Pathogenicities and GP43kDa gene of three Paracoccidioides brasiliensis isolates originated from a nine-banded armadillo Dasypus novemcinctus )
Pathogenicity of Hansenula anomala in a model of immunocompromised mice
Isolation of Hanseniaspora uvarum (Kloeckera apiculata) in humans
Survey of termite-inhabited soil and mosquito breeding sites in Lucknow, India for potential mycopathogens of Anopheles stephensi
First record of Cercospora pistiae causing leaf spot of water lettuce ( Pistia stratioites ) in Brazil, with particular reference to weed biocontrol
Fungicidal and binding properties of three plant peptides
Contribution to the study of the chemical composition of Verticillium albo-atrum secretions in liquid media
Relationship between Fusarium graminearum and Alternaria alternata contamination and deoxynivalenol occurrence on Argentinian durum wheat
Mycotoxin production and cytotoxicity of Fusarium strains isolated from Norwegian cereals
Synthesis of sterigmatocystin derivatives and their biotransformation to aflatoxins by a blocked mutant of Aspergillus parasiticus
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