A preliminary study of the occurrence of actidione-resistant fungi in sediments of Catalonian river mouths (Spain). I. Keratinolytic fungi and related Onygenales

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Sediments from eight river mouths along the Catalonian coast (Spain) were surveyed for keratinolytic fungi and related Onygenales. The actidione plating technique was employed. Of 532 actidione-treated sediment samples, 268 (50.3%) were positive for the fungi. Altogether, 384 fungal strains from 35 species were isolated from the samples. Narasimhella marginospora, Aphanoascus fulvescens, Neoarachnotheca keratinophila with its anamorph Myriodontium keratinophilum, Narasimhella hyalinospora, Beauveria alba, Sporothrix schenckii, Chrysosporium lobatum and Gymnoascus littoralis were the predominant species in sediments. Abundance of N. marginospora was clearly correlated with the degree of water pollution with sewage.

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