Dimorphism, Thermal Tolerance, Virulence andHeat Shock Protein 70Transcription in Different Isolates ofParacoccidioides brasiliensis

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The mycelia-to-yeast (M-Y) transition, thermal tolerance and virulence profiles were evaluated for nine isolates of Paracoccidioides brasiliensis, including samples from two of the three recently discovered cryptic species, as well as their relation to the partial sequence and transcription of the hsp70 gene. The isolates Bt84 and T10 (from PS2 species) took more time to convert to yeast form and presented elongated yeast cells at 36°C. Arthroconidia production was also observed during the M-Y transition for some isolates. Our data confirm that the hsp70 transcription may be associated with thermal tolerance, but this does not seem to be directly related to high virulence profiles. The partial sequencing of this gene allowed the separation of our isolates into two clusters that correspond to the two sympatric cryptic species occurring in an area hyperendemic for PCM (Botucatu, SP, Brazil).

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