Par-4 Dependent Modulation of Cellular β-Catenin by Medicinal Plant Natural Product Derivative 3-zzido Withaferin A

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Here, we provide evidences that natural product derivative 3-azido Withaferin A (3-AWA) abrogated EMT and invasion by modulating β-catenin localization and its transcriptional activity in the prostate as well as in breast cancer cells. This study, for the first time, reveals 3-AWA treatment consistently sequestered nuclear β-catenin and augmented its cytoplasmic pool as evidenced by reducing β-catenin transcriptional activity in these cells. Moreover, 3-AWA treatment triggered robust induction of pro-apoptotic intracellular Par-4, attenuated Akt activity and rescued Phospho-GSK3β (by Akt) to promote β-catenin destabilization. Further, our in vitro studies demonstrate that 3-AWA treatment amplified E-cadherin expression along with sharp downregulation of c-Myc and cyclin D1 proteins. Strikingly, endogenous Par-4 knock down by siRNA underscored 3-AWA mediated inhibition of nuclear β-catenin was Par-4 dependent and suppression of Par-4 activity, either by Bcl-2 or by Ras transfection, restored the nuclear β-catenin level suggesting Par-4 mediated β-catenin regulation was not promiscuous. In vivo results further demonstrated that 3-AWA was effective inhibitor of tumor growth and immunohistochemical studies indicated that increased expression of total β-catenin and decreased expression of phospho-β-catenin and Par-4 in breast cancer tissues as compared to normal breast tissue suggesting Par-4 and β-catenin proteins are mutually regulated and inversely co-related in normal as well as cancer condition. Thus, strategic regulation of intracellular Par-4 by 3-AWA in diverse cancers could be an effective tool to control cancer cell metastasis. Conclusively, this report puts forward a novel approach of controlling deregulated β-catenin signaling by 3-AWA induced Par-4 protein. © 2015 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

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