Mango profilin: cloning, expression and cross-reactivity with birch pollen profilin Bet v 2

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Mango can cause severe anaphylactic reactions. Profilin has been assumed partly responsible for the cross-reactivity between mango fruit and other allergens but has not been finally clarified. In this study, two isoforms of mango fruits profilin were amplified by RT-PCR and 3′RACE from total RNA. Each mango profilin cDNA includes an open reading frame coding for 131 amino acids. The deduced amino acid sequence of the corresponding protein show high identity with other allergenic profilins. Expression of the recombinant mango profilin was carried out in Escherichia coli BL21(DE3) using vector PET28a and the purification of the recombinant protein was performed via affinity chromatography with Ni+ coupled to sepharose. IgE reactivity of recombinant mango profilin was investigated by immunoblot and 8 of 18 mango-allergic patients tested presented specific IgE-antibodies to recombinant mango profilin. IgE-inhibition and ELISA inhibition experiments were performed to analyze mango profilin cross-reactivity with profilins from birch pollen and high cross-reactivities have been found.

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