Expression in promoter variant of the ERα gene in bos taurus liver

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Due to the variant functions that estrogens play in the regulation of reproduction, development of the mammary gland, growth and differentiation of cells, estrogen receptors and their genes are considered as a candidates for the markers of production and functional traits in farm animals, including cattle. In the earliest study, a 2853-bp bovine ER gene 5′-region was PCR amplified and sequenced. Moreover, for the first time, a polymorphism was described within 5′ region of the bovine ERα gene—A/G transition lying upstream at position 2591 from acceptor splice site +85, possibly within its promoter—which could be recognized with RFLP-Bgl I. In other study we are found second polymorphism—A/G transition at position 1213 from acceptor splice site +85, located in promoter for exon B. We have examined the specific mRNA expression of ERα in various genotypes using real-time RT-PCR. We used four animals from each genotype group—AG, GG for Bgl I and AA, AG for Sna BI—to analyse liver ERα expression at the level of Real-time PCR. Liver samples were taken from the 16 young Friesian bulls of the different ERα genotypes, slaughtered at the local abattoir. As shown by Real-Time PCR, on the livers of animals with different genotype ERα mRNA for Bgl I polymorphism we didn't found variability, but for Sna BI we have found variability between AG and AA genotypes.

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