Phase estimation in data channelization for video transmitting

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Channelization is one of the important techniques for sharing a single physical channel among the multiple videos. In channelization, the videos are partitioned into segments and the bandwidth of the physical channel is partitioned into logical channels. The first segment of each video is transmitted through the first logical channel, the second segment of each video is transmitted through the second logical channel, and so forth. The segments are transmitted periodically through the logical channels. In this paper, the video signals to be transmitted through the logical channels are estimated. Furthermore, the phase is estimated in terms of jitter delays that occur among the video segments, while transmitting them through the logical channels. The phase is an important parameter in video communication latency. Using the phase, the group delay can be estimated and based on the group delay, the storage space required at the client's site can be determined so that the continuous and jerk-free delivery of the videos is provided to the users.

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