Radial multigradient-echo DCE-MRI for 3DKtrans mapping with individual arterial input function measurement in mouse tumor models

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The purpose of this study was to provide proof of concept for a new three-dimensional (3D) radial dynamic contrast enhanced MRI acquisition technique, called “Radial Entire Tumor with Individual Arterial input function dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI” (RETIA dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI), which allows for the simultaneous measurement of an arterial input function in the mouse heart at 2 s temporal resolution and coverage of the whole tumor. Alternating 2D and 3D projections contribute to the 2D heart image or 3D tumor data with a 3-cm field of view. Sixty-four 2D images of the heart are obtained during acquisition of each 3D tumor dataset. In a pilot study, global Ktrans and ve values were measured in four mice, in a respiratory motion-animated subcutaneously implanted breast tumor model. This technique is expected to be most useful for the characterization of microvasculature in motion-animated orthotopic tumors.

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