Characterization of switch phenotypes in Candida albicans biofilms
Expression of Aspergillus fumigatus virulence-related genes detected in Vitro and in Vivo with competitive RT-PCR
Selection of optimal host strain for molecular pathogenesis studies on Cryptococcus gattii
Microbiological characteristics of medically important Trichosporon species
Detection of Candida dubliniensis in venezuela
Tinea nigra : Report of twelve cases in venezuela
Prevalence of dermatophytic fungal infections in children : A recent study in anambra state, nigeria
Keratinophilic fungi recovered from muddy soil in cairo vicinities, egypt
Secondary intracerebral blastomycosis with giant yeast forms
Endogenous Aspergillus versicolor endophthalmitis in an immuno-competent HIV-positive patient
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