Generation of a T cell receptor (TCR)-like single domain antibody (sDAb) against aMycobacterium Tuberculosis(Mtb) heat shock protein (HSP) 16kDa antigen presented by Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA)-A*02

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HighlightsRapid increase in Tuberculosis incidents worldwide.Application of phage display technology to generate antibodies.T cell receptor-like antibody is proposed for the effective diagnosis and immunotherapy of latent tuberculosis.Generated TCR-like antibody clone against HLA-A*02 presented HSP 16 kDa peptide.The discovery of heat shock protein 16 kDa antigen protein has deepen the understanding of latent tuberculosis since it was found to be primarily expressed by Mycobacterium tuberculosis during latent phase leading to the rapid optimization and development in terms of diagnosis and therapeutics. Recently, T cell receptor-like antibody has been explored extensively targeting various diseases due to its dual functionality (T cell receptor and antibody). In this study, a TCR-like domain antibody (A2/Ab) with the binding capacity to Mtb heat shock protein (HSP) 16 kDa antigen presented by major histocompatible complex (MHC) HLA-A*02 was successfully generated via biopanning against human domain antibody library. The generated antibody (A2/Ab) exhibited strong functionality and binding capacity against the target assuring the findings of this study to be beneficial for the development of latent tuberculosis diagnosis and immunotherapeutics in future.

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