Biogenesis of bacterial membrane vesicles

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Membrane vesicle (MV) release remains undefined, despite its conservation among replicating Gram-negative bacteria bothin vitroandin vivo.Proteins identified inSalmonellaMVs, derived from the envelope, control MV production via specific defined domains that promote outer membrane protein-peptidoglycan (OM-PG) and OM protein-inner membrane protein (OM-PG-IM) interactions within the envelope structure. Modulation of OM-PG and OM-PG-IM interactions along the cell body and at division septa, respectively, maintains membrane integrity while co-ordinating localized release of MVs with distinct size distribution and protein content. These data support a model of MV biogenesis, wherein bacterial growth and division invoke temporary, localized reductions in the density of OM-PG and OM-PG-IM associations within the envelope structure, thus releasing OM as MVs.

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