High-resolution peripheral vein bypass graft wall studies using high sampling efficiency inner volume 3D FSE

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A 3D inner-volume fast spin echo (3D IV-FSE) sequence was developed for ECG-gated, black-blood,T1- andT2-weighted vessel wall imaging of peripheral vein bypass grafts (PVBG). The sequence utilizes nonselective refocusing excitations to minimize echo spacings and a highly selective IV excitation scheme to minimize the need for oversampling of z-encode slice selections. The method was tested in eight PVBG patients who also underwent 2D FSE graft imaging. High-quality 3D imaging was achieved in all subjects, with significant spatial resolution and volume coverage gains compared to the more conventional 2D FSE sequences normalized for signal-to-noise ratios (SNRs) and scan times. Compared to previously proposed 3D IV-FSE methods, nonselective refocusing resulted in a more than 20% FSE echo train sampling efficiency increase while the use of highly selective IV excitation resulted in a 30% improvement in slice oversampling efficiency.

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