Carriage of Candida species in oral cavities of HIV infected patients in South India

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SummaryFifty-four patients with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection were studied to assess the load of oral carriage of Candida spp. The mean oral Candida carriage density (30 305.93 ± 56 643.93 CFU ml−1) in HIV patients was significantly higher than that seen in the control population (93.48 ± 358.48 CFU ml−1; P = 0.000). The mean Candida load in HIV patients with oral thrush (46 591.43 ± 65 002.57 CFU ml−1) was significantly higher than in the HIV subjects without oral thrush (306.32 ± 699.50 CFU ml−1; P = 0.000). Non-C. albicans Candida species (56%) were more predominant than the C. albicans (44%) isolates. 25S rDNA PCR analysis of C. albicans revealed preponderance of genotype A strains. Interestingly, 42.6% of rinse specimens grew multiple Candida species, with the combination of C. albicans and C. krusei (39.1%) being the most frequent.

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