Generation of Vibrio anguillarum Ghost by Coexpression of PhiX 174 Lysis E gene and Staphylococcal Nuclease A Gene

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Vibrio anguillarum ghosts (VAG) were generated, for the first time, using a conjugation vector containing a ghost bacteria inducing cassette, pRK-λPR-cI-Elysis, in which the expression of PhiX174 lysis gene E was controlled by the PR/cI regulatory system of lambda phage. By scanning electron microscopy, holes ranging 80–200 nm in diameter were observed in the VAG. To avoid the presence of bacterial genomic DNA and an antibiotic resistance gene in the final VAG product, we constructed a new dual vector, pRK-λPR-cI-E-SNA, containing the E-mediated lysis cassette and the staphylococcal nuclease A (SNA)-mediated DNA degradation cassette, and generated safety-enhanced VAG for use as a fish vaccine.

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