Modified PROPELLER approach forT2-mapping of the abdomen

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Quantitative abdominalT2 measurements may be useful for lesion differentiation and functional tissue characterization. However,T2 mapping of the abdomen with conventional spin-echo (SE) and turbo-spin-echo (TSE) approaches can be challenging due to physiologic motion artifacts. Multishot TSE-based PROPELLER (Periodically Rotated Overlapping ParallEL Lines with Enhanced Reconstruction) can provide superior image quality due to reduced sensitivity to motion artifacts. With echo-reordering to accurately estimate effective echo times and an extended slice thickness ratio to reduce stimulated echo effects, a modified PROPELLER approach may permit accurate, robust abdominalT2 measurements. We validated the accuracy of our modified PROPELLERT2-mapping approach by comparison to conventional SE measurements in a phantom model and demonstrated the feasibility of acquiring accurate, high-quality abdominalT2 maps in normal volunteers. Magn Reson Med 61:1269–1278, 2009. © 2009 Wiley-Liss, Inc.

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