MediaWeaver—A Distributed Media Authoring System for Networked Scholarly Workspaces

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We describe MediaWeaver—a software framework for composing distributed media in the context of university research and instruction. Authors compose networked media, software tools and mediastreams, and can freely annotate media by media of any form using schema of their own design. Faculty and student authors compose distributed media using common Macintosh, World Wide Web and NeXTSTEP applications, supported by services from UNIX workstations.The MediaWeaver system mediates between network multimedia services and interface kits with which novice programmers and non-programmers may easily create radically different interactive views into shared mediabases. The network services include search engine abstractions, filters, relational modeling frameworks.MediaWeaver has supported collaborative projects in history, drama, music, art, anthropology, environmental studies, and other fields since 1993. Applications range from traditional relational text databases and indexed HTML WWW sites to course readers, research archives, journals and seminar spaces.

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