Candida endocarditis: role of new antifungal agents

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SummaryDespite the relative high frequency of Candida bloodstream infection, Candida endocarditis is a rare entity. We report seven cases, which occurred during a period of 1 year in western France. Six cases were because of Candida albicans, and one pacemaker endocarditis was because of Candida parapsilosis. All patients were men and presented risk factors for candidaemia. Of the six patients with valvular involvement, five received caspofungin and two had surgical valve replacement. Three patients treated with caspofungin antifungal therapy without valve replacement were cured from endocarditis. Antifungal and surgical strategies are discussed, in particular, the possible role of new antifungal therapies and long-term suppression therapy without surgery. One patient died in the acute phase of endocarditis, three patients died of causes unrelated to infective endocarditis and three patients had a favourable outcome.

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