Anticryptococcal activity of Voriconazole against Cryptococcus neoformans var. gatti vs var. neoformans: Comparison with Fluconazole and effect of human serum

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Voriconazole (VCZ), a new wide-spectrum antifungal triazole currently in development, was tested for activity against Cryptococcus neoformans (CN) var. gattii and var. neoformans in RPMI-1640 (RPMI) or RPMI plus human serum. In RPMI VCZ was 10-fold more inhibitory than FCZ for both varieties of CN. In the presence of human serum neither VCZ nor FCZ had enhanced activity against CN var. gattii. By contrast, both VCZ and FCZ had significantly increased activity in the presence of serum against CN var. neoformans. The lack of serum-enhancing activity for VCZ or FCZ against CN var. gattii may reflect the in vivo situation and predict less efficacy in CN var. gattii infections.

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