B0 Mapping Using Rewinding Trajectories (BMART)

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Purpose:To create a B0 map and correct for off-resonance with minimal scan time increase for two-dimensional (2D) or 3D non-Cartesian acquisitions.Methods:Rewinding trajectories that bring the zeroth gradient moment to zero every repetition time (TR) were used to estimate the off-resonance with a center-out 3D cones trajectory, which required an increase in the minimum TR by 5%. The off-resonance estimation and correction was implemented using an algorithm based on binning and object-domain phase correction. B0 maps using BMART (B0 mapping using rewinding trajectories) were compared to maps obtained using separate scans with multiple echo time (TE) in a phantom and human brain.Results:Excellent agreement between BMART and the multiple-TE method were observed, and images corrected with BMART were deblurred.Conclusion:BMART can correct for off-resonance without requiring an additional scan, and can be easily applied to center-out or projection trajectories (2D or 3D).

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