The special location of p-H3 and p-CENP-A on heterochromatin during mitosis in MCF-7

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CENP-A locates at nucleosome as histone H3-like proteins, and is phosphorylated during mitosis. We investigated the dynamic distribution of p-CENP-A to explore the details of its function. We found that p-CENP-A was phosphorylated at late prophase, and the signal of p-CENP-A arranged at equatorial plate along with nucleosomes at metaphase, but moved to midbody at later phase of mitosis. The phosphorylation modification of CENP-A shares some characters of H3, but has different temporal patterns during mitosis. Our results suggested that the CENP-A might have similar functions as H3, but with different patterns for their different binging materials.

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