Immunomodulation of mast cells by nutrients

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In the past decades an increasing prevalence of allergic disorders was observed in industrialized countries. Thus, it is necessary to develop adequate therapeutic and preventive strategies. Many of the conservative strategies possess diverse harmful side effects. Therefore agents with fewer side effects and a better compliance among afflicted patients would be of interest. Especially substances with natural origin acting immunomodulatory on mast cells – the key effector cells of allergic diseases – could be used. Among them there are components of the daily diet such as distinct fatty acids and amino acids as well as a range of secondary plant substances such as carotenoids, flavonoids and spices. These nutritional substances could be applied as nutraceuticals in the therapy of mast cell associated diseases. Many of these substances show inhibitory influences on the release of prestored mast cell mediators such as histamine or de novo expression of mast cell mediators such as cytokines and eicosanoids which are involved in the pathogenesis of mast cell associated inflammatory conditions like allergic reactions.

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