Extracellular enzymatic activity of Fusarium section Liseola isolates

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Extracellular enzymatic activity of Fusarium species from section Liseola was determined by the Api-ZymR test, a semiquantitative method for assaying different cellular enzymes. This enzyme testing system was evaluated for possible use as a species identification aid. Twenty-two strains of Fusarium section Liseola were used: 8 of F. moniliforme, 6 of F. proliferatum, 6 of F. subglutinans and 2 of F. anthophilum. The optimal spore concentration was also determined for maximal activity in Api-ZymR assay. According to our findings, the species showed little difference in Api-ZymR enzymatic profiles, being not suitable for identification of these species. Only F. subglutinans and F. anthophilum showed a different enzymatic pattern.

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