Molecular characterization of two important antifungal proteins isolated by downy mildew infection in non-heading Chinese cabbage

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Two cDNA clones for a pathogen induced genes in non-heading Chinese cabbage (Brassica rapa ssp. chinensis L. cv. Suzhouqing) were isolated and characterized. The two full-length cDNA clones, designated Bcchi and BcAF were isolated during the resistance response to Peronospora parasitica. Sequence analysis of corresponding cDNA clones confirmed the translation products of both genes showed high degree of homology to other plant chitinases and plant defensins, respectively. Genomic DNA Southern blot analysis indicated that each gene represented a small multi-gene family. Upon inoculation with P. parasitica, both genes transcripts were rapid accumulated in the infected leaves. Tissue-specific expression of both genes showed that 24 h post-inoculation the highest expression tissue of Bcchi mRNA was leaves, and 12 h post-inoculation the highest expression tissue of BcAF mRNA was leaves. These data revealed that both genes may be involved in plant resistance against fungal pathogen infection.

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