives were amplified by PCR and sequenced. Several differences in their corresponding sequences were evidenced. Both in silico and in vitro restriction maps of gyrB sequences and fragments respectively confirmed that EcoRI and Sau3AI could be used to differentiate between B. thuringiensis strains. However, the phylogeny analysis showed that only the gyrB PCR-Sau3AI allows a strains classification that correlates very well with that obtained on the basis of the sequences analysis. Thus, these finds show that gyrB PCR-Sau3AI digestion could be considered as an efficient, rapid, and easy method to make a distinction, not only between strains belonging to the Bacillus cereus group, but also between those belonging to B. thuringiensis.

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