Safety of micafungin in prospective and retrospective clinical trials

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SummaryManaging fungal diseases remains a major challenge for clinicians despite the improved armamentarium of antifungal agents. This review identified 19 publications reporting safety data on micafungin. Two of these publications were spin off publications, the remaining 17 (15 prospective, two retrospective) were included in the main assessment. Major adverse events reported which occurred in more than 2% in the study populations were infusion-related, gastro-intestinal and hepatic (LFT parameters elevations). Micafungin demonstrated significantly less renal events compared with liposomal amphotericin B and less hepatic events compared with voriconazole. Compared with fluconazole no significant treatment-related adverse events were found except one trial reporting significantly less somnolence but more chills. Micafungin has a similar favourable safety profile in comparison with other echinocandins or fluconazole.

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