Comparison of tRNA conformation during different phases of reproduction

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The present study is a comparison of tRNA conformation from ovary of Heteropneustes fossilis in its active phase of reproduction (when it is highly engaged in protein synthesis i.e. previtellogenic phase) with inactive phase (when tRNA is mainly stored in mature ovary i.e. spawning phase). Transfer RNA of active phase is shown to be compact, flexible and susceptible towards nuclease. Compact tRNA structure is evidenced by higher hyperchromicity and presence of relatively less Gm modifications thereby allowing adequate hydrogen bonding between D loop and T loop. Higher sensitivity of tRNA towards Mg++ reflects its higher flexibility towards internal environment. This structure of tRNA may be required for active protein synthesis. On the other hand tRNA of inactive phase is shown to be relaxed but resistant towards nuclease which may be favoured for storage in mature ova of a teleost as maternal carry over.

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