Metabolome variations in thePorphyromonas gingivalis vimAmutant during hydrogen peroxide-induced oxidative stress

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The adaptability and survival ofPorphyromonas gingivalisin the oxidative microenvironment of the periodontal pocket are indispensable for survival and virulence, and are modulated by multiple systems. Among the various genes involved inP. gingivalisoxidative stress resistance,vimAgene is a part of the 6.15-kb locus. To elucidate the role of aP. gingivalis vimA-defective mutant in oxidative stress resistance, we used a global approach to assess the transcriptional profile, to study the unique metabolome variations affecting survival and virulence in an environment typical of the periodontal pocket. A multilayered protection strategy against oxidative stress was noted inP. gingivalisFLL92 with upregulation of detoxifying genes. The duration of oxidative stress was shown to differentially modulate transcription with 94 (87%) genes upregulated twofold during 10 min and 55 (83.3%) in 15 min. Most of the upregulated genes (55%), fell in the hypothetical/unknown/unassigned functional class. Metabolome variation showed reduction in fumarate and formaldehyde, hence resorting to alternative energy generation and maintenance of a reduced metabolic state. There was upregulation of transposases, genes encoding for the metal ion binding protein transport and secretion system.

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