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Nineteen healthy volunteers (median age, 25; range, 18–51 years) were enrolled in a study to obtain normative values for stimulated jitter in the masseter muscle. Axonal microstimulation was performed via a monopolar needle electrode introduced in the masseter 2–2.5 cm above the mandibular angle on the line connecting it with the lateral canthus. The recording single-fiber electromyography (SFEMG) electrode was inserted anteriorly in the twitching area of the muscle. The mean consecutive difference (MCD) values for the 426 endplates studied followed a distribution skewed to the left, with a minimum value of 4.3 μs, maximal 44.7 μs, and a maximum of distribution at 11 μs. Mean pooled MCD measured 16.0 μs, and the mean of mean MCD per study was 13.6 μs. The value of the 95th upper percentile for an individual fiber was 29.3 μs. We suggest an upper normal limit for mean MCD per study of 21 μs and upper normal limit of MCD for individual fibers of 30 μs. The stimulated jitter study of masseter muscle is easy and reliable. Muscle Nerve, 2006

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