InflammatoryTinea capitis: a 12-year study and a review of the literature

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Inflammatory Tinea capitis (TC) is a rare form of TC. The aim of this study was to review epidemiological, clinical and mycological profile of inflammatory TC. We present a retrospective study (1999–2010), enrolled all the cases of inflammatory TC observed at a referral hospital in the northern Tunisia. One hundred and twenty-one patients with inflammatory TC, 83 male patients (68.6%) and 38 female patients (31.4%) were enrolled. The mean age was about 8 years. A majority of TC (71.9%) were in patients lesser than 10 years of age. Positive family history and contact with animals were noted in seven and 35 cases respectively. Direct examination was positive in 110 cases (59 ectothrix, 51 endothrix) and positive cultures were obtained in 105 patients (49 Trichophyton violaceum, 31 Microsporum canis, 13 Trichophyton interdigitale complex, 12 Trichophyton verrucosum). Systemic treatment was carried out in 115 patients with griseofulvin, in one with terbinafine. A complete recovery was noted in 88 cases; and persistent alopecia in 28 cases. The inflammatory TC is rare, but more common in rural families. The disease mostly affected male genders (68.6%) and T. violaceum remains the common pathogen of inflammatory TC in northern Tunisia.

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