Design of 2-D FIR narrow transition band filters by double transformations using GA approach

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In this investigation, subfilters are cascaded in the design of a 2-D narrow transition band FIR digital filter with double transformations, a transformation from wide transition band subfilter into 1-D narrow transition band filter and a McClellan transformation from 1-D filter into 2-D filter. The traditional method for designing a 2-D FIR digital filter with a narrow transition band yields very high orders. The difficulty of the design and implementation will increase with orders exponentially. Numerous identical low-order subfilters are cascaded together to simplify the design of a high-order 2-D filter compared to traditional design method. A powerful genetic algorithm (GA) is presented to determine the best coefficients of the McClellan transformation. It can be used to design any contours of arbitrary shape for mapping 1-D to 2-D FIR filters very effectively. A generalized McClellan transformation is presented, and can be used to design 2-D complex FIR filters. Various numerical design examples are presented to demonstrate the usefulness and effectiveness of the presented approach.

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