Corynespora cassiicolaleaf spot of pawpaw (Carica papayaL.) in Nigeria

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Leaf spot of pawpaw is hereby reported for the first time in Nigeria. The symptom is characterized by a papery center surrounded by a yellow halo. The causal organism is Corynespora cassiicola. Ripe fruits and abaxial surfaces of the leaves were significantly more susceptible to infection than unripe fruits and adaxial surfaces of leaves. Growth and sporulation of the fungus on several media was investigated. The organism grew faster on malt-extract agar (MEA) derived media and slowest on potato-dextrose agar (PDA) supplemented with thiamine. Sporulation was highest on Czapek-dox agar (CDA) plus biotin and lowest on PDA and PDA + thiamine. Reasons for increased susceptibility of ripe fruit are discussed.

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