Pimecrolimus induced tinea incognito masquerading as intertriginous psoriasis

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SummaryA 58-year-old, obese, male, army officer was presented with tinea incognito of the groin masking intertriginous psoriasis. According to his history, he had pruritic, symmetrical erythematous eruption of the groin of 2-month duration that he treated himself by using topical pimecrolimus 1%. This medication had been prescribed for his 8-year son's atopic dermatitis by the paediatrician. Direct examination with potassium hydroxide preparation showed fungal hyphae and Trichophyton rubrum was isolated in culture. This is the second case of topical pimecrolimus induced tinea incognito. We also review the cutaneous disorders that tinea incognito may mimic.

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